I miss nick,. If he was here ,.. he would be here ,. Instigating me to tRoll ,. All the little Spooks & Shills and fucktäRds 😎

But I feel it in the air ,. The thetans,. ARïßing from the dust filled volcano 🌋 ashes,:.injected straight into my oo7 OT levels,.

Hopefully I can figure out how to add or edit this description box 📦,. Cuz I gots to go , but I got some more insights and a story or two 🗞🛒📽
Well anywho 🦉
Have a nice day 🥰😘🍩

Well uploading this to YouTube got me my 2nd strike,. Even after I uploaded it first and got copyright © blocks I re edited then,. Posted to private then few days lateR a hate strike,. I don’t condone violence,. And I don’t generalize,. Or conflate a whole “race of people” with the actions of a few,.

I wrote a long flowery message in the YouTube description about how my girl,. Just graduated honors roll,. From a major university and she was dusting my books,. And found a few Eustace Mullins books,. She never heard of him nor Ezra Pound,. And now they just erase people from history,. In real time ,. Mandella Effect eat cha heart out,.

This is a great interview I loved these guys if ya don’t know Eric huntshmidt (lol butchered that spelling) was DBS side kick ,. It was him who gave BOC ,. Some of his first briefings and amped him up for his infamous but not cared about “operation get arrested” ,.i mention that because today like dbs he is unknown,. Obscured by the 1000’s of other online ,. Commenters,. The IAM the witness/ French connection guys,. Also had beef 🥩 with fuckTard Dawson,. Muhammad rafiq & David musa Pidcock,. We’re also forceß to be reckoned with,. They actually got involved in the real world 🌎,. They were part of dr mathir’s 911 and ryba conferences in Malaysia 🇲🇾,. There truly was a grass roots movement a decade ago,. Then the Mayan calendar great awakening failed and everyone started listening to Joe rogan and the bell curve Jordan Peterson,. Race realism bumboklatt as soon as the dmt wore off,. They forgot about the bankers and who pulled off 911 ,. And learned about Islam ☪️ from a ex Trotskyite who was a part of the infamous “weathermen” group 💣,. Now who is king of the auntie zio movement?,. Chris bollyn?,. He was the one who. Dox’d DBS photo in the first place (dbs like myself chose to be anonymous we know the dangers of canary mission & jdl Terrorism) ,. Even tho dbs photo is all over the net,. I respect him and his wishes and didn’t feature him like that in this video,. After bollyn dox’d dbs he went to many a conferences where only 8people mainly adl showed up,. It was always a joke,. Then you got the dolphin 🐬 sub missile which reminds me of dr. Steve piechiznikzxckz,. And a Tom Clancy novel,. Then we see bollyn walking on the beach with Adam green,. Which even at the time fooled me into trusting Green,. Ryan Dawson “who invented 911 tRuth”,. Palestine 🇵🇸 confederate hentai flags,. He is a meme of a retarded real life bowl cut,. Whitney Webb who became an expert on israeli military intelligence as soon as “securing our interests crashed and burned and all who were a part of that,. Went separate ways,. Seriously,. Arthur FinKELstein,. To mega group to Jedi pentagon cloud,. To lekem/lakam- BïRd foundation,. Every topic we championed prior to the Epstein arrest,. And she gives zero credit,.and deflects from all things Russia 🇷🇺
She got a lot of Jon Swinn’s research from Adam green same with,. Trunews,. Bowl cuts & beards,.

New section on the website,.

There is more too long to read thus too long to proof read,. I start a new job today like as in right now ,.
So peace ✌️ out

Verint 7/7 obor uyghar shapeshifting world wide FEMA CAMP

Really simple,. Simpler than uploading the right video

Last one was some guy who randomly called for tRumps execution ,. Our neighborhoods very own Chris DoRsey 😍

PaychgRaphïçs rat pack entertainment

Fill the cabinets with bänKeRs ,. The the chîpß fall in whatêVêR swämp they may,...

You would think people would be outRaged,. But naw

For moRe of thēē uncut gooDs please visit

Pink Floyd the wall,. Sorry for all the music 🎼

I know it is truly terrible,.

Listen to the AntEdote,.. they could all be Disney- Amway-ßoroß shills,... but they are the most woke shills , if they are indeed shills,...

