A cool character, a nice interaction, an advertisement, and a giant axe wielding Log. What do all these things add up to? The right way to sell comics!

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On a nice Saturday afternoon, walking Beans and sorting out my thoughts on the whole James Gunn thing.

Having enthusiasm for your project will get other people excited for it too!! I experienced some great creator enthusiasm just the other day!

The latest issue of Alterna’s anthology series is out! Check out my review!

The fourth issue of Ben Slabak’s space saga is out!

A new series in the world of The Wicked Righteous starts out with a bang!

The final issue of the Alterna Comics Mini series Eden is here!! Does it end with a bang? Watch to find out! (No Spoilers!)

My review of Jon Malin and Mark Poulton’s Graveyard Shift! Plus, I review the ashcan Lil’ Graveyard Shift With Art by Nerd Wonder!

Comics are a blend of writing and art, but sometimes one is better than the other. What’s more important and can you deal with one lacking if the other excels?

He’s back! Facing the monster who turned his father to dust! Will Cyko have the mad skills to defeat the Devil Spider?

Comics are for everyone. Not every comic is for everyone! Comics are a medium! Not a genre! Some people seem to have misunderstood the difference!

My review of the third issue of Exilium from Alterna Comics! The heroes finally come in contact with the Exilium!

A truck with armor and weapons! A driver with armor and weapons! It’s action in the streets!

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The journey into the unknown takes a big turn in the second issue of the Sci-Fi series from Alterna Comics

Reggie is retiring. What can the big two learn from his and Nintendo’s example?

A new science fiction series from Alterna Comics! Aside from having what might be my favorite cover of the last 5 years, how is it? Watch and see!

The final chapter in the Dark Covenant story is here! Does this dark fantasy go out with a bang? Watch the video! That’s why you’re here isn’t it?

Also! Huge thank you to all the new subscribers!! Welcome!!

There seems to be two distinct sides in this whole Comic Book thing. One side likes to lecture you and call you names. The other likes to deliver good customer service, and call you names. (In a good way)

This whole industry seems to have forgotten how to have fun, except for the bunch outside the industry who have formed their own thing.

Also, thank you so much for all the new subscribers! We’re on our way to 100!!! Join in the fun!

All the excitement and enthusiasm in the comics world is coming from the Indie space! All of it!

The final piece of the Jawbreakers puzzle! Jawbreakers Book 2 by Meyer and Kelsey Shannon! Yes there are some unavoidable spoilers in here. Be warned!

Included with Jawbreakers-Lost Souls, Jawbreakers Book 1 Remastered is a reworking of a book Zack made years ago. How does the remaster help? Is it any good? Find out!

Taking a look at the main attraction in Jawbreakers! Does it live up to the hype? Did Zack actually write good dialogue? Jump in and find out!

One of the oldest in my collection of comics I made as a kid! What’s more exciting? That new GI Joe or a comic made by a 13 year old on copy paper in 1988?

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They said it wouldn’t happen. They tried to stop it from happening, but here it is! Jawbreakers Lost Souls arrived in the mail today!

I like to share words of wisdom from odd sources. This is one of those times. This video shares words of wisdom from a former WWE Women’s Champion, plus some twitter drama and an idea for some future videos.


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