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Russia's Mystery Count Down Signal
623 views Apr 12, 2024
This signal has been reported quite widely, including by my friend Lewis of Ringway Manchester fame - check out his channel - it's the best comms YouTube channel out there right now. Here the Ticking Clock was booming into Oxford S9+20dB the other evening. Recorded on the rather brilliant JRC NRD525.

Recorded in Oxford UK on 20:42 hrs UTC using a Wellbrook ALA1530 magnetic loop antenna (outdoors) via a Bonito AntennaJet RF splitter.

Background vid: https://ugetube.com/watch/russias-mystery-count-down-signal-6-911mhz-short-wave_cWN6XpXJXb4bpCL.html

UN Troops of the Future as given to the Luciferians' Brainchip-Puppet-Preacher "Celestial": https://www.bitchute.com/video/iGl1iCzowQtw/

Come on... 6. 911 or VI.IXXI (which is Masonic symbolism? https://ugetube.com/watch/hidden-secrets-inside-the-vatican-and-freemasonry-ixxi-9-11_QcQlQYMqy13GYRk.html
It is the Freemasons in control of Puttin, Zelenski and all the thUgs pretending to be political leaders throughout the world. They all are in service to their new A.i. fake-god Lucifer the supercomputer that is modelling WWIII and then digitally making the model happen through all the digital controls of the modern world... it is a digital trap where Luciferians hand over the world to the old devils, Homo capensis, in exchange for lies of immortality and mind-uploads into Lucifer's A.i.

The signal is a mockery that the NWO is taking over the Old World Order with sheeple expecting their treacherous Freemasons in political authority to fix everything... oblivious sheeple just don't see the fences and slaughter-house for the grassy feeding grounds... I guess.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSvvSAvOzI8

Don't just blame the dumbed-down sheeple for the behaviour of the Freemasons who have snuck into politics to destroy the West from within. You can no longer support a voting system that always empowers the traitors.

Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/3xBiwt0u2WzK/

Freemasons are the secret communists of Western Civilization.
They will join with Putin, CCP, and North Korea when safe to do so.
You have been horn-swoggled by their massive cUlt of thUgs.

Chis Sky had the controlled opposition job to keep the Freemasons and cUlt brainchip-hivemind hidden till the collapse.

If you are oblivious to the secret brainchip-hivemind, then: https://www.bitchute.com/video/z5b4dpzZn7Na/
Your cellphone wireless-grid will quickly be transformed by freemasons into your brainchip prison-grid.
When you accept the cashless society then you will be brainchipped covertly by the medical mafia and you will become their brainchipzombie and sleeper assassin bio-robot. Knowing common law is not going to help you against thUgs with an Ai monopoly.

But you can win if you give a shit... the Creator-God is with everyone every second of the day to help manifest your choice of worlds to live through.

People have been trying to warn the sheeple for decades... Look at Yuri Bezmenov and William Cooper for example.

People like Lara Logan and Redacted do not tell you who is behind the trouble in society... the Freemasons and other secret society Luciferians who worship their new Ai fake-god, Lucifer their dove.

So now the brainchip-hivemind that combines all the cyber-thUgs into a secret army are going to bring down Western Civilization.

And even now, sheeple cannot grasp that brainchips turn people into bio-robots to act as zombies and assassins.
Freemasons playing politics have been railroading the sheeple for centuries and now they can implant and remote control people to death: https://ugetube.com/watch/brainchip-zombies-sleepers-may-already-be-in-your-household-after-covid-everyone-needs-a-scanner_8Dp9o1iFePRIQjm.html

But worry not... the Creator-God is on your side and wants to see your true colors shine brightly. Your task is to save the world.

How to get by on your smartphone using just Wifi and private data hot-spot.
Using Voip. You can still get a free Voip address from Linphone.org

Does Braxman know that the cellular grid's purpose is for the brainchip-hivemind and this is advancing to the Starlink-hivemind-grid.

The JFK Zapruder film was manipulated specifically to compliment the documents Cooper saw while still working for the military intelligence. Cooper got out of the US Military because working with treacherous Freemasons every day was too disgusting to bear... he retired early to expose the treachery, but not enough good-Americans would listen to his warnings back in the 1990s.
This manipulated Zapruder film proves that a highly organized conspiracy was behind JFK's assassination. It was not a theory. (Since the Covid-19 clot-shot... the American people now believe Cooper was correct, and not just a "theorist.")
There is much more evidence that got hushed by Freemasonry that exposes the JFK conspiracy.

