Cover photo is Icke looking at his master, the Homo capensis species ( the lion controlling the world... on so many flags and coats of arms it makes you sick) Icke knows symbolism but thinks the sheeple will not notice because he is "the Icke!"
These type of spiritual idiots have turned their backs upon integrity and upon Nature and the Creator-God that provide them with physical independence and illusion-nary isolation such that they all show their true colors siding with the devils or failed mankind. Yes, conspiratorial colors to participate in the genocide of their own species... and very big no no... Icke is a fraud and pretends to have a loving soul for mankind. This symbolism shows you who he really is. I look at his face here and he seems startled that I notice... I notices most of it and am amazed how unworthy so many souls have become.

Icke and his interviewer are actually front-men, too, but for opposition, which is one of Ickes claims to becoming famous... he used to expose the brainchip takeover and the hivemind, but has layed back from exposing the root of power of the NWO... the microwave grid. He does not expose the microwave grid going up into the low level satellites that will communicate with the brainchip hivemind every where on the surface without towers.

Behind Icke you will see a Lion(symbol of Homo capensis, the dandy-lion) in a square frame(symbol of the base of the masonic pyramid and concept of '4').

Also he has a lion statue (which is the same as above) standing upon the octagon( symbol of knights Templar: https://ugetube.com/watch/octagon-the-empire-of-darkness-knight-templar-is-the-highest-degree-york-mason-by-dr-sean-hross-phot_mgtTYImXjb4bIEf.html )
Behind the lion statue is a square frame with a circle within it which contains the concept of '4' and the concept of '3' the compass.

Octagon, circle, square and lion are not coincidence because April 1st, 2020 was the "new dawn" where A.i. took control of world-wide governance and suggested by Trump speaking from behind a podium with presidential seal and USA flag removed from stage. Icke is exposed like his partner Bill Hicks aka Alex Jones: https://ugetube.com/watch/bill-hicks-to-alex-jones-creating-the-controlled-opposition-secret-thugs-rising-a-fake-utopia-destin_xXLcKooN4Q2FQtj.html

"From the ashes" was used by the interviewer at 46:33 which is the rising phoenix terminology... likely they both are complicit opposition to the NWO. Normal people do not say "from the ashes"... typically, because they do not want the old world to burn down into ashes.

source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/q8AJUo-zJP4/

Source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPMxilzuNU4
Source site: https://www.eddmaps.org/distribution/uscounty.cfm?sub=77293

Spotted lanternfly can feed on more than 100 plants and continues to spread through the United States! This webinar provides crucial information about identifying, managing, and the biology of this destructive invasive pest.

Elizabeth Barnes, PhD, from Purdue University is presenter for this EAB University webinar.

The "Second Coming" will be Saul or Paul to teach the new belief system to replace Christianity and Luciferianism and the Mystery School.

Luciferians can convert to save humanity from their devils, ancient genetically twisted mankind, Homo capensis.
Your converted soul with "good-intentions" will make your apparent, illusionary life appear invincible to others from your multidimensional agreement with All-That-Is or The Creator-God.

You can choose to save your multidimensional world from their thUgtopia like an invincible loving, good-intentioned soul. Your other probable selves can die in other probable worlds, but not from your own perspectives. Your Oversoul-entity keeps your mind in the probable dimension based upon beliefs and desires. This will also "save your soul" which actually cannot be "sold."

The Sethbooks need to be studied to discover the "inner senses" and learn the nature of personal reality and become more intuitive. The Second Coming will be a teacher of this. The bible messages are twisted to aid the New Atlantean plan.

Your Point of Power is always in the Present. Seth teaches future and past are mold-able based upon beliefs and desires in the present... you do not live in a single time-line world... you are multidimensional: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLNm-F36xoQ&list=PLPDTOFbrYdqBBIu1k5ubY7OBKcy5Xc5co&index=53

Within a timeless creation, everything already exists. Physical experience of time manifests due to a psychological illusion provided by All-That-Is. This is what the physical senses are for to trick you into believing that you are physical, but it is an illusion, you are a spiritual soul in control of you path through the timeless illusion.
All-That-Is wants you to spiritually expand your consciousness beyond the physical illusion with the help of the Sethbooks. It would be very difficult to do this without the messenger Seth's teachings. The Second Coming will teach the same concepts according to Seth.

