Memorial Service for my mother, Wanda Harshman on 4/12/2019 officiated by Pastor Tommy McMurtry, Liberty Baptist Church of Rock Falls, IL

#MakeAmericaStraightAgain #MASA #Orlando
Revival Baptist Church, Orlando, FL
June 14,15,16 Conference

"Keep Your Stinkin' Feet Out Of My Drinking Water" by Pastor Jack Hyles. Sermon about the King James Bible.

Original sermon title "The Hypocrisy of Rejecting Replacement Theology" by Pastor Tommy McMurtry, Liberty Baptist Church of Rock Falls, Illinois

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Audio Only - 'Logic Must Prove the King James Bible' by Pastor Jack Hyles - the sermon that changed the thinking of many independent, fundamental Baptists back in the early 1980's and helped solidify the King James Only movement.

'A Dispensation of Heresy' (Documentary Exposing Dispensational Theology)

'Omitting the Weightier Matters' by Tommy McMurtry, Pastor, Liberty Baptist Church of Rock Falls, Illinois
Liberty Baptist YouTube Channel:

"Shame On Us" by Jack Hyles, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana from 1959-2001

"Look and Live" by Curtis Hutson

"How To Keep From Getting Bitter" by Jack Hyles, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana from 1959-2001

Jack Hyles & Steven Anderson Agree - when any government outlaws door-to-door soul-winning, it is our duty to disobey!

U.S. Government fighting against God's Word. A sermon by Pastor Steven Anderson

Wisdom from Verity Baptist Church, Pastor Roger Jimenez
Their YouTube channel is here:

Arizona Christians arrested & jailed for soul-winning door-to-door.

Members of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona arrested and put in jail for door-to-door soul-winning.

The Christian Response to the Orlando Murders (HD 720p quality)- preached by Pastor Roger Jimenez [concerning the Orlando mass shooting in a sodomite nightclub. DOWNLOAD THIS NOW, it won't be here long :-)

The Christian Response to the Orlando Murders - by Roger Jimenez about the mass shooting in a sodomite nightclub - DOWNLOAD NOW before it's gone!

Prepping for the Tribulation Period - a Christian perspective by Pastor Manly Perry, Old Path Baptist Church.
Lazy Christians say we should not prepare and simply "trust God" during the Tribulation period. But here, Pastor Perry shows that it is God's will for us to prepare both spiritually AND PHYSICALLY for the end-times.

All about the sodomites and Johnie Nixon's attempt to bring them into Baptist churches.

"People Who Are Trash" sermon by Steven Anderson. Preached at the Red Hot Preaching Conference 2018.
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If you're a Christian man, you NEED a modern weapon.
Sermon preached by Pastor Manly Perry of Old Path Baptist Church. His YouTube channel is here:

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Over 18 months in the making, this groundbreaking film produced by Steven Anderson & Paul Wittenberger will shake your view on the end times.

"New World Order" is the term we use to describe the one world government and one world religion that the Bible predicts in Revelation 13. However, there is nothing new about the push for a one world system. The idea goes all the way back to the Tower of Babel and the empire of Babylon.

For years, many theologians have wrongly taught that the United States is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. This new film, Babylon USA, will demonstrate that the United States is the key player in creating the New World Order that will put the Antichrist into power.

From Pastor Tommy McMurtry, Liberty Baptist Church of Rock Falls, IL:
We will be meeting at Panera Bread, 1330 Orchard Rd, Aurora, IL 60506 at 9:00 AM, SAT July 14, 2018. If you are planning on coming email us at [email protected] Let us know if you are a silent partner or a talker. Make sure you also let us know how many of you there will be including children.
Please note: Pastor McMurtry accidentally said Orchard "Avenue" in the video; it is actually Orchard "Road".

This sermon provides Scriptural proof that we MUST hear the pure Words of God in order to be born again.

Brother Hyles believed and taught this doctrine back in the 1990's, and Steven Anderson gives the Scriptural proof in this sermon on why hearing and believing the King James Bible is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for English-speaking people to be saved.

We have far too many "fake" Christians in these modern NIV, ESV-preaching "fun center" & "rock n roll" churches. Why? Because they've had a "religious experience", but have never been born again by the incorruptible Word of God, as explained in this message.

If you're trying to win English-speaking people to Christ, you MUST use the King James Bible if you want folks to be truly saved.

A great YouTube Channel for Christian Ladies, produced by two Pastors wives:

Please subscribe to their channel. They are live every Monday at 8:00 p.m. Central Time.

Bill Grady is an ultra-dispensationalist who believes in multiple "plans of salvation" and slams soul-winners as being "shallow Christians". In this video excerpt, Grady condemns Tommy McMurtry, Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church, Rock Falls, Illinois as a "nut job from Illinois". Grady also reads an email I sent to him, in which I tell him what I think of his heresy.

Grady is upset that the post-trib, pre-wrath, anti-Zionist "Steven Anderson" movement is gaining so much ground. It's called "Biblical Christianity" Mr. Grady - no wonder the devil has you so upset.

Oh and thank you Mr. Grady, I intended that letter for your eyes, but you've made it public so that a whole lot more people can be warned that you're a snake.


-- Another "nut-job" from Illinois

Also, please visit Pastor McMurtry's YouTube channel here:


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