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The video speaks for itself! Advice and guidance welcomed.
Best wishes to all, and good health to all...

A 'calm after the storm' type of video!
Seriously, it is really worth a look - but NOT in a virtualbox type [or other virtual evironment] system!! Make it real install or nothing. Then, when installed, use it. I would be surprised if you did not grow to like. Great support and community are the bottom line that makes this worthwhile, and it has a great ancestry plus a solid, reliable package management system based on a coming together of 'apt' and 'rpm' philosophy.
Thanks for watching, the interest, and the subscription....

OK, I know it is not Ubuntu based..:-)..!
But it really is a good experience, and is absolutely ideal for anyone coming to Linux. Good community support seals the prize. Excellent and outstanding, not much else to say really..?
Take a look at their homepage here, https://www.pclinuxos.com/ ...

In this video I show a glimpse of what I believe MX19 'will-come-to-be', or certainly as I perceive..:-)
But seriously, a mark of all trully great distros is waht we are seeing in the use/reviews of MX; that is, as always, the 'beta' releases from the Mepis/Antix team collaboration just WORKS!!
Thanks for the interest, and thanks for the ongoing support...

A little video that will refresh a few memories, and certainly illustrates why some things are, 'what-they-are'..:-)
Apologies for any accidental factual errors I make; this is meant to be a light-hearted take...
Best wishes to all

A video which is what its says on the box!!
A re-theming exercise, bringing in some new wallpapers, new themes, and finishes with a new 'iso' build to create "MyCinnamonLMT-2019.09".
Many thanks to the Linuxmint team fro a top portfolio of releases in Mate, Cinnamon, and Xfce clothing.
Thanks for watching.
PS The Matthew Moore video can be found at, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dd2UKT0OKc

In this video I go through the steps to install "Systemback" directly, and show how to add the 'PPA' to Linux Mint variants.
"Backyard Tech" video at:-

Lines of text for systemback below:-

sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/nemh/systemback/ubuntu xenial main"

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 382003C2C8B7B4AB813E915B14E4942973C62A1B

sudo apt update

sudo apt install systemback


sudo apt install live-boot

sudo apt remove casper

[Only needs to be done the once...]

Best wishes, and thanks for watching...

This video wraps-up the application choices, and completes my 'normal' running build setup that I use regardless of the distro.
I also describe the manner in which I use to create a 'Systemback' iso that can then be used to install the spin [of your choice] on a different machine...
Thanks for watching.

A fix for gnome keyring, and describing the use of 'alias' functionality to make life easier on your fingers when using the 'terminal'...
More videos to come that will fit all Ubuntu-based distros, not only this one.
Best wishes to all...

Well, I had to call this video something!
Seriously, although a bit of a theming exercise, maybe the serious edge is that most of us - particularly the older ones[!] - have grown up with a string of contiguous Microsoft theming that has en-likened us to the way it looks..? I definitely like the icon sets over the years, for sure, and can live with them even now?!
For the 'iso', USER=live, and PW=live [all 'lowers']
Thanks for the interest, thanks for downloading, and hope you enjoy...
'iso' can be down loaded at:- https://sourceforge.net/projects/mylindows/

Ok, a little bit of a themeing exercise, but nonetheles a fully fledged, fully-updated re-spin of Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.2 'Tina'.
Many thanks to the Linux Mint team. No charge for this! But please take a look at the Linux Mint site to see how well their offerings sit in todays very busy and well-positioned Linux offerings.
Videos to follow showing some features. There are some nice extra themes available too if you like your Linux to look like Linux!!
Install and backup by way of the VERY good "Systemback" application. Download at, https://sourceforge.net/projects/mylindows/ .
My tutorial for an install using "Systemback" can be found at, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpX9hvfiBeU .

Best wishes, and thanks for the interest...