Find links to everyTinG that is püRe & wholesome here

Trojan hôRše,. BRexït,. People think is a win for fRēēdöm and stïcking it to the man,. And gEorgê ßôrôs., and bill fucking gates,... but in reality it is some moRe good ol fashion,. активные мероприятия., you know who else hates the EU ,. Besides the bleached blonde 👱‍♀️ boÿs,. And baby boy,. Tummy kisseR, Putin 🧛🏻,. That woüld be kïng Bibi 👑🐝,. So anything that bReaks up the EU. . Is good for the Eurasians ,. (ßince the government cańt pRove who I am and I gets no tRump check,. I hereby sign it off,. To chip in for ,. GReenLand 🇬🇱 1200 or we shit in the stReets) ,. 15 seconds to complÿ 🤖⚰️🔫

I know I name the Russians ,. How Neo McCarthyte-ish huh 🤔 🐛🦋🐦🐠 Ta-tah_tå 10 ßêçønds 2 complÿ




Šee the shit is Simi - ulTra confusing ,... you have the super ultra religious right neo cons,. Whom all got their start being crypto Marxist-Leninists,. The ßhâpeßhiftîng,. Again begins,. And this specific cell of mighty mole men have been buried deep with in the American,. State and defense departments ,. Literally like a cancer ♋️ sometimes an fbi anti body ,. Will arrest one ,. Then a few years later then it comes back,. Like a relapse,.

Before laRauche fell off deepend,. (And got murdered by the lizaRd Queen 👸🦎)His EIR has a lot of gold articles about this nexus,. They (the NêøČôńs) even wRote ,. “Reagan’s Soviet strategy“(Lol maybe a bad paraphrase),. Then before 911 wRote all the shit,. That went in effect right after 911,. So mix Leslie Wexner & his hand in the iRaq 🇮🇶 war,. And you can see how this agenda,. Of “constant enemies and constant wars”,.. and the switch from the red scare to the terror amber alert scare,. (With both wars 🇮🇱🏴‍☠️ OÜr gRèåtest ally & the hand over fist rush for them to mîlk tech tech tech ta ya tatech technology thru spying and then after getting caught so many times ((as history will attest they were not such brilliant but rather just belligerent and sloppy spies)) they were able to milk technology via legislation via BIRD ,. BSF,.BARD,. The spies from lakam and other branches of military intelligence & mossad ended up on the boards of those binational foundations ((( again unelected))) 😳😡😤🤬🤯) then you find that a lot of these fools have money in Venture capital or Boeing Raytheon & involved with other think tanks and foundations that benefit directly from the general atmosphere of defCon 5 amber alert 🚨 terror threat Level mîDnigHt.,,, build a billion dollar plane missile or laser.,,. Then sell it off the back of the turnip tRuck to say fuck it iRan 🇮🇷 or a Hezbollah,. A China 🇨🇳 a russia 🇷🇺 India 🇮🇳 what ever,. Then ,. We on defCon 6.66,. We need so Congressional funding and backing so,. We can counter.,, and out snake 🐍 🤖🛸,.. “countRy B”
But infamous “country A” Goes on & on & on unnamed benefiting on both ends,. 💸

As America clears out Israel’s & Russia’s enemies,. Via good & bad cop style,. America gets all the heat,. And hatred.,, then Israel 🇮🇱 and the obor countries will rebuild the Middle East & install all that uyghar camp/ social credit/ state sponsored surveillance hardwired hardware or 5g wireless,. 🕸 everywhere with Israel 🇮🇱 the center of the world 🗺 with all the digital cross roads analyzing the whole world’s data,. 🔮🔭🔬

The great American experiment 🧪 🗻🇺🇸🦅
A failure,. Democracy a failure,. Natural law & human rights a failure- the only remedy is global oligarchy with an extRá side of steel boot 👢 (evraz steel of couRse)
And I mean ,. You can already see people cheering it on,.

Pay attention to the think tanks and foundations,.
For that is where the true powers and netwoRks conspire and plot ,. & shape policy.,, then the compromised,. Politicians,. WWF it out in the three rings of conGresss 🐍🎪 they are the unelected & permanent structure, behind the 4 year meat puppets ,.


Check out the networks of power

Ok I got a cRush on that isRaeli Russian bRazilian chick 🐣 👻😭// I’d let her jam me up at an apartheid checkpoint any day,. When I use IDF thots as a thumbnail I get like triple the views so fuck it ,. I’m out here cat fishing 🐱🎣 & click baiting,.