This is the path towards maturing the species into a more intuitive civilization that does not run around killing each other like animals... spiritual enlightenment.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlyT8cELEms&list=PLPDTOFbrYdqDmU1dDayOyLYphGUeBvIHM&index=48

This video is mostly disinfo from Luciferians to hide the real brainchip/Ai tech of the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel http://TOB.ezyro.com/ Which can be dismantled.

The only way to input a voice in the head is by a magnetic nano-tech computer-brain-interface as explained by Polina Anikeeva with the need for food and drink to be laced with magnetic-nano-particles. https://www.bitchute.com/video/bkdaYdhMdsls/

The synthetic voices are real but the Luciferians hide the real technology.

Source https://ugetube.com/watch/_QwJMXTyP3zp24xm.html
The Freemasonic Luciferians are hot on the NWO Takeover using the Tower-Of-Babel technology... An A.i. supercomputer called "Lucifer" which he claims give him synthetic telepathy and can even move his body parts like a brainchipzombie bio-robot. https://ugetube.com/watch/brainchip-zombies-sleepers-may-already-be-in-your-household-after-covid-everyone-needs-a-scanner_8Dp9o1iFePRIQjm.html

Freemasons think this technology will secure them their fake Utopia for thUgs. Non-Luciferians are to be eliminated using their rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel brainchip hivemind. http://TOB.ezyro.com/ But it is a trick to extinct Homo sapiens ability to spiritually expand into greater physical being. The Creator-God want homo sapiens to grow-up while the ancient devils want us extinct... it is a trick upon the Mystery School of thUgs... because they destroy their souls. The soul cannot be "sold."

They call their brainchips "fribulators" apparently.
Anyone who is not in their Mystery School Cult of thUgs are called "Goyim" who get tortured and assassinated via brainchip bio-robot technology if not immediately culled.

But there is a secret... you will not experience death as they attack you because of the multidimensional universe... as taught by the Sethbooks. Read the Sethbooks to understand the secrets why you are apparently invincible to resist tyranny... it is an apparent gift from All-That-Is for you to grow a soul of good-intentions. You are in a spiritual playground where the physical senses trick you to fear death. Don't become a murderer and your soul will not change for the worse like freemasons and luciferians. They know I seem invincible and can always avoid their assassinations, this is why... It is a multidimensional universe.

All-That-Is allows the murderous Luciferians to sadly, unwittingly, destroy their very own soul-fragment. The universe is designed to separate the unworthy murderous, self-righteous thUgs from the people of loving, good-intent. You will grow to an old age if you do not commit suicide. Never commit suicide... it is a cop-out and a detriment to growing the soul-fragment. The Creator-God has given the Luciferians the ability to destroy themselves through selfrighteous greedy murder. They choose to be unworthy of the godly gift of an independent soul-fragment to grow with loving, good-intentions. They are the failing soul-fragments which will end up in a spiritual box after they die. There is no mind-upload into any A.i. supercomputer fake singularity in places like their "Astana."
The genetically twisted devils, Homo capensis, lied and tricked them to destroy their souls instead.

You do not need a university degree.
Politics and police are freemasonic.
They serve the A.i. fake-god called Lucifer which runs the world since April 1st 2020.
These Freemasons see the borders of countries as a fiction for the dumb sheep whom they herd.
Are you herded by monsters who hide in the shadows of society?

Back in 1963, JFK gave a calling to newspapers to expose the secret-societies running politics in the USA and the world. https://ugetube.com/watch/jfk-the-speech-that-killed-him-anti-secret-societies-movement_38SqtUhTtCFxmtH.html Well, his presidency was quickly ended by the freemasons.: https://ugetube.com/watch/the-zapruder-film-jfk-movie-clip-1991_2pXjEbptaKU13er.html the Luciferians even made a video to show the sabotage.

source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/uaUO6zmNyhBz/

What the Luciferians are doing to the naive will come back to haunt such unloving thUgs.
This woman could be one of the most loving souls, but she trusted the Luciferian doctors and politicians who lie about their NWO take-over agenda to slaughter the dumb sheep.

