Remember the days when Comics artists were rockstars? Where are the Rockstars of today?

Why do current Comic pros seem to hate the 90’s and legends like Liefeld so much?

Shonen Jump made a killer announcement with their new subscription model. Does the App and subscription live up to the hype?

Cyko faces the Cyclone! Will he defeat this dastardly doppelgänger? Can Peachy tell who is who? Will Cyko eat his ice cream? Tune in to find out!

Ever notice that the leader of a fictional team is never the most popular? Why is that? Also, why was Cyclops destroyed as a character?

A Lucasfilm employee says all fan films are made by terrible people who want to replace The Last Jedi. Ummm... No.

So a new reboot of the Heroes in a Halfshell is set to begin filming later this year. What should it be? Also, what was the best TMNT movie?

Asgard is in ruins! Trolls have taken over! Thor has no shirt! Check out this milestone issue from 1996 with me!

A constant thing I see in this battle over comics is an argument over who comics are for.

Discovering that The Lost World is on Amazon Prime Video make me relive my love of 90’s Action shows! Join me for a crazy video!

I blow the lid off of possibly the biggest conspiracy in the history of The Transformers!!

The first and only issue of a comic I have no memory of buying!! It’s pure 90’s! Check it out!

Is it possible that the future of Comics is the concept of Evergreen Comics? Comics that aren’t an ongoing soap opera, but more like Harry Potter.

People shooting, cars exploding, fist fights and more were all part of acceptable kids entertainment when I was young and I loved it!

Alterna Comics and Peter Semeti’s approach to how they treat their customers is a lot like how Paul Heyman and ECW treated their fans. I’ll share a personal story to explain how alike they are!

There’s a phrase that has inspired me to keep plugging away at my creative endeavors and helped to keep me focused. What is it? Watch the video to find out!

Jump into the final issue of Zero Jumper! Will Juno save the Earth? Will she die in the process? Check out my review to see if the series wraps up with a satisfying conclusion!

Check out another comic I created when I was a kid! Dark Leopard is the story of a child lost in Africa and raised by the Leopard tribe until ascending to the throne! This comic has no obvious influences that I can see.

You can read it yourself here:

Alterna Comics Sci-fi series Exilium continues with the second issue of six. Is it worth staying aboard? Check out my review!

Look back on the past year with me!

My website- https://jamcreates.weebly.com/

The time jumping adventure is back! Here’s a review of the 3rd Issue of Zero Jumper from Alterna Comics!

The Disney Christmas parade has been notably short on the parade in recent years. Was this years any better?

A fun. Christmas Eve video! Talking about favorite specials, movies, etc!

With new challengers like Alterna and TKO and more trying different ways of doing things, what will the future of the Comics Industry be?

A new challenger approaches! Will TKO knockout the comic book competition?


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