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Jack Kost

Jack Kost


A neo-noir thriller.
Themes: crime, detective, thriller, suspense, sociopath, narcissistic abuse, psychopath, suspense, mystery, murder.

Back cover blurb:

How do we choose our path and purpose in life?
What makes us who we are?
When Seth Egan starts working as a private detective, he knows he’ll make enemies.
It goes with the territory.
As Seth works on a murder case and hunts down the killers, he becomes the target.
Some people have no conscience, shame, empathy, or remorse.
To get their own way, to get what they want, to take everything, they will do anything.
Even murder.
In the end, they will drag you down to hell with them.
Sometimes, our enemies are those closest to us.

The trailer for my thriller novel, Slipped Masks.

Slipped Masks is a dark neo-noir thriller about how the need for love and companionship becomes twisted into obsession, possession, jealousy, violence and murder.

Themes: sociopathy, narcissistic abuse, personality disorder, Clinical Lycanthropy, crime, murder.

A percentage from sales of this book is donated to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research.

Back cover blurb:

I can’t call you because if he hears me talking on the phone he’ll hit me again. He scares me. I know sooner or later he’s going to kill me. I’ll text you again when I can. I love you, Casey. I’ll spend the rest of our lives proving to you how much I love you. Please come. Please save me …

With only text messages to guide him, Casey Byrne is on the hunt, racing across five states to save his ex-girlfriend, Madison.
Casey loves Madison deeply and wants desperately to save her life and rekindle their relationship.
But the closer he gets to her, the more surreal his journey becomes as the dead bodies pile up in his wake.


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Writer & photographer.
Author of Slipped Masks, and The Breaker (series).
Advocate for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Research, and Narcissistic Abuse awareness and recovery.
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