Tony Sutton is very important his work is invaluable,. Him and Eustace Mullins are two,. If you don’t know,. Well ya should get to know,. Like hello 👋 yesterday,.

This very sane non racist or tropêy issue of Israeli technology domination & tech transfer to hostile nations,. For some reason has been impossible to get people to talk about,. / so much resistance I wonder why?,.

Here is a full run down



So painfully simple.,,,

Well have a nice day 😘🥳🤩

Assad and Putin are fighting Zionism & the new World order 😏

People will still argue this,. Tho 😛

This is what a mockingbird looks like,.

Anderson Cooper eat chá heart out,...

Boomers who just discovered the internet are going to save the world ,. Just ,. Don’t ,. Forget to @ trump when you retweet RDS ,.

I was the one who fiRst ,. Put BoC in touch with Cynthia McKinney like idk 6 months before unrig and Mars babies I also send her links to the site,. She never respond unless email ,. Probably an intern she still promotes the bottom of the barel rubbish,. It is sad,.

So we have all be duped by a boomer or two

No biggie dust off,. Jump back in ,.

Some good info here besides the woke boomers,.

Alexander pilsov,. Learn about him Chabad lubavitch servers and the daily stormer,.

David lane Inventor of 14 words Is also a gematria expert

It all a joke enjoy the joke ,. Don’t forget to smell the roses 🌹 as we collectively descend into the all encompassing abyss,.

Putin has undeniable swag ,. For a little boy fucker,.

It is amazing,. Truly,. How people just ,. Intake any and all Russian & israeli propaganda,.

Even when they lose they win,. Ryan Dawson makes four thousand dollars a month ,. Lying to you,. From Japan 🇯🇵,. All these alt media fucks ,. All live out of the country,. They blame everything on the cia and mossad & and they will call you mentally ill if you speak the truth on Putin Russia trump and their relationship with Israel,.

Watch everyone twist Ghislaine,. And her arrest to shill for tRump ,. And watch nobody I mean nobody mention Alexander mashkevitch yacht 🛥 rolling around the Boston area (I think it is Boston)

“Maxwell, 57, reportedly lived at Tidewood Estate in Manchester-by-the-Sea with Scott Borgerson, chief executive of CargoMetrics Technologies and an ocean conservation activist, between 2016 and 2019 and after some of Epstein's victims accused her of having a role in their abuse.

The yacht that showed up in Beverly this week is owned by Alexander Mashkevitch, a Russian businessman and Jewish philanthropist with close ties to political leaders in Kazakhstan. It's not clear if Mashkevitch was on board the yacht when it anchored in Beverly Harbor, or if there is any connection to Maxwell's arrest.”


I don’t know how,. But I am sure israel and Russia will slither out of danger,. And this story will be their win and our loss,.

Angry people click/ this video is highly important,. Since I don’t have a half bake tulsi gabbard 🥛🚛or an iSrâëLi thot,. As a thumbnail it will get a quarter of the angry 😤 horny 🐸🦄clicks,.

So we got this more than one hundred year New York Tel Aviv Moscow circle jerk love affair going on,. tRump loves King bibi,. Putin loves king Bibi,. King Bibi luvz tRump,. & Putin and Putin loves ,. tRump and King Bibi,. But that won’t stop Putin fRom,. Being a shapeshifter,. And battlen with himself,. See the onion 🧅 video 🤓😉

Trumps tRade war with China 🇨🇳 has helped both israel 🇮🇱 & russia 🇷🇺,. The damage his administration is doing,. Will be felt,. For decades and quite possibly forever more,. The EU states are either ,. Trying to leave the EU or they are signing on to obor or they are reaching out to Russia,.

The technology transfer is the most,. Alarming, for who ever develops AI ,. First will rule the world 🌎,. And Israel is puttin all their eggs in that basket 🧺 and the world wide oligarchy is funding it all together,. It has gotten so bad our pentagon cloud has now gone,. To Adallom a Palo Alto company founded by Israeli military intelligence,. (Old article before Whitney Webb was the first to report on this subject)

So with Israel’s long history of selling military technology to our enemies after we give it to them,. Indicates,. This specific issue,. Dwarfs all other issues,. China 🇨🇳 Russia who ever has a potential backdoor into the entirety of, our country’s infrastructure,. Supply routes,. Active covert assets,. Everyone’s medical data (soon israel will be the king 👑 of bio hacking literally/figuratively)

Well I guess cultural Marxism and neo fascist fighting on the streets and bearded men in dresses 👗 sharen public restrooms is the real,. Frontline in this war,.

