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Take yet ANOTHER top distro of old from 2016, update, upgrade, and tweak to your needs and liking. The result is something even recent distros cannot match! This is a project ALL can do with patience and care..:-)
All thanks to "Carl Duff", who was an 'Archlinux' master of the highest order. The results of his past toils are STILL being utilised by today's spins and distros.
Thanks for the interest.

Here i describe - at least 'in-words'[!] - the alpha 'fix' described. "rjl6789" posted the fix for me, much obliged.
PS If nothing else, my 'issue' when using 'compositing' is clearly seen.
I think it is likely down to my use of "SSR" when making the video..?
Thanks for watching...

Here is that fix for my ongoing 'niggle'. "Midfingr" maybe did this change deliberately, and I've simply now made it the way I'm used to...
Really happy with this "ArchMid" build as it stands...
Thanks for watching.

Even "Morse" would like this!
Two thumbs-up for this to enable an "Archlinux" install for either new or experienced users.
A good choice for a 'daily-driver', and has just enough applications for the home-user to make this an enjoyable experience.
Thanks for watching.

Continuing my current arch-based string of videos, here is a complete 'MATE' DE ready to run as a complete daily driver.
One or two gliches for me, all down to my chosen hardware. A nice distro, but a hefty upgrade lump of data will be required post-install. Check for a later 'iso' if available, and then get that one. If you are into 'MATE', this is a good solution if you are an advocate of "Archlinux"...
Best wishes, and thanks for watching.

I take another look at "ArchMid", and further discuss the alias functions embodied. A solution to the panel alpha 'opacity', and I describe how I fix the [known-of] network issues on these Asus netbooks...
Thanks for the interest.

Take one TOP three year-old 'iso' from a 'Maestro' Linux developer, update and upgrade with only a few easily fixed gliches, and you have as good a 'vanilla' "Archlinux" as you can wish for.!!
What an enjoyable experience I had here, with great reward at the finale...
Many thanks to "Midfingr". God Bless You, RIP, never forgotten.

A final look at my foray into the 'Testing' branch, and the various DEs.
A small banter about the state of Linux Mint, and a peek at a couple of 'wildcam' videos that I put together from footage a couple of months old...
Best wishes, and thanks for the interest...

Sometimes forgotten in its native form, which has enough 'eye-candy' for all that need it as well as being very comfortable to use.
I would put this DE high on the list when introducing a newcomer to Linux fro Windows; a lot will 'fit' easily.
If you want a distro based on Cinnamon, use any that embody it in its true form rather than the one or two that have made, "a pigs ear out of silk"..!! [No names required..?]
Thanks for watching, and best wishes...

'Mate' has been kind of forgotten with the swell/surge of interest in Gnome and Plasma. It is still one of the most complete 'O-O-B' experiences available, regardless of your preferred distro?
Here it is, running sweet as a 'nut' on my Dell D630.
Best wishes, and thanks for your interest.

If you are looking for something lighter to install on older hardware, LXDE has always been a good choice. Here it is running on an Asus 1215p netbook and showing it can fulfil all normal needs.
Best wishes, and thanks for the interest.

Fairly impressed. I know this continues to be favoured by many, but for myself had dropped away in how I felt it stood against its peers.
Still not quite as polished and able as some other distros, but I do see how people will stay with it...
Thanks for the interest, and best wishes.

A further look at the Debain 'Testing' branch installation, now well over a month old, and no tears at all! A real top distro. Like Linux in general, the latest Debian incarnation[s] are better than those before.
Plus, some banter outside of Linux...
Best wishes, and thanks for the interest.

A quick look at what I'm calling the 'Pseudo-Gnome2' DE that comes as part of the Debian Gnome3 distro, weighing up the pros and cons, so-to-speak.
Also, my [best!] laptop gets a work-over, and I go through the simple stages to use "Clonezilla" to replace the hard-drive with NO tears..!!
Thanks for watching, and be safe...

A return to my Linux Mint install, running on-the-metal on a Toshiba Tecra M9, with 2G RAM. Still a flyer, believe me. I look at a bit of themeing, the standard applications OOB, as well as some general banter.
Best wishes, and thanks for watching and subscribing.

Seven minutes of heaven just watching this young couple who have moved into the apartment next door!
Seriously, the 'sett' is in my 'spinney', about forty yards from my house.We are VERY lucky - this is REAL life..?
Best wishes to you all.

...don't replace your Linux Mint distro running the flagship environment if you are not prepared to get your hands 'dirty'.
I have used Void for several years now and I am used to some of it's 'needs' that are required to get to a good place. That 'good' place is where I am here though, and once achieved it is hard to better...
Thanks for watching, and best wishes....

...and a follow-up to my last "Void" video.
Plus, some Slackware Linux 'self-appreciation', as well as the usual banter about life in general...
Thanks for watching, and best wishes.

...Ubuntu-based distros are MORE important in the wider picture.
Here I discuss the state of the Linux world that has 'become' to be the norm.
Also, my badgers, the [non-]moon landing in 1969, and how I have managed to 'fix' what spoils this nearly perfect void release version.
Thanks for watching.

This is unbreakable and unburstable to all intents, more than a match for any peer[s].
The main reason for this video is making anyone who is NOT aware the availability of [sponsored] 'iso' files hosted by Debian that include all the firmware to get the thing 'done' on stubborn hardware!
Thanks for watching...

Another very slick, complete, and solid Ubuntu-based distro from 'Mother Russia'. It has been going a while - since the 12.04 release base - and this does show in the overall feel and use of it...
Best wishes, and thanks for the interest.

A long overdue look at the latest "LinuxMint" based offering from TheFerenOS. How did I get on? Keep watching, you may be surprised..:-)
Thanks for the interest, and best wishes...

At the end of the last video I did about this 'charming' little distro [based on Debian 'stable' branch], LXDE was installing. Having taken a look at that myself, I wanted to see how well the Xfce functionality would go down.
Well, here it is, no prizes in guess that this slick distro just goes well with all I throw at it. A bit more time spent on this DM, tweaking and tidying, would render a fairly superior result, no doubt...
Best wishes, and thanks for the interest.

After Steve's pretty good video, I continue using my new 'daily-driver'..;-)...!!!

Hello All. Slightly 'off-topic', but if anyone out there is a 'Giffgaff' user, ore better still, an 'Agent' who may be watching, I would be obliged if you could - or anyone who may know - the answer in the comments for this video. Free advertising for "Giffgaff" too..!


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