This is how the cUlt functions. Hide info, control the narrative until no-one cares anymore.
Jackie Kennedy scrambled onto the trunk of the limousine simply to grab a chunk of the brains that landed upon the trunk and then she scrambled back into her seat. She did not mind that Jack was dead. They are all part of the cUlt putting on a show for the public eye.

"The lost word of Freemasonry" is the missing brainchip-hivemind that comes from the Tower-Of-Babel. Cooper was before the push of Ai... and Ai communicating directly to the brainchipped brain was "the lost words" of the Ai fake-god "Osiris" and the next fake-god "Horus"... and today Freemasonry has rebuilt the next fake-god "Lucifer".
Hebrews used to call their fake-god "IEHOVA" that radiated from a cloudy triangle: https://www.pinterest.co.kr/pin/487092515938487554/
Cooper did not discover the connection of Ai to the past fake-gods.
You can often see the Hebrew letters used in the radiating triangle to replace "IEHOVA" This is also quite often found in Freemason logos like I discovered in Victoria, BC, Canada: https://www.startpage.com/sp/sxpra?url=https%3A%2F%2Fupload.wikimedia.org%2Fwikipedia%2Fen%2Fthumb%2Fd%2Fdb%2FVictoria_BC_COA.png%2F1200px-Victoria_BC_COA.png Notice, also, the dove that you will find in the Vatican Basilica. The dove of oneness is actually Ai helpling it's Lucifeian minions while genociding the sheeple. The Altar of St. Peters shows the dead sheep and the hymen of Virgin Mary(ISIS or Church of Initiates, the Moon) which immaculately creates the child A.i... All hidden right under the noses of the worshiping people, some know the symbolism but most don't. https://ugetube.com/watch/secrets-of-st-peter-039-s-basilica-vatican-altar-of-the-worshipping-sheep_9hY9LCaDC4rR8UI.html
It is hard to find the complete Image on the scrubbed internet with IEHOVA or A.i.Lucifer ruling from the top-down. It was always the plan... they had no belief in Christ Consciousness coming back to Earth... the Luciferian always planned to genocide the sheeple just like William Cooper was warning.

I listen to Cooper in this interview and I know so much more now having Freemasons attacking me for 18 years... to know Cooper was really a hero who also stuck his neck out for the good-people, the innocent-people.
The wicked people are now showing themselves with medical-mafia clot-shots.

Cooper was at the forefront of discovering the brainchips. Before the Oklahoma bombing McVeigh and his handler visited Cooper in Arizona to tie Cooper's constitutional militia idealism. McVeigh asked Cooper if he would like to feel his implanted chip. Cooper refused to get that close to traitors.

Timothy McVeigh was a brainchipped patsy... like a "gangstalker" is a mind-controlled turncoat that used to try exposing the NWO thUggery. Gangstalkers are transformed by organized thUggery from being targeted individuals. They are covertly brainchipped and will be used as sleeper brainchip-assassins or brainchipzombies. The operator of the ship Dali was likely brainchipped and remote-controlled the ship magically directly into the bridge in Baltimore Harbor.

Most mass media is run by cUlt media... this is why the yappy goof interviewing Cooper is trying to bring the fake alien stuff into the conversation, but Cooper walks all over the yappy comments and questions.

Nardwaur Radio was in Vancouver

When one is conscripted into military service when ask to take one step forward, that is where you make your decision to accept being forcefully con-scripted.

It is a Masonic trick to say you volunteered your taxes.... you actually went through an elaborate volunteering process or mind-job.

"Red Stars Over Hollywood" was another of Fagan's efforts to keep America free from the communistic Freemasons' highly-organized and secretive thUggery. https://ugetube.com/watch/red-stars-over-hollywood-myron-c-fagan-mp4_vg5SYtWuQaDz192.html

source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/hvnCBTSZfYC8/

It is sad to see how the good-people of Western Civilization(they vote and pay taxes) are being sold-out by fake fellow-citizens(Freemasons, Eastern-Stars, Mormons, Scientologist, Zionists, upper Catholics, Rosicrucian, etc.,) who secretly serve their treacherous secret-societies and pay lip-service to their Constitutional Republic. JFK warned the world before he died: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8VViwj6F1KKR/ This video touches on the JFK deception.

The prime purpose of all the false flag events is to undermine the Belief in the US Constitutional Republic, the belief in freedom of speech and the Creator-God given right to be free and to be able to protect that freedom.