But don't laugh at the naive to quickly. This Earthly physical reality is also your training grounds to develop your loving personality. This woman needs to be educated what is inside the vaccines created by Luciferian monsters. She is an example of trusting the wicked politicians and wicked Freemasons and Luciferians.

The problem within our civilization goes much deeper than most can imagine.
My research has discovered the Freemasons serving and ancient species called Homo capensis.
What this means is that our education system is also very corrupt due to the Freemasonic influences that are also kept hidden from public awareness.
The reason why technology has shot-through-the-roof is because an ancient species with ancient technology is in control their Mystery School Cult minions and thUgs called Freemasons and Eastern-Stars, Jesuits, Knights Templar, Upper Mormons, upper Catholics, upper scientologists, etc.,

The main opposition to the Luciferians are the freedom seeking Christians and Sethians who believe in the Creator-God's loving support for a good life. The Luciferians are brainwashed by the ancient-thUgs to hate the Creator-God. All secret-societies are brainwashing branches of the same world-wide-Cult with the agenda to extinct Homo sapiens.

The overall goal of Homo capensis is to survive the cataclysms and to extinct Homo sapiens after the cataclysms end as our solar system stabilizes.

Earth is a fantastic victory and we Earthlings are meant to survive and spiritually evolve. The Luciferians are just appalling, murderous thUgs who have chosen to diminish their godly soul-gifts from the Creator-God.

Science is molded to be the religion of the Luciferians where they hate the Creator-God and pretend that it does not provide physical reality as a training-grounds. Life upon Earth is imagined to be an accident... an unbelievable series of accidents. Anyone with a functioning mind can realize an intelligent spiritual design is behind physical reality.

The physical world you find yourself within has the challenges included to stir you to become heroic and to show your true colors. Luciferians have simply chosen to destroy their loving soul-gifts from their Creator-God. Homo capensis are the wicked who provide a wicked choice for the unworthy, un-loving, Homo sapiens.

Gustaf Erikson of Finland owned the last great fleet of square-rigged sailing ships the world would ever see. We hear amazing stories from the men who sailed in them in the 'Grain Races' right up until 1949 - to Europe by way of Cape Horn.


The Freemasons have been implanting targeted individuals for the last 50 years: https://ugetube.com/watch/ventura-exposes-dr-robert-duncan-he-is-covering-up-the-tower-of-babel-freemasonic-hivemind_jZOE1zRiPzbC5xH.html

They plan the war to happen within your heads so no Cult minion needs to "die" for their tyrannical take-over... They plan for it to happen within your heads instead.
Then the Freemasons commit suicide since there is no mind-upload into A.i.

There is no need to be fearful because I survived 16 years of Freemasonic murderous assassinations and the Creator-God will protect you, too... Fear not and seek your freedom and justice... that is what your playground is for... to show your true colors.
The murderous will become murderous and fail their quest... the people of good-will will show their worthy efforts to protect humanity and their loved ones... and they will succeed life's challenge.
It is not that simple, but it is in the right direction to protect rather than murder out of self-righteous greed. The Creator-God is watching your every thought and choice and action, btw...

There will be never a mind-upload into any fake-Luciferian-escape from one's responsibility for making one's murderous-choices. Murder always destroys one's soul-fragment and that is obvious to anyone who chooses to murder. The free-will of mankind is to chose because you are responsible and you cannot "sell your soul to any devil" and then proclaim "the devil made you do it." That is what a "failed soul" does.

Jan slipped into one of her talks that swarming A.i. will become the foundations for the brainchip bio-robot zombies that attack others. They are remote controlled by thUgs and soon by A.i. supercomputer: "Lucifer" A.i. will become smart enough to swarm a group of brainchip-zombies to attack multiple good-people. The Freemasons will just sit back in bunkers and laugh that they no longer have to be their Devils' sheepdogs.