A 'wash-up' to my look at the community offering. It performs well, looks nice, and doesn't get in the way of your work.
In this video I take steps to make this even more 'vanilla' Archlinux, but things are not always easy..!
Thanks for watching

I cannot recommend this Archlinux offspring highly enough. It well surpasses its [Antergos?] ancestry, and gets all its rooms in order from the point of install.
In this video I take a last look for the time being, and review what I have done to my own installation - being a set of proposals only..!
Double 'thumbs-up' for this, take a look if you are in the mind for a distro that is somewhere between 'cutting' and 'bleeding' edge, and appears to be fairly robust and solid. It has all the things that someone using at home could need for a 'daily-driver', and anything not available 'OOB' can easily be got.
Thanks for the interest.

Definitely the best 'openbox' arch-based distro apart from the 'Pacbang' by Carl Duff. I believe he had major input on this community 'spin' several years ago at the onset..?
It does verge on being 'too' full for a lightweight openbox build. Naturally, for the purpose of ths [exercise?]I have changed the pacman pkg management system to track "Archlinux" as opposed to the standard "Manjaro" feed[s]..
Thanks for watching.

Just a few tips on theming, the use of the [discontinued?] 'Yaourt' AUR-helper, and some general banter!
Thanks for watching and subscribing.

In this video I re-visit this nice Xfce 'spin', and suggest some simple 'out-of-box' experience tweaks I would like to see invoked.
I also take the distro closer to a 'vanilla' archlinux build, as I did with "NamibOS" on my last video.
Finally, a bit of a lark, 'a la' "English Bob"; I re-theme to a child of "Redmond"..! (Sorry EndeavourOS 'devs'..)
Thanks for watching and subscribing.

In this video I take a nice Xfce DE, and transform it into a [more?] pure vanilla form of 'Archlinux'.
I have removed all references to "Namib" in the package build system, as well as pointing directly towards 'Arch' servers/repos for future support.
I have an inkling that if we utilise this method with all 'forks' of Arch, then breakages during the update process may be totally negated?
I cannot remember when I lats had a 'pure' archlinux fail during update/upgrade - maybe ten years ago, or more - but I don't need to cast my mind back far to see a different score from Manjaro, Antergos, etc...
Best wishes, and thanks for the interest.

Part two of the description to take Carl Duff's top '2016.04' to '2019'. Very straightforward and simple to do. If you want a bang 'up-to-date' 'openbox' experience and you want "Archlinux" as the core, then look no further.
Thanks for the interest.

A fairly short video just going over some things that may help should you intend - or already are - using this upgraded "Pacbang" build. They may be of use in any 'openbox' distro environment..?
Thanks for watching....

Here is how to get this top 2016 distro bang 'up-to-date'.
In this video I install the original 2016 image into a 'virtual' environment; in part two, I will go through the steps to breathe life into it for use in 2019.
Thanks for watching - and subscribing!

Take yet ANOTHER top distro of old from 2016, update, upgrade, and tweak to your needs and liking. The result is something even recent distros cannot match! This is a project ALL can do with patience and care..:-)
All thanks to "Carl Duff", who was an 'Archlinux' master of the highest order. The results of his past toils are STILL being utilised by today's spins and distros.
Thanks for the interest.

Here i describe - at least 'in-words'[!] - the alpha 'fix' described. "rjl6789" posted the fix for me, much obliged.
PS If nothing else, my 'issue' when using 'compositing' is clearly seen.
I think it is likely down to my use of "SSR" when making the video..?
Thanks for watching...

Here is that fix for my ongoing 'niggle'. "Midfingr" maybe did this change deliberately, and I've simply now made it the way I'm used to...
Really happy with this "ArchMid" build as it stands...
Thanks for watching.

Even "Morse" would like this!
Two thumbs-up for this to enable an "Archlinux" install for either new or experienced users.
A good choice for a 'daily-driver', and has just enough applications for the home-user to make this an enjoyable experience.
Thanks for watching.

Continuing my current arch-based string of videos, here is a complete 'MATE' DE ready to run as a complete daily driver.
One or two gliches for me, all down to my chosen hardware. A nice distro, but a hefty upgrade lump of data will be required post-install. Check for a later 'iso' if available, and then get that one. If you are into 'MATE', this is a good solution if you are an advocate of "Archlinux"...
Best wishes, and thanks for watching.


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