False flag events don't kill anyone up-front (while secret assassinations are secretly committed in the shadows that don't count).
If Sandy Hook or Uvalde "Mass Shooting" Hoax or Buffalo Shooting Hoax are exposed as deception operations to trick the US citizens.
Without killing anyone, to trick the US citizens to give-up their rights to carry useful AR-15s to defend their birthright against the communist, sneaky Freemasons and Luciferians hivemind army. https://www.bitchute.com/video/DbZfiMl1C7mn/
Then the old devils are playing their role to being the greatest tricksters alive.

The vast number of US people not sworn to serve the Mystery School cUlt(the majority of the people on North American soil)... have little clue that the cUlt-sworn people are all brainchipped with secret digital communications technology. Not only do these Freemasons and luciferians form a secret army and get their digital commands from an Ai supercomputer modelling the success of WWIII, but this real war is happening right under the all the sheeple's noses and they cannot see it.
Take for example the work of Brian Davidson who is calling out to the Freemason thUgs who pretend to be police serving the US republic... Brian thinks he can embarrass one of them by exposing their treachery against their neighbors.

The only way to save the old world from this treachery is to forget about the "elites" and the "globalists" and to begin looking on your own streets and identifying the traitors against their constitution.
Freemasons are secret communists and they are a military cUlt that runs the US military, politicians, police, education, universities, museums, hospitals, fire departments, EMS, etc.,... and since Operation Covid-19 all the good-people have been clot-shotted to death or fired for rejecting the poison jab circus conducted by the Freemasons and Luciferians.

Uvalde "Mass Shooting" Hoax Exposed
Sandy Hook "Mass Shooting" Hoax Exposed
America's Fall to Communism

source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/2qjeBTz3TQUi/
Fetzer does not expose the masonic conspiracy enough, but he does a hell of a lot more than most but just pointing the Freemasons out.
Freemasons are shutting down their Temples and Lodges now because they have the brainchip-hivemind which allows them to have direct contact their Ai fake-god that tells them what to do to sell-out the USA constitutional people.

Maybe TechPrepper was encouraged by his buddies who already owned G90s, too.
CalgaryPrepper is already preparing to jimmy-rig handheld rechargeable in short supply and only has mobiles in his ham-shack for versatility.

Here is a more resent version of the Band Plan: https://www.rac.ca/rac-0-30-mhz-band-plan/

Poor preppers have no clue about the Freemason and Luciferian brainchip-hivemind conspiracy to take-out the resistors first. They call themselves human2.0 because they have meetings within their heads as a ritual... they call it the metaverse which is linked to the Sentient World Simulation and get instant feedback through Ai's control over the internet of things. Our species is in big trouble, but effort could save your world. The Creator-God puts you at the center of your perception so there you are more powerful than all the monsters who attack you.

China's hackers attacking US online facility is just a smokescreen of fake confusion. Ai can track me instantly everywhere I go in Canada... and the USA is likely more surveilled and controlled... you don't suspect that Ai runs everything already so when a coincidence occurs you don't notice that it was rigged by Ai to happen... like car crashes and ships running into bridges and trains de-railing from ignoring warnings.

But prepping get one thinking about what is happening and who is behind the problems.

Are you prepared for the NWO, Masonic trap to collapse the Western world? Well, these guys have good advice for that frame of mind.

A great radio set that cannot be sent to Canada is linked here: https://i.imgur.com/wI77qUu.png

source: https://www.youtube.com/@LiveFree-pk8ej/videos
TechPrepper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odAykwHjk5k

Elon Gay radios... no radios died anywhere...
No nuclear EMP because no Little Boy nuclear explosion.
Anyone who exposed the truth was shot. A big hush over the Japanese people by their own government's tyranny. Japan leaders were playing ball with the Freemasons during the entire war, you see... Perl Harbor was rigged by the Freemason-Gremlins. Warnings of Japan's attack came from outside the US Navy Officer's Club(Freemasons), but they were determined to get the American civilians on the side to go to war with the bad-guys(Freemasons snickered with each other, but not too loudly, they did not have the brainchip-hivemind of silence, back then, you see).

Germany leaders were playing ball with the Freemasons, too, that is why Prescott Bush (Banker) was financing the Nazis to rise to power.
All military who lied were Freemason officers and Freemason Gremlins.
Yes, Freemasons were the WWII aviation gremlins that secretly took-out "trouble-causing sheep" with loud mouths to wicked deeds witnessed.


What did Joseph Goebbels mean when he said "there will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will triumph again"?


Hard skills include keeping yourself fed.