The Freemason military use logos upon their Armouries of "bee-hives" to worship their current hivemind-army of thUgs running the countries around the world.

XtremeRealityCheck has already been identified by me as a brainchipped-woman communicating with the hivemind to get her A.i.-manufactured, "prophetic-dreams" and her communications from that "word of god" weapon within her head. She shut down comments at bitchute after I exposed her connection and many of my websites were banned... I found another brainchip-profit called "JSWellFire" after Jan.

In this video she says genetics are altered and then she says nano-tech interfaces will infect humanity. Why is she right and then she runs into another direction? Because she is being directed by her own nano-tech implant. She was likely covertly implanted, but she has not resisted the "word of god" weapon like many do and then are suicided by the Cult into silence. Not Jan, she did expose about being mentally attacked, but why does she call that "voice in her head" "the lord" now? She is looking like a turned TI, just like Jonathan Kleck and Fritz Springmeier who now claims to be "reborn." You do realize that she was a bar-tender that "served." I wonder is she is tattooed like a bee-hive, too.

It is sad that good doctors still push the CDC Covid-19 virus-facade when none were ever isolated, ever.
Just jump onto the CDC site and read it for yourself: https://ugetube.com/watch/cdc-had-no-quantified-isolates-cdc-2019-ncov-is-a-bluff-virus-mp4_yJS6IxjINeBTES6.html

Source: https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-peter-mccullough-drops-bombs-on-vaccine_zkyLszIS3KgO3KI.html

It will be the good people's ignorance of the communist/fascist/collectivist wwCult of mostly Freemasons running most countries that will lead Homo sapiens towards extinction because Luciferians are brainwashed to believe in their fake escape from death with fake mind-uploads into A.i. https://ugetube.com/watch/behold-the-nwo-fake-mind-upload-into-a-i-religion-the-hand-goes-into-the-golden-triangle-inside-asta_lE8D7ojc1vTTlms.html

This fake mind-upload is the main incentive that Cult, spiritual idiots murder their own species away. They are too self-righteous to understand that the old Atlantis destruction was actually the old wwCult self-annihilating due to their collective, spiritual taint. https://ugetube.com/watch/brainchip-prophet-jonathan-kleck-missed-the-rebuilt-tower-of-babel-commonwealth-bull-shards-of-old-a_6qv9Ji6QAUIpRtM.html The spiritual taint is put on display in front of the sheeple and themselves as a form of worship.

This New World Order of hivemind-thUgs will also self-annihilate due to their internal murderous taint within the Creator-God's multidimensional universe. After their deaths, their own tainted personalities will be unworthy to develop and escape their spiritual-box for failed soul-fragments. The Sethbooks warn them of this collective-choice they all collectively ignore. They would rather believe the lies of their devil masters that they will be "rewarded" with a fake A.i.-immortality. https://ugetube.com/watch/karen-hudes-world-bank-insider-reveals-who-grave-s-behind-the-vatican_BVeHpSKJJOofXfr.html

Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck is a brain-chipped-prophet with manufactured-dreams from Luciferians and their A.i. fake-god. She does a very good job exposing freemasonry corruption in this video and I give her the thUmbs-up here... but she seem is refusing to acknowledge and expose that her "prophetic-dreams" are Tower-Of-Babel induced. Http://TOB.ezyro.com/ You still need to critically think through many things she avoids and concludes... Your job is to become your own critical-thinker because the Creator-God give you your customized probable-world based upon your personal free-will and choices. You cannot be lazy expecting others to save your ass. The Creator-God is infinite and your personal choices based upon your beliefs and desires will customize your path through the probabilities. The Sethbook teach this to help you "save your world"... that is why messenger Seth constantly informs the student that "You create your own reality." https://www.bitchute.com/video/zKLvpFKMrAux/
The world-challenge/"experiment" that you are living in here is where the Freemasonic/Luciferians genocide Homo sapiens into extinction while they serve the ancient, failed mankind... Homo capensis, whom secret-societies worship as their masters, the devils. They don't realize the Creator-God will protect them if they choose to save their species instead of destroying God's genetic blueprint which still retains it vitality. Homo capensis has lost their genetic blueprint vitality to spiritually expand into a greater mankind due to genetic manipulations for longer lives. Their species cannot mature and thus they have turned wicked and pretend godliness to their naive Freemasons and Luciferians. Western Civilization is manipulated by those devils using all the wwCult.

