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...but an overall feel of dismay with the general state of Linux at the moment..?
Live streams full of [panels of!] 'experts' who seem to even have trouble with basic configuration issues. We need more like Dan @ Miyo, eznix, Ghost 67, dzme, EB, Zeb, XRamTech, and the others who know I include them.
Best wishes to all who watch my channel content for the coming year....

If you have a MacBook, get yourself some MX!!!
This is ALL my machines now on MX-17/18. No dramas, No failures.
Daily-driver of the year?
Thanks for watching.

The excellence continues!!!
Also, a slight hiccup with K3B libraries you will likely encounter, but easily resolved.
Thanks for watching.

A little blether about my re-found love of MX, but out-of-the-box as intended - with no doctoring by yours truly!!
It just does everything we all really should remember is important - printing is one never spoke about, and that is infallible too...
Thanks for watching.

A while since I posted a video, being busy with the house move, etc...
But this distro needs little or no intro, and needs absolutely no further recommendation - if you want a daily driver this should suit without looking any further. 'Simply the best'. No efforts, no drama.
Thanks for watching. Best wishes to my subscribers and those I have enjoyed to watch in 2018; I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy 2019...

I know the latest ISOs seem to be more problematic than those previous, and also there does seem to be a few issues surrounding the VOID management team - the previous 'lead dev' seems to have departed, at least for the moment..?
But this is fine, easy install - but read the 'min-guides on their site for xbps command-usage.
Still my fave distro of all time - rock solid, bang up-to-date, etc, etc...
Thanks for watching....

This [may be] the last video this year, as other things overtake me. I hope you have all enjoyed my content throughout the year and thank you all for your support on my YouTube site, as well as thanking those who have taken time to download and install my 'spins'.
A Merry Christmas and Happy New 2019 to u all when it comes around...

A look under the surface of this - literally - unbeatable distro that if you choose as a 'daily-driver' you will never regret, or look back; only Void-Linux is really comparable. Ditch those distros ending in 'U'..! GET IT NOW..at:- https://www.nutyx.org/en/
Thanks for watching and subscribing. Comments welcome.

A short video on the basics of using the excellent 'snapshot' tool that the team at MX/Antix have provided...
Thanks for watching. Once finished, the 'new' customised 'iso' will be made available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/mydevuan/

Here is the recently discussed LXDE, built on Devuan ASCII [Stable] code-base. Remember, it arrives as a blank canvas for you to 'make-it-your-own'. Lots of theming available out of the box using 'LXAppearance' settings/theme application.
Download available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/mydevuan/
Thanks for the interest...

A snappy, lightweight, distro. A couple of tweaks, and a slight 'fix' described in this video.
Available for download at:- https://sourceforge.net/projects/lxdevuan/
Thanks for watching, subscribing, and downloading....

Ready for download, my new Devuan spin, featuring the lightweight LXQt desktop environment.
To compliment my "Kdevuan-AI", but a lighter resource requirement for the lesser device. Runs immensely snappy on a well resourced device..!
Can be down loaded at:-
Thanks for the interest - enjoy!
Video[s] to follow of course...

A short video. Banter about how to find, select, and [in-brief!] use the media, and create a personal image to keep and use yourself...

A look at what you need to get some anonymity, location-wise, at least...
Thanks for watching.

Built yesterday, using the 'minimal' installer iso. Still not 100% with this LXQt-wise, but it is still only at version 0.11 - and Im sure the later versions are better GTK integration-wise...
Thanks for watching and subscribing...

Back to the trademark panel for me!
I also look at the way to make a green them using the KDE 'Settings Panel'.
Thanks for watching....

A first-look video for all to look at what is on offer - although 'Ghost-67' beat me to it!!
I look at a niggle - or two - that are easily fixed by all, and also briefly how to use the applications I have provided; more viddeos to follow, and please ask in comments area if you need assistance.
Thanks for watching and subscribing. "KDEvaun-AI" available from:- https://sourceforge.net/projects/kdevuan/

Well, maybe best distro taking into account the 'big-guns' is a step too far, but as far as 'single-developer' distros/spins, this is RIGHT up there. Outside the 'Devuan' in-house team, Dan at 'MIYO' has no equal on this distro. Just excellent in all parts. End.
Thanks for watching. MIYO-Modern can be downloaded from:-

I'm trying to catch up on the week's events. This first video today briefly describes why I chose the 'bog-standard' Kubuntu choice for my MacBook Pro.
Thanks for watching and subscribing.

Unashamedly inspired by my freind Dan of "MIYO" Linux fame, I have taken a break from Ubunu-based builds and harked back to my Debian days. I have this installed on a couple of laptops now, and I think that anyone using this will be pleased with the experience.
Thanks for the time and interest.
Download from:- https://sourceforge.net/projects/kdevuan/ and my Ubuntu-based "Azure" can e found at:- https://sourceforge.net/projects/kde-azure-lts/

A look at the 'out-of-box experiencing you will get from the 32-bit iso-image available at my Sourceforge site:-
will take you there!
Thanks for taking the interest...

Here I take a look at how to 'do things' within the standard, incumbent, and provided out-of-box KDE features. There are a lot of sites saying how good KDE is at making it 'your own' - BUT my own findings are that no-one - other than myself[?] - seems to be describing the manner of doing such things. Also, a rant on how 'GREY' the Linux outlook is on YouTube channels...
Thanks for watching and subscribing.

I'm very. very excited about the end result for all my efforts on this one. All my own 'branding' - which is a first-ever over many spins, over many years. Takes about 12 mins to install from within the live-running system, and similar from the boot-install direct. 'Systemback', of course. I hope to get it onto Sourceforge overnight, and I will leave the original for the time being - so look for the one dated correctly for download. This is about 2.6gb versus 3.1gb of the original.
Thanks for watching, subscribing, and more importantly downloading...

A follow-up to my investigation with a simple solution! Also, a look-ahead to my already created update to KDE-Azure-LTS. To finish, a small chat about PPA usage, and similar add-on archives use in other distros...
Thanks for watching and subscribing.

A small video showing things that should be done to get the best out of my KDE Plasma 'spin'. Plus, a little tweak to 'make-it-your-own' to finish the video...
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