Meh 😑

He is a full run down of Israel’s high technology ambition

George Weidenfeld, Baron Weidenfeld, GBE (13 September 1919 – 20 January 2016) was a British publisher, philanthropist, and newspaper columnist. He was also a lifelong Zionist and renowned as a master networker. He was on good terms with popes, prime ministers and presidents and put his connections to good use for diplomatic and philanthropic ends.
By 1942 he was a political commentator for the BBC and also wrote a weekly newspaper column, coming into contact with General de Gaulle and Tito as a result. In 1949, Weidenfeld served for a year as the political adviser and Chief of Cabinet to Chaim Weizmann, the first President of Israel. In that role, Weidenfeld launched a campaign to convince the world that Israel should keep western Jerusalem. The city had been divided between Israel and the Hashemite Kingtom of Transjordan after the two sides signed an armistice agreement earlier in the year.

Talpiot program is an elite Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) training program for recruits who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability in the sciences and leadership potential. Graduates pursue double higher education while they serve in the army, and they use their expertise to further IDF research and development in technological leadership positions. The program was inaugurated in 1979.

Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov (Russian: Владисла́в Ю́рьевич Сурко́в, born 21 September 1964) is a Russian businessman and politician. He was First Deputy Chief of the Russian Presidential Administration from 1999 to 2011, during which time he was often viewed as the main ideologist of the Kremlin who proposed and implemented the concept of sovereign democracy in Russia. From December 2011 until May 2013, Surkov served as the Russian Federation's Deputy Prime Minister. After his resignation, Surkov returned to the Presidential Executive Office and became a personal adviser of Vladimir Putin on relationships with Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Ukraine. He was fired from this duty by presidential order in February 2020.

Some shit I found on Wikipedia and flipped out over 🍔🤺


Who goes aRound the wøRld to help out where there are major disasters., passport scavenger hûnt., who murders dozens of peoples with out blinking an eye., it is beyond obvious what isis is.,,,

Lol 😂 I never seen hEr is a Fez but I seen hEr knee deep in soMe cUfi,. And some marium Adelson ,.

Sho bobbs 🍈🥥

Al qUeda alQūéDa aL quDea al ka dūh 🤔 mmmkaę

Look at all the riot con looting the spooks did during the after niner elevens,.

Tulsi is hot 🥵 don’t get me wRong,.

Ok yeah that is basically all I can say

Police 👮🏿‍♀️ and thieves 👮in the sTreet
Oh yea-aAh-aaahah

Read all these articles,. Should make a lot of this make sense,.

We have a problem in the tRuth community,. We all have fallen for it ,. Just some idiots especially thief ass Whitney Webb,. Fall for it everYtime,. Ya got to wonder how these experts got so ducking stupid,. Time & time again,..

I like barrett brown he is a convict,. Thus I know he too has had his dignity stripped from him,. In the utmost of fashion via his tour in the FEDs,.

So do I totally trust him


I have gotten into it with him a few times,. And he acts like a ripe cunt but I can’t blame him,. There are so so many idiots on the internet,.

But I do appreciate everything he says and I agree with his judgment in this video,.

Julian Assange worked with the Finkelstein network via roger Stone,. Jerome corsi and stone email just got unredacted and one of them said they have to “translate the talking points from Russian,. Also Eric prince is involved,. Which makes it all so much more worse,. Especially with the whole training uyghar concentration camp guards and hooking up the facility with the latest in israeli/ American stolen technology,. Trump is a big fan of these uyghar camps,. A yuge fan.,

I keep saying they want to merge the two systems,.

The Arab sting was a failure,. Ironically it never hit the really oppressive Mideast regimes especially the Red Sea collusion states,. Hm fancy that

Mix that with what did wikileaks ever release at the right time anything that wasn’t already known,. Seriously 😳

Assange is the biggest psyop or turn coat since nine elevens,. Prove me wrong,. Ok yeah the financial crash,. And yeah ok a lot of stuff but guys hello this was a big one,. I detoxed from Assange in 2015-16 fuck him,.