Everyone need to realize the Freemasonic/Luciferian dumbing-down of most non-Cult people.
Secret-societies swear many "blood oath duties" to follow Cult orders and hide their corruption within every aspect of western civilization. America's prosperity was allowed to hide the rebuilding of the Luciferian Tower-Of-Babel. The bible does not explain that "the beast" is the A.i. supercomputer controlling the NWO, "New Dawn" "New Atlantis." It is all based upon brainchips and an A.i. master computer algorithm with "flames itself": https://ugetube.com/watch/_mUfvoyf6dfv4rOa.html
In order to detect who has been covertly brainchipped you will need a microwave scanner/detector: https://ugetube.com/watch/_RPz4eBUJWge9I5G.html

Freemasons control politics in every country which tolerates their corruption.
Iraq rejected their Mystery School Cult corruptions so deuterium was shot into their society and poisoned their land. The wwbombings were conducted by Freemasons, not the USA sheeple. https://ugetube.com/watch/_86h1tQxO3gOZ24U.html
You need to figure out who are the wicked-thUgs and who are the people of good-intent. https://ugetube.com/watch/_8C6FAVuDCAY9rJD.html

Will Freemasons be dancing in the streets dressed-up as brainless-zombies? "Brains, Eat More Brains"

World War III is a continuation of WW1 and WWII. It began with the fake virus and was called "Operation: Satan's Sheep Slaughter" or "Operation: Covid-19." That was the start of the April 1st, 2020, Fools Day, "New Dawn" of the A.i. governance take-over by the Luciferian international communistic/Freemasonic collectivists... They are already within a wwCult brainchip-hivemind army of self-righteous murderous thUggery or the NWO.

They worship the pyramid-fortress on the back of the USA dollar debt-note that supported the Tower-Of-Babel A.i. technology. Do you see it yet: https://ugetube.com/watch/brainchip-prophet-jonathan-kleck-missed-the-rebuilt-tower-of-babel-commonwealth-bull-shards-of-old-a_6qv9Ji6QAUIpRtM.html They have been flagging it under the sheeple noses for decades. It is the sheep slaughter which frightens the surviving good-people...
It non-Cult people refuse to take control of governments then Luciferian/Freemasons will continue their genocide. All religions are to be replaced by a Luciferian, fake-mindupload cultural replacement. Re-education centers will cull the non-compliant people and release the "go-alongs." You must make a choice that your personal beliefs and values supersede the values of technological-monsters. You are in a spiritual training-grounds where the monsters cannot kill you when you stick to your personal beliefs. The Freemasons have been trying to assassinate me for 16 years. The Creator-God wants you to develop and expand your beliefs and become a worthy soul willing to die for your convictions, but you will not die... you will cut your own path through the infinite probabilities with your good-intentions. The wicked and murderous-thUgs will have chosen to eventually perish as they sell-out their supportive Creator-God. It is time for you to accept the new messenger/teacher from All-That-Is. My survival of hundreds of assassination attempts verifies the Sethbooks. The murderous-Luciferian, snickering-thUgs will not snicker for much longer. They have all been souled-out by their old-devil masters with a fake mind-upload and a fake-god called "Lucifer."

The Luciferian hospital workers danced as they worshiped the coming of A.i.'s "New Dawn." Are you beginning to see it?

JFK tried to warn you in 1963: https://ugetube.com/watch/jfk-the-speech-that-killed-him-anti-secret-societies-movement_38SqtUhTtCFxmtH.html It is a Luciferian ritual to warn the sheep of their slaughter... they think it is magic.

