I'm doing a quick video on why I think Oresuki (Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo) is a romance harem parody. This series so far is a really interesting take on the romance harem genre of anime, instead of having the main character be this god-like player he's just some guy trying to be. My first impression tells me that I'm going to like what this series has going forward but fingers crossed (because you never know). So far I've seen oresuki episode 1 & oresuki episode 2, and the way they were both handled is what makes me think that this series is a parody. The anime actively tries to subvert your expectations and send some interesting moments at you. Ultimately My body is ready for more of this series and I'd like it if you'd try it out too.

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In this video, I and my friends do everything we can to piss off my audience. Our weapon of choice today is our unpopular anime opinions (you can also think of this video as "bad anime opinions" if you want to) because I thought it would be a super effective and passionate topic. One of major targets for this video is Neon Genesis Evangelion, this show has been around for a long time and there there is one big thing I want to say about it. Despite the title, I don't hate Evangelion I just think it's been given too much praise and glorified to a point that it can't live up to. Other anime that we talk about in the video is Azumanga Daioh, highschool of the dead, death note, your name, and quite a few others. Probably one of the most fun parts of making this video was coming up with the title, our unpopular anime opinions | this may (not) make you mad, I'm extremely proud of this one. Overall I think this is some of the most fun I've had making a video in a long time so I hope you really enjoy it!

Sincerely, Jade the Scribe

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Why are so many Anime Fans Lonely? That's the question that we tried to deconstruct in this video with very mixed results lol. Anime fans tend to be people that really get down on themselves for not being perfect and having everything that society says we're supposed to have, things like a girlfriend/boyfriend, money and status the whole nine yards. I think that as people our lives are more than that and in the long run, those things on there own won't make you happy. It really says a lot when you have so many anime fans say that they relate to the loneliness of hachiman hikigaya the main character of the light novel and anime "Oregairu" or "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected". Hachiman is a lonely and depressed person who thinks very lowly of himself and in a lot of ways he is his own worst enemy because of this, I believe the anime community is much the same way, we are a lot better than we think we are and we let other people's judgment of us define too much of our culture.
Another character that really helps me think about this situation is Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shinji is a lot like an otaku in the sense that he tries very hard to distance himself from others and relationships to avoid getting hurt. This is the reason I think that anime fans are so lonely and don't have a lot of romance in their lives.

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Okay, so this video's going to be on the topic of why I'm so Hard on Black Clover. This series and I go way back as it was the topic of one of the first videos I ever made and I think for me, my issues with Black Clover all stem from a place of wishing it was better. Back clover fans are always wondering why I don't like Black Clover and even if I explain to them they always get really mad and defensive. My main issues with the series are,
A. I want the characters to be less like the tropes you can find in every other shonen. I feel that Asta and Yuno would greatly benefit from this as characters considering that they are literally walking tropes.

B. I want the show to focus more on world-building and fleshing out its magic system. There is so much potential for more interesting battles if magic had more concrete foundational rules. The world could also use more fleshing out(things like traditions of the Clover Kingdom).
Anyway, I'm tired of writing this so here are the links to various stuff that's in the description of every youtube video.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! I've made this Bitchute account as a backup for my videos and content in case anything goes south on youtube. For those of you who are finding me through Bitchute, my names Jade and talking about otaku stuff is my game; you can expect videos on anime and occasionally manga and visual novels. I hope you'll stick around :3.