We all love a hero,. Every time ,. It prolly goes back further than even when the Red Sea pedestrians 🚶 demanded of Yahweh a king 👑,. Even tho Yahweh was like no ,. You fools belong to me and are not ,. Supposed to want nor need a king,. 🙊🙉🙈

The pigs 🐖 are trained in isRael on how to tReat us all as subhuman,. They thru the various data ,. Security and telecommunications companies that are tied to Israeli military intelligence, they also spy,. On American law enforcement so they can tip off their mafiYa,. So they can elude justice,. Because their Mafiya is,. Is also ties to Israel’s military intelligence,.

The destruction of the Middle East., Oded Yinon 101/

Various myths surrounding the Mideast,. And the war of terror and suicide bombing,. Some Denis Ross ,. Some snake 🐍 falacio,. This video almost has it all,. Excellent mix down ,. Of original audio & added MishNahLorIAn songs of lore,. #MethToIsrael 💉🇮🇱🏴‍☠️

What ever you do ,. Do not let the non house trained Juval Aviv take a ride in your elevator,.

I uploaded a bit of yuri bezminov,. But the fool who edited the clip was a QTard ,. Yuri says “infiltrate the right wing media“,. And that the kgb were on the hunt for egotistical “I think of myself while I jerk, jack &/or Jill off”,. Pretty much Donald tRump types,. While everyone is so up in arms over George Soros,. Arthur finKelstein and his political children have,. Taken up squatting in peoples minds,. This Russia- israel axis is quite real,.

This is a good one reminds me of JD’s article on “Israel did 911/ so Russia 🇷🇺 did 911” article,. This article doesn’t make that connection but, there are some key connections,.

Then mix that with this whole section

Peep this video and all the links in the description
“ArThUr finKELstein the man who ruined the world”

You got to think ,. Why only a handful of the alt media even pick this up,. The horse shoe ,. Where Jamie & Cersi (Abby and Robbie) Martin/ Lannister ,. To,Whitney Webb 2 Ry fuckTard Dawson to Dershowitz all agree ,.
They focus on one 🇷🇺or the other🇮🇱,. And lay blame only on one doorstep,. This is a Eurasian take over ,. For a multiPolar woRld 🌎 order,. This is the new world order,. Israel the center of the world ,. China 🇨🇳 Russia Iran India Pakistan (fake peace ✌️) all the warring countries brought together,. With out the west/ as the west descends into,. Chaos and race war,.

Also ,. Notice the characters who ,. Are aware of this,. Plan but blame obscure ideology,. And not the criminals involved,. Notice how they still race bait,. They are definitely part of the problem and should ,. Be used as a red fill in ,. On a wall somewhere,.

This all revolves,. Israel’s technology center, all of it,. Don’t be afraid to pass out flyer talk to your neighbors and report these crimes of espionage and treason to the authorities

Some people are just in the right place at the right time,. Like always ,. Like our man juval Aviv,. And Borat,.

Israel is a state ,. Built of rAcism apartheid and terrorism,. Organized jewery,. Is centuries old,. And reWriten out of history,. It is immature to blame all the world’s ills on the Devine race,. But to deny it,. Is way more problematic,. // I don’t agree with suicide bombing but ,. I never had my whole culture and family and friends and neighborhood bulldozed by the IOF,. The mufti of ,. Egypt was right tho ,. All Israeli are at all times active military reservists,. Even ,. This innocent looking Brazilian Russian gal,. (Lol I saw tommy sotomeyer, the race baiting twin of Candice Owens begging her for an interview,. I remember he gaslit O’Connell that he would interview him then he chicken’d out🐓,. I said “what O’Connell got to grow giant tits to get an interview”,. ((Lol he is working on it😂😅)) but yeah ,. Fuck everyone)

To be honest the Falashas in Israel fascinate me,. I have been wearing an Ethiopian shawl,. Since covid19,. And I can tell ,. I make the ignorant/arrogant lefty Jews around the way nervous 😬 I can’t wait to call out the fact the Falashas up until recently never were terrorists,. Until they were forced to join the IOF,. Plus black lives never ever mattered in Israel,. Except on Netflix 🙃,. The stories of the Eritreans,. And Sudanese in Israel is/are heartbreaking,. It is worthy of noting the relationship between the desert 🌵 Bedouin slave traders and the IOF and influential reservists,. Kinda like,. Israel and ISIS,.

This video also has highlighted the two Eitans,. Rafael and Rafi,. Rafi was Mossad,. Lakam,/lekem (depends on the amount of flim you can muster while pronouncing it😉). Ran pollard, “stole” or utilized pRomis,. Rafael was a big wig in the army and was one of the founders of Talpiot/ and naturally I believe that pRomis was later enhanced for multiple different uses by the Talpiot cadets,.