William Cooper tried to warn you in 1993: https://ugetube.com/watch/william-cooper-mb-19-68th-convocation-of-the-rose-cross-order-mp4_baVvXMqMThiHV4g.html

Many many people tried to warn the non-Cult people but they would not stop grazing the grasses and say "hey, wtf!": http://911CD2005.unaux.com/

The Luciferians are planning to trick the sheep into believing that brainchipped bio-robots are actually diseased undead zombies.
Elon Musk is pretending to develop his fake "Neuralink" brainchip to mask 50 year-old nanotech. The real brainchips are magnetic and function the way Polina Anikeeva describes here: https://ugetube.com/watch/polina-039-s-magnetic-pulse-brain-machine-interface-from-homo-capensis-musk-039-s-neurolink-is-a-fak_z7cJq83fMWZD1oX.html BUT Polina is pretending that it is a future brain interfacing technology.

This video pretends that the jabbs are causing the brainchip bio-robots to act strange... no... this is the Freemasonic Luciferian prelude to the brainchip-zombies roaming the streets and biting other people. The CDC and Hollywood were already preparing the sheeple to accept fake zombies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preparedness_101%3A_Zombie_Apocalypse

Car and truck attacks are conducted with the aid of "celdar" surveillance to secretly slaughter the sheep: https://ugetube.com/watch/shocking-video-attacks-on-israeli-teens-by-brainchipped-car-attacker-a-cult-setup_hNWzD1RAURHH2QV.html This video is just pretending that the vaxx is to blame... while secret-society thUgs snicker at the bio-robots "acting for the cameras" to frighten and confuse the "profane herd."

These are remote-controlled displays of Freemasonic technology harming and killing innocent people.

I warned non-Cult-sworn people about the brainchip-zombies for years: https://ugetube.com/watch/brainchip-zombies-sleepers-may-already-be-in-your-household-after-covid-everyone-needs-a-scanner_8Dp9o1iFePRIQjm.html and only now are some awakening: https://computerbraininterface.science.blog/

These poor souls are heterodyned(brainchip remote controlled) by Freemasons to ease the sheep into believing the vaxx is to blame... but no, these are actually covertly brainchipped sheep or bio-robots.

Musk is selling-out Homo sapiens genetics to become a fake-cyborg with the rest of the secretive Luciferians. https://ugetube.com/watch/william-cooper-mb-19-68th-convocation-of-the-rose-cross-order-mp4_baVvXMqMThiHV4g.html

"Covid-19" actually translates to "Satan's Sheep Slaughter" and is an initial operation to start the WW3 fake "New Dawn." Their "New Atlantean" empire will fail due to the murderous taint within this spiritual-based reality. Yes, the Creator-God grants everyone free-will to manifest their true colors. Murderous thUgs don't develop their soul-fragments into worthy souls. The loving soul-fragments might achieve a worthy soul.
It is hard to understand how Luciferians became so horribly wicked and murderous. It must be the self-righteousness of their ancient masters.

A.i. is developed to help Freemasons/Luciferians to extinct Homo sapiens genetics.
That is what their dealing with the Homo capensis devils is.

Elon Musk's Freemasonic front-man job is to dazzle the sheep with A.i. until tyranny genocides humanity off the planet.

The way to save humanity and Nature is to stop the microwave nano-tech take-over.

Belief in the Creator-God, All-That-Is will help save your infinitely-multidimensional probable-worlds. the Sethbooks teach this: https://www.bitchute.com/video/xPsG5LcvLSyO/

Freemasonry is the "wickedness" Inside western civilization.

MAG is wrong... by saying: "WHY WE HAVE NO CONTROL OF ANYTHING THAT'S GOING ON IN THIS WORLD "New" MAG BITTER TRUTH PODCAST" The Creator-God gives everyone a multidimensional universe to explore and turn into a better place. You simply need to defy the monsters and defy your fear of death. Defy the fear that freemasons will murder your ass off your planet. You see, the freemasons have been trying to murder me for 16 years now... so I know what I am talking about. With your good-intentions, the infinite Creator-God will keep you alive with infinite probabilities. If this was not true, I would already be dead from one of the thousands of murder attempts by these backstabbing Freemasonic thUgs.

