Author and Poet James Lagoski, reading from a page in his 4th book.
This video carries a great message at the end for these troubling times and You.
Thank You for Watching and for Simply being You :-)
God Bless and Best Wishes to All...Peace
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For all of You who are Truly Fans or Simply Love the Messages in some of the Poetry I've written over the last 23 years, THIS is a Must See Video. Jimmy (My Son) takes several of my poems and Transcribes them in his own way and form of Expression. I created this video around the song with visions and imagery a few years ago. Let me know what you think of our video...or better yet, Tell me how this Video made YOU think... 🙂 God Bless You and Yours My Friends ❤ Peace

"Picking up the Bones"
Narrated by Author James Lagoski
From the pages of the 8th book in
~The Journey Poetry Series~
"The Journey Following Maps to Evermore"
God Bless and Best Wishes My Friends
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Narrated by Author James Lagoski
From the pages of his 2nd book
Let’s step outside the borders of what you see
Between the hidden lines of how we view reality
Now close your eyes to everything we’ve been taught
Then go past any of the glitter that can be bought

You'll discover the feeling of complete inner peace
Once your misconceptions have all been released
In this place where no man is better than another
Because everybody here is your sister or brother

Can you exit all these realms of our man made illusions
Then climb over the mountains of our social confusions
So we can walk together to our final destination
Going back to the beginning of mankind’s creation
(Book 2 ©1996) "The Journey Ahead or Behind"
God Bless and Best Wishes My Friends...Peace

This was one of the first poems I wrote that took my words to a whole new level. It gave me a real insight of my influence by Jim Morrison and The Doors. It also somewhat laid out into a story line. In fact this poem is one of the first that seemed to set a standard of having to dig deeper into my thoughts for the next poem to out do this one.
And that's something every writer needs to keep the creative fires going. For we know that somewhere from within is the next whispered expression waiting
to be opened and explored.


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My name is James Lagoski and I am the Author of "The Journey Poetry Series". What I call The Journey began after one of my best friends I'd known for 22 years committed suicide on November 18th, 1993. Around a year after that day, my wife and I had an experience that changed how I saw and perceived the reality of existence. A few months after this experience, I had the radio on and a song by The Doors titled "The End" began playing. As this song continued, I began seeing visions of strange symbols and hearing words like whispers in my head. This continued until the song ended and I found myself standing there wondering what had just happened. The next day I kept hearing words that seemed to keep repeating in my head. It was driving me crazy so I sat down and started writing a poem. What was strange about that is I never had a desire to ever write poetry. And what was also odd to me is how it almost seemed like the words I'd written came out of my subconscious. Afterwards it seemed like I would write a new poem nearly everyday and when I didn't, it would almost drive me crazy at times. Because I could not stop the whispers from echoing in my head until I wrote them out. As the years continued, so did the levels of intensity and spiritual experiences. Many times I would write a poem so quickly that until I put my pen down and then read what I'd wrote, I had no idea what I'd just written. Although I have not written much since I released my 11th book in 2015, I have been feeling that same feeling of urgency to write again. That same force I felt in my thoughts all these years seems to be telling me, we aren't done reciting what still needs to be said yet. :-)
We began creating the videos I am sharing here on this channel over 10 years ago. We hope you like them and the imagery we used to help enhance the words and messages. Always Believe in your Hopes and Follow your Dreams My Friends.
God Bless and Best Wishes to You All...Peace