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As per the great movie soundtrack encapsulating Jim Morrison's lyrics - I wish it were as good - "Apocalypse Now", I have come to the end of this channel.
As per the text message, I just feel that there is not much more OI can give, and add that to the fact that I don't feel the 'masses' are move forward on the Linux playing field [I hope it changes..?], it means I have to go with my feelings, and close this channel as it currently stands...
I may be back, but NOT as a Linux channel; I do have other ideas...
Thanks to all those who viewed and subscribed, but most of all I thank those who I have directly interacted with for their views, comments, and most of all patience...
Best wishes to you all for the future

Maybe some will remember these 'spins' that were available on Sourceforge. Here i go though a ritual to regain some storage space....
Thanks for watching.

Winding up my series of videos relating to 'refractatools'. Total thumbs-up from me; it is solid. configurable, and just works....

A follow-on from my last video showing the result running on hardware, plus a couple of tweaks to make the mail and browser packages NOT yours!!

A video showing the use of 'refractainstaller' to install the iso I created last night using the 'refractasnapshot'. All went very well, and this system is a very credible and capable backup solution if you want to install a fully up-to-date system on several machines WITHOUT having to go through the often significant theming, software addition, and update processes which are usually long and involved...
Thanks for watching.

Another fail on "Pinguy Builder" - worse than ever - made me look at my recent method of iso creation in Devuan and Debian. With a little bit of tweaking, this works fine in the "Ubuntu" code too.
Thanks for watching...

My second choice if recommending "Void", behind Xfce. One slight home folder 'glitch' that I describe how to fix simply... [***FIX DID work on reboot BTW!]
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...At least for me?
Never seen this issue running the old favourite, "Remastersys" [which 'Pinguy' is heavily built upon..
Otherwise without the FAIL as described in the video, this would be a dream come true for lots of people...
Thanks for watching.

A comment from "eznix" prompted this search of 'lice' and my own running Void-Xfce installation[s].
For me, I think the 'kde-cli-tools' is the requirement for octoxbps - if the void devs - and 'wiki' - say so, that's usually the trick....
Thanks for watching....

...equal really top distro, solid kernel with the hardware support expected form any distro beginning or containing the letter, 'U'..! Here I show two ways of installing this unbeatable backup/iso creation tool - although I have shown them before - that means you can easily install a fully up-to-date version onto another machine, or even pass to 'mates'. A small tip-of-the-apple-cart did occur, but I get there in the end..!! More to follow on this?
Thanks for watching, and subscribing.

Back to the Void!!
But this is truly a great distro that just runs and runs, and NEVER breaks. Not a massive repository listing in terms of application diversity, but all do seem to be there; if you want 'Simplescreenrecorder' look for 'ssr' though! But working on a 'keep-it-simple-stupid' principle, at least on application for every purposeful need?
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"VoidLinux" to the rescue! Feeling a bit dismayed - even with ArchLinux - then I remembered my favourite distro of all time, that just hadn't been in consideration recently!
Videos to follow; I forgot JUST how good this distro is...
But, there have been some changes that I would like to go over; some which do 'tip-the-apple' cart if you miss the fix[es] that have been suggested.
Thanks for watching. Latest VOID iso files are at:-

Containing the 'Arch' momentum, here I give this very nice distro a return visit, and prepare for the install...
Thanks for watching.

All users of the latest iso will NOT be suffering the 'hang' at startup - 'LightDM' replaces SDDM in the 19.03 version. A really nice distro, best Arch 'OOB' experience, no doubt...
A look at "ScPup' based on Slackware, and an unfortunate fail..!!
**Reboot with 'rng-tools' installed did not seem to change anything, but I may be missing some configuration on that..?
Thanks for watching.

After watching the video today from "Eznix", I thought I would throw my tuppence-worth into the fray, and describe how Archlinux can be very simply and easily controlled - tied-down - so as not to run away freely during any update/upgrade functions...
Incidentally, for those Linux users who want to walk the 'Archlinux' path, look no further - this is THE distro to get and hold tight onto the 'iso'. Top, superlative, attention to detail, etc., etc...
Thanks for watching.

Having done the install, I now begin the work of making it be for me what I want it to be. Full kudos to "Silent Robot", but all of these things just take up my download availability which I cannot afford to spare...
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Having just done the previous video, how could I resist..?!
A doddle, takes no time - even faster than a 'VB' install!!
Thanks for watching. Lates 'iso' can be found at:-

A purge of Pulseaudio, making this Alsa-only. Replaced Vokoscreen [dependency issues because of Pulseaudio purge!], and replaced with "SSR". A change to 'tint2' panel configuration explained. [Another!] 'iso' to be created...!!
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You have to love "MX-Linux". As perfect as a distro can be, and ready-to-use out of the box. Here I run live form a USB stick to show a qhick and easy fix for the niggle tipping the apple-cart...
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Testing repositories in use, 'iso' created, 'iso' proven good for install as can be seen. Over the moon as far as it goes; just a tidy up and build a new 'iso' with what can be seen on screen in this video.
Will I release any "LurcherOS" variant for public domain consumption? At this moment, probably not.
But thanks to Dan at "MiyoLinux" for his ongoing and second-to-none support for the issues I have been suffering with...
If you want your own blank 'field' to start with, Dan's superb distros can be found at:-
https://sourceforge.net/projects/miyolinux/ , and
https://sourceforge.net/projects/miyo-rolling/ [the latter being the Nutyx based rolling release which is superb..]
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An intall to 'metal' using 'Refractainstaller". This should be how it goes for all variations of the application. Remember it can be used in Devuan and Debian, all distros; it is the core for MX-Installer [but a different 'GUI'].
Thanks for watching...

A slightly involved video, relating to the creation of a USB boot-disk, and explaining the differences between 'pinning' and 'locking' applications... Bear with it, I get there in the end!!
All good stuff to know if you are not familiar with though?
Thanks for watching.

It's this simple to take a machine with no OS and bring it up-to-scratch! One thing I forgot to say was that all the browser and email settings when you use "Systemback" [in the default way] migrate onto the 'iso', so even they do not have to be set up again...excellent..!
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Void seem to forget to update their hyperlink when they upgrade the repository with their latest iso files.
Video to follow when I try their new offering...
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An update of sorts. still going strong, and still the best Archlinux distro if you need either to build a system quickly, or want to try Arch without the 'angst'..!!
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