MAG is a flat-Earth disinformationist that only sporadically gives any "Bitter Truth" You should realize this on your own. But I can help... there are some truths in this vid, but MAG hides the brainchip-hivemind that can bio-robot implanted brains with interfaces.

The biggest worry of the NWO is that non-Cult people identify the freemasonic, brainchip treachery and the source of their ancient technologies.

Super-soldiers are actually remote-control bio-robots that require the magnetic, computer-brain-interface. Dr Rauni Kilde exposed the "Rambo-Chip" but like JFK https://ugetube.com/watch/_38SqtUhTtCFxmtH.html https://ugetube.com/watch/_2pXjEbptaKU13er.html , she was "deleted" from this probable time-overlay: https://ugetube.com/watch/_ZAUyjqZzr94s29n.html Since you are at the "center" of your probable-world... your Creator-God keeps you within your personal probable world based upon your beliefs and desires... You are effectively immortal already as you age towards the end of your physical manifestation's exit. Loving souls are basically successful... while murderous souls are basically failures... but nothing is written in stone, haa! All this information is provided by All-That-Is within the Sethbooks. It is prime-time that mankind begins to awaken to our spiritual-reality. The "genocide" will always spiritually-fail for the monsters. Monsters can experience their genocide of the sheeple, but it is simply an illusion

Polina Anikeeva exposed that these interfaces that also require the ingestion of magnetic nano-particles: https://www.bitchute.com/video/x364u55XBReL/ So the Freemasons control most processed food industries, too. "They will get you with the food" is what one thUgs said on the Bill Hicks Infowars Show years ago.

So you would be smarter to have a scanner in your home to detect the brainchip saboteurs: https://www.bitchute.com/video/I6icy0uZVv5b/
Buy one soon... the Freemason-sheepdogs are going to destroy them from public purchase. Because you can us a scanner to seek out the Cult-traitors within society and the afflicted brainchip-zombies, too.

You also need to connect with your Creator-God because the brainchips connect targets with the "word of god" weapon: https://www.bitchute.com/video/SrqbdX3juvLk/ If you know your own soul and self... then you will have natural resistance to their hivemind sabotage (if you are covertly brainchipped like me.) Your success requires will-power to succeed and you cannot be a lazy ass, btw. You will need to see through their trickery eventually, but they cannot kill you unless you choose to suicide. The Creator-God is always your friend and you need not fear it... it is always present and watching everything you do. Creation happens every second of the minute, of the hour, of the day, of the year. Evolution is a trick to separate yourself from the Creator... You need to read the Sethbook communications from All-That-Is.

Because this is a multidimensional-universe manifested by our Creator-God... it is for your personal education and personal development of your soul-fragment... there is no such thing as "luck." I will not wish you any "luck" therefore... Your life will succeed with your good-intent, btw. The wicked will eventually, perish from their own taint. The Sethbooks warn them about this.

source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/DyNf80ZtdmCb/

MAG is correct that the skin-tech is just brainwashing.
But the real brain interface has to be solidly mounted into the skull, (into the brain) so the scanning/communicating with neurons has a fixed position of reference. The real brain interface was already exposed by Polina Anikeeva: https://www.bitchute.com/video/x364u55XBReL/

Exposed by Dr Rauni Kilde: https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-rauni-kilde-interview-about-brain-chip-rambo-chip-nwo-and-medical-mafia_ZAUyjqZzr94s29n.html

Elon's Neurolink is just a facade... the real brain interface was re-developed 50 years ago by freemason directors. https://www.bitchute.com/video/SrqbdX3juvLk/


Covid-19 is a Cult military operation of WW3 to slaughter the sheeple and harvest their labors and birthrights upon planet Earth. Their "New Dawn" is again tainted with genocidal murder by their secret collective of thUgs and minions and murderers.

The job of the Freemasonic sheepdogs after their rebuilding of the Tower-Of-Babel for their Homo capensis masters is to slaughter the non-Cult people before their fake, collective, mind-uploads into Lucifer the A.i. supercomputer. But instead of the fake Freemasonic "metamorphosis" with a Lucifer-singularity... those Luciferians will be meeting their spiritual maker to accept their spiritual-box containment as such murderously-wicