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Dr. Oleg Oleynig entlavt die Mondlandungslüge mittels Parallaxebestimmung!

es existiert kein virenfoto aus einem Lebewesen (Körperflüssigkeiten). FAKEVIREN!

The Siamese twins Masha and Dasha, who died in 2003, were not only guinea pigs for numerous hideous human experiments, but also a medical mystery.

Die 2003 gestorbenen siamesischen Zwillinge Masha und Dasha waren nicht nur Versuchskaninchen für zahlreiche abscheuliche Menschenversuche, sondern auch ein medizinisches Rätsel.

Quelle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRK931_6ERg
Betrug ohne Schaden (Artikel vom Profil, April 2010)
Die Idee vom bösartigen Krebs, welcher wuchert und tötet in der Praxis herrlich zerlegt. Die Krebspäpste schweigen, verdienen an der Angstmache weiter :)
DDr. J. Belsky informiert

German biologist and virologist Stefan Lanka speaks about the history of virology. And helps us to understand the many wrong turns virologists have taken over the years, and updated us on his ground-breaking study that will disprove the basic tenets of virology.

no genetic "manipulation" ever worked. there is no book of life in the genes

This video is an extract with Doctor Kaufman from the Monkeypox Mania Summit held on June 6, 2022. Host Alec Zeck of The Way Forward presents a live summit to dissect and debunk the monkey business surrounding both monkeypox and the theory of pathogenic viruses at large.

dr. cowan destroys the viral myths! VIRUSES ARE NOT REAL!

Dr. Hillman: the cell theory ist wrong

Dr Tom Cowan has found many reports concluding that 'spike proteins' produced by Covid vaccines are circulating in the bodies of vaccinated individuals suffering from myocarditis. Cowan is asking the question of how it was ascertained that the blood plasma contained these proteins.
It appears that every test used is an indirect measurement technique. These is no direct measurement being carried out for the thing claimed to be present. Is this science to not?

Kate asks Stefan about the vaccines. Very detailed explanations to see.


Experiment 7 - DIREKTER KONTAKT!


Die Johns Hopkins Universität und das Rockefeller Institute haben eine sehr interessante #Studie zum Thema Ansteckung durchgeführt. Wir haben bisher jedes Experiment einzeln und ausführlich in verschiedenen Videos behandelt. Heute gibt es eine #Zusammenfassung aller Versuche und Resultate.

if they can not find (fake-)viruses they invent them :) viral spike-cheating gone wrong

"Isolation and rapid sharing of the 2019 novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) from the first patient diagnosed with COVID-19 in Australia"

funktioniert die mrna-spritze im genetischen modell? was sind nanopartikel?
Projekt Immanuel - A.A.A., Nr. 03: Corona - Es geht um mehr!


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