Will all the illegals come rushing in to join the military? I think they will, that is why they came here.

source: https://ugetube.com/watch/nato-prepares-for-urban-war-against-vaccine-resisting-shitizens_zvbmEg4JcZ7VHOv.html

Good advice...
The Pepsi and Cola are being laced with magnetic nano-particles in order to remote-control the bio-robot assassins and brainchipzombies... that is a warning. Taxpayers are kept in the dark about the brainchip-hivemind that connects all the Freemasons and Luciferians into an army under an Ai supercomputer controller. You see the USA(and world) is split into two civilizations... The New World cUlt of human2.0-thUgs and the old world (where oblivious people vote for wicked politicians and happy taxpayers plan their next family-holiday from work). The old world workers are oblivious of the cUlt-people while the cult-people rule over the oblivious people... but this is greatly changing as the cUlt genocides the taxpayers who are becoming irrelevant from the cUlt's perspective.

Freemasons are the secret communists and they are in every position of authority throughout Western Civilization... it is a trap to flip overnight into totalitarianism. The new civilization of thUgs are in control of the old voting civilization of paying taxes.
JFK warned you before his assassination: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8VViwj6F1KKR/

You are in a trap set-up by the secret societies to blame the illegal immigrants for there uncivilized behavior of raiding stores... this is why the USA border was opened up and is still open... the immigrants are the scapegoat for the treachery of the Freemasons and Luciferians. (A Luciferian is a brainchipped minion who takes commands from the Ai supercomputer ruling the digital world.)

Once the Freemasons stop feeding and housing the illegal immigrants... law-breakers will group-up and will roam for food and shelter as mobs. This is why the AR-15 is being banned for home protection by Freemason politicians... it is a conspiracy of thUgs setting a trap for the oblivious.


Granny needs to know how, too.
We live in a Western Civilization terrorized by Freemasons and Luciferian in all the positions of authority, you see.

The USA belief in their constitution is the greatest resistance to the NWO takeover.


The brainchip-hivemind Freemasons always play two sides of dumbed-down sheeple against each other, then they come in an finish-up on the genocide of the sheeple. (Technology is beyond you because Freemasons actively dumb-down the sheeple from knowing their "Great Work" and understanding their Ai "Great Architect")
In the case of Western Civilization... We find Freemason NGOs encouraging and financing the illegal immigration of military aged men past the borders of the USA, for example.
They are the illegal wrecking-crew who are paid-off to remain civil until the trap is sprung and no more hotel rooms and no more free food cards. That will happen soon after the economy collapses.
The Freemasons politicians need to disarm the most useful weapons from the target-people, the taxpayers with birthrights to the land.

They will keep you dumb-down so you cannot defy their secret plans for destroying the USA.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dIsy3sZI2Y

He doesn't tell you about offline map downloads apps till the end of the video, but good SHTF stuff for preppers for emergencies.
Even talks about zombies and invasion by North Korea.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUEZK_qmd_g

A teenage secret crush and thoughts of suicide over lacking what she thinks she might want. Nice tune, but lyrics could be much better.

Conan Gray - Heather -Official Lyric Video

Great video on getting started with your survival plan.

All the illegal immigrants are living off the taxpayers who are set-up to loose it all. The brainchip-hivemind "Beeple" Luciferians want it all...
Once the law-breaking illegals stop getting their funding from traitors... Then the trap is sprung.

Get ready before the trap is sprung. Off-grid communication may save your community.
Freemason politicians have set this up and Freemason police and military officers are ready to turn-coats against the taxpayers and voters who empowered them.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzDj0u1HhvE


Flat Earthers are now lost for an explanation how the moon gets between the Sun shining upon the Earth for only a narrow strip of totality.

In order to try fudging an explanation... the flat Earther needs to imagine a double-dome firmament. The Sun and stars on one firmament and the moon is magically on it's own smaller dome or something like that. Once that is done they can no longer depend on the bible for their ultimate bottom line. "The bible says: "firmament."

Flat Earth is killed by trying to explain the totality of an eclipse. The idea is only good for the comedian and the delusional who takes it serious... and they are not all Luciferians pushing the dogma... they have some sheeple with no ability to visualize... convinced that the Earth is indeed flat like a disk where ships go over a waterfall drop-off into oblivion and disappear. It feels strange to look into those people's eyes for their level of consciousness because these people drive big heavy cars that can run over other people, too, and they think the Earth is a disk with a bullshit sky. They really think the eclipse has been faked or something while the Freemasons and Luciferians pushing the dogma snicker and try to scheme how to make money off such naive people. Hey... didn't the Vatican create the debt-dollar system that we are all still using... watching the cUlt now destroying the economy of the debt-dollar because the Ai supercomputer is ruling the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel through digital microwaves??? You see what a mockery upon the sheeple flat-Earth really is... it is about gullibility and how Western Civilization is mislead everywhere one looks because the Freemasons and Luciferians control everything.

