Science fiction, action adventure! Check out my review of Eden #2 from Alterna Comics!

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Sci-Fi epic - Exilium - from Alterna Comics. Issue #1 review! Check it out!

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Why do so many people in charge of properties with big fan bases actually hate the fans?

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We lost a legend today. Stan the man. Creator of worlds and father of heroes. I’ll talk a bit about what Stan meant to all of us.

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Vanessa’s mother comes for a visit! What happens when she meets Ed? Check out my review!

Check out my review of Eric Henson’s Eden #1 from Alterna Comics!

Wolverine, Captain America, and Black Widow meet for the first time during WWII

Why can’t we just let things be what they are? Plus, why I like team leaders!

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Alterna Comics anthology series hits Halloween this month with Issue #3. Check out my review!

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My review of It Came Out On A Wednesday Issue 3 by Alterna Comics!

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Last Man Standing is back! Check out my review of the newest episode!

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Comic Book companies should put their people in a position to succeed. Not act like bad coaches who believe in system above personnel! Bonus - really abrupt ending on this one!

A lot of us have a need to create things. Some people create out of passion, others just for a paycheck.

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Pro wrestlers love their fans and know they would have no career without them. Comics pros should take notes!

A look at one of the comics I created in my youth! You can read it on Tapas:
Check out "Furry Fighting Kung Fu Ferrits #1" from JAM Comics Classics on Tapas https://tapas.io/series/JAM-Comics-Classics/ep2
Or on my website:

Digging into my collection to see Amazing Spider-Man #16! Spider-Man vs. Daredevil!!!

I’m reviewing my first Comicsgate book! Stardust! What’s it all about? Was it worth it? Find out here!

Are comic books as we know it doomed? Will the old model survive? Is Indiegogo the answer? Listen in!

Having positive interactions on social media with comic book pros!

Rebooting movie and comic book universes and erasing the history that the fans have come to love.

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Talking about Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo, Comicsgate, and bicycles in outer space!

I talk about my art, my life and my comics. Bonus look at some of my practice sketches too!

A stuntman! A robotic octopus! A surfing Contest! A crazy comic from Alterna Comics. I’ll tell you all about it!

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