David sheen “Africa America Judaea”

If you think 💭 ol little hands🍊🦖 is racist, get a load of these Israeli politicians

The best run down of Israel’s technology golem ☠️🧟

Time line.,, while some people were ,. Praising Assad the great ,.Barrel bagel bomber ,. And taken literal money shots,. From the Putinator,. Some of us were trying to wholesale this information out.,

Abunch of frauds and hucksters,. And useful & unUseful idiots who,. Will never reflect or ,. Ponder about how their idiocracy has damaged,. The greater good,.

These people are psychopaths 😅

So probably only a few of y’all will grasp the importance of this,. Besides the bowl 🍲💇🏼to bangs ratio,. Dr. Webb PhD admits on January 20th 2020 (year of our lord) that she quote “ I have never looked into Talpiot as a PROGRAM”
So basically the only ones who have referred (wRongly) as Talpiot being anything other than a program was uNkie Brendon O’Connell,. Some of yous might remember the “debate” on Talpiot where Ryan “the Hentai fucktArd” daWson,. Straw man’d everyone into thinking Talpiot is a nothing burger 🍔 due to it is a program and not an operation,. For the Record it is a program, but it sure acts as an operation due to one third of Talpiots stay in the military,. One third get into academia (usually in a foreign country where the IP theft is plump for the takens), and then a third goes into the business world 🌎,. And like good ole “jabba tha sLut” aka Laura Goldman says “checkpoint software started out as a spy operation” well that is not a NOTHING BURGER 🍔 beCuz Marius Nacht & Gil Shrwed (israeli billionaires and Talpiot graduates 🎓) started that startUp,. Uh dErp,. DeRp

Each Talpiot graduate can make a 1% difference in battle'

About forty Talpiots a year for 40 years maybe this is why, israel punches 200x above its weight,. According to king Bibi

There is no debate on this subject,. #Talpiot is the most elite unit,.(known) in the entire IOF
Dawson will gaslight and stRawman till the cows 🐄 come home 🏡🛸,. Like he does with Putin and his Chabad oligarchs,. The sNeaky rat 🐀 bastard will pose as a cosPlay aSian girl,. And accuse Whitney Webb of stealing his info on #Carbyne911 ,. When it ‘twas I ,. Who dropped abunch of info,. To Dawson via his YouTube page on carbyne,. Cuz I was on to carbyne in August 2018,. When I was trying to find links between blackCube and 911 cRiminals,. Which boom lital leshem- fmr blackcube and Michael chertoff the homeland security director after 911 whom,. Let 200 Mossad agents go back to israel 🇮🇱,. And whom before that got his name to ring out on these mean streets by deading the Italian mafia,. Which allowed the red Mafiya to 🐍 slither uncontested upon the kRime scene,. The 🧺 laundering scene and the installation of a puppet as the pRezident scene 🐣
I forgot about carbyne due to the plethora of other spook start ups,. But bRidget remember’d and so did Jon Swinn,.

Now see it ain’t the money or fame,. 🤑💸🤩
It is the disrespect and the fumbling of the narrative that bugs us,. Especially when all these losers claim to be “journalists” they have zero integrity,. Zero,.

I even cRedit fucktArds I don’t like ,. When I use their material I don’t know why it so hard for others,.

At first I didn’t care Whitney Webb was hijacking our topic Cuz we begged for years for people with an audience to take this subject and run 🏃 with it / me on September 8th 2018,. Pointing this out


The true kicker was when she did a piece on Adallom a Palo Alto company started by elite graduates of a unit nobody has time to look into,. And how they got the contract for the pentagon cloud,. Even tho Jeremy Roth Kushel and gReg “hippie sideburns” McCarron confronted every single demonRat candidate over,. And then yung sHayizL’s aRticle from exactly a year ago


& his Maxwell article,. Too which is A+


I unDersTand that we are all obscure and not very well known,. But literally/ figuratively every subject we tackle Ms. Webb comes in for the easy kill and gets mad donations,. On her “bowl cut fetish” onlyFans account,.

But she leaves 🍁 out the Russian angle every time as I said ,. We were trying to wholesale this info out , to government, media, anyone,. Then a bunch of griFters came out step’d on it ,watered it down,. And cut our dope

It is cRiminal #bowlcut



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