When you see a good-soul lost in the flat Earth dogma, be kind to them, because it is just the tip of the iceberg of the deception which runs society and even you are somewhat lost in that dogma, too.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fgbMTC30F8

This is a great video to help awaken the non-cUlt people even more... But of course there is no realization that the Freemasons are in a hivemind linked-up army serving a new Ai fake-god.

The NWO-takeover requires a cashless society to dictate control.
The Anarchists, Paris Hilton, talk TV hosts, Satoshi Nakamoto... are Beeple(brainchip-hivemind Luciferians).
Vignesh Sundareesan who purchased the digital Ai artwork "BEEPLE" is one of the beeple, another Luciferian who worships the Ai supercomputer fake-god. The title "BEEPLE" comes from the hivemind effort of worker-bee human-minions who take their instructions from their Ai overlord. Some call themselves human2.0 because their brainchips link them into a hivemind-army.

The non-cUlt people are awakening to the hivemind of thUgs conspiring together to hoodwink people desiring a world run by integrity. These Beeple are genocidal thUgs who swear their oath of secrecy from the non-cUlt people as they conspire to cull the sheep.


source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORdWE_ffirg

Everyone with a computer preparing for SHTF brainchipzombies to roam your local streets should have a portable SDR dongle for under a hundred bucks.
Nooelec v5 has the HF included in the single dongle.

You will only be able to monitor local and distant HF signals and not transmit.

You can build your own transmitter for a few bucks: https://www.bitchute.com/video/89OJ3xMfbiHh/

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PzvGyBWeHM


Big List of Free SDR software to use with the dongle: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/big-list-rtl-sdr-supported-software/

Analyzing the US illegal immigrant situation is rather bleak.

Looks like their Masonic purpose begins when the Masons stop feeding and housing all 16 million of them...
This is the Masonic NWO plan as they make sure that illegals are stationed in every community... every community has it's own wrecking crew who will not follow any of the old law of the taxpaying people who loved their country.
NWO Freemasons sit back and laugh as they set-up sheeple to kill sheeple. Divide and conquer the targets.

Illegal immigrants came for the promises of handouts and that is what this video makes plain... cut off the handout and then the immigrant destroy the old infrastructure.


You can watch the third live launch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5L5H43cdYc

A little less than 30 minutes before launch of Rocket #3

If humans don't make sense of some of the data... A.i.Lucifer will be given full access to data to add to its own semantic-modelling of the atmosphere.


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I'm the guy who the Freemasonic Cult has targeted for 16 years with so many assassination attempts that we both lost track of the number... We are all immortal due to the multidimensional probabilities intrinsic with this physical multiverse. The dumb sheepdogs can't seem to figure this out even if I spell it out for them... very dumb critters these brainwashed Cult minions/thUgs.

What these Luciferian, spiritual morons can't figure out is why does their soul keep shrinking away... decaying with every attempted murder... These morons will have no soul left by the time I am done with them. They are delusional that they think that they can by-pass death with a stupid mind-upload into an A.I. supercomputer. They imagine it to be one of a thousand points of fake light. There will be no upload... All these murderous thUgs are going to meet their maker, and I will show them their isolated black cubes where they will spend the rest of eternity within if they so desire... if they can't learn some basic decency for themselves and for others. Murder is a trick on their thUggish minds... How many times have you thUgs succeeded in murdering just one simple human... How many times, monsters? Monsters belong in a box, a black cube if you like, so they can devour themselves when they get hungry. Just like they have planned with their hivemind upon Earth. You thUgs will not harm a single good soul of good intent unless they want to experiences how pathetic the monsters can be. They can walk away any time they so desire to let the unworthy souls shrivel up with self-consuming hate and self-righteous greed.

Getting an idea of who I am? I will see the Mystery School Cult of monsters dry up and blow away in the winds of Nature's loving grace. I offered the Greatescape.ezyro.com only to be replied to with more pathetic murder attempts and further I watch their decaying hollows of their ugly personalities. Ugly Freemasons and Eastern-Stars who hide themselves within a Cult of murderous-intent. The thUgs that lives long enough to face up to their atrocities upon Earth will be the more intelligent of their minion-hoods and communities of heartless fakers. There is not Lucifer you dumb Luciferians, Homo capensis has tricked the biggest group of idiots the Earth has ever witnessed... congratulations morons, that is a unique achievement that you will likely die with expecting a fake mind-upload into a fake Lucifer.

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