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After two weeks running, still top. Here I show 'Minitube', a great application for watching YouTube videos in a standalone environment, as well as showing the installation of 'RefractaTools'...

Continuing my occasional video series, this distro being totally counterpoise to my last flagship variant, of course!
This is the 'Ubuntu-based' spin, as opposed to the 'Debian' one - which I may look at later in the 'series'...
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A look at a distro gaining great following. What do I think? Keep watching!!
Other flagships to follow will include Solus, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc...]

I mad this video about a month ago, but because of embedded video clips, it was [at the time!] too large to push out taking my network 'quota' into account. But here it is now...

An update on the state of play of my Plasma build, some thoughts on 'likes and dislikes', and what I get up to in 'real life'...

A bit of a 'memory lane' look at one of my old spins...

What a time for Linux Mint, with what can only be described as 'fake news' from som YouTube channels - to grab 'views', perhaps..?
Total bunk and rubbish. This the distro that took Ubuntu to the next heights, and made Linux 'mainstream', and not just the plaything of 'geeks' and 'wierdoes'..!!! [Whether you like it or NOT, BTW!!]
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A look at my previous - now discontinued - offering, which was made available on "Sourceforge".
I had forgotten how pleased I was with the results of my labour, and recent events, plus the fact I am enjoying it on hardware, may mean a 'rebirth', perhaps..?
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A video showing the initial stage of how I will be creating an 'anonymous' 'iso' file that I [may?] distribute via "Sourceforge".
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Just getting started on the build of a running system that I will be creating as the distributable 'iso'...
Thanks for the interest.

Yes, I know it is Gnome, a non-LTS, and borno of a distro beiginning with 'U'!! But it really is nice and intuitive and responsive even on my "Tecra-M9" with only 2G RAM!!
If you have good, modern hardware, this is well-worth the look/install. Two-thumbs 'UP' from me on this distro.
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I have been wanting to tak a look at this Gnome3 spin on top of the Ubuntu 18.04 'stable' base for some time, so here it is. More of a 'look-over' than review, but I hope I have managed to pass over that this is a good little distro, even if not using System76 hardware.
And a 'blether'...!!
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A 'silent' video to make those who are NOT aware, but the latest "Void" iso 'refresh' was uploaded on or about 25th May. If you simply take the pointer from the first page, you need to re-point yourself!!!
Take not of the rationalisation though; only 'Xfce' and the bare spin are now available in 32-bit, and the 64-bit spins are slimmer too..
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Yes, another clear demonstration to ditch MacOSX if you Apple hardware is too old [?!] to run the latest incarnation from Apple!
Plus, the usual non-Linux blather...
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A video desribing kernel implementation and install methods, plus the install and use of the "Refracta-tools" packages required to round-off PeppermintOS_10 as the besta and most user friendly 'daily-driver' alongside "MX-18"...
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In this video I describe an 'everyman' simple process to get you Peppermint OS refreshed to the latest variant. This video shows number two conversion, having already succeeded on my Dell630 earlier.
**APOLOGIES for the sound in advance; no prizes in this video for that, I'm afraid!**

A follow-on from my previous video showing "Fedora 30", and some issues I found in that distro. Well, similar issues are prevalent here if you let them be! Overall, I think I prefer Ubuntu..?
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A video I felt was needed as I at least seem to have experienced a by-product of 'wayland' that nobody else seems to have documented, which is baffling in itself..?
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Another 'MLOL' [My Life Outside Linux!] video. Working on my Peppermint 9 daily-driver. I hope this banter does not bore anyone, but I still try and fulfil the Linux 'need'...:-)
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A video I felt I had to shoot as a thanks to the continued support I am enjoying. What I've been getting up to, and not a Linux video 'per-se', although I do have a whizz through this MX18 build running on my 'potato'...
Thanks for watching, and best wishes to all.
[**"Absolute Linux" was the Slackware distro I could not remember, of course**]

As per the great movie soundtrack encapsulating Jim Morrison's lyrics - I wish it were as good - "Apocalypse Now", I have come to the end of this channel.
As per the text message, I just feel that there is not much more OI can give, and add that to the fact that I don't feel the 'masses' are move forward on the Linux playing field [I hope it changes..?], it means I have to go with my feelings, and close this channel as it currently stands...
I may be back, but NOT as a Linux channel; I do have other ideas...
Thanks to all those who viewed and subscribed, but most of all I thank those who I have directly interacted with for their views, comments, and most of all patience...
Best wishes to you all for the future

Maybe some will remember these 'spins' that were available on Sourceforge. Here i go though a ritual to regain some storage space....
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Winding up my series of videos relating to 'refractatools'. Total thumbs-up from me; it is solid. configurable, and just works....

A follow-on from my last video showing the result running on hardware, plus a couple of tweaks to make the mail and browser packages NOT yours!!

A video showing the use of 'refractainstaller' to install the iso I created last night using the 'refractasnapshot'. All went very well, and this system is a very credible and capable backup solution if you want to install a fully up-to-date system on several machines WITHOUT having to go through the often significant theming, software addition, and update processes which are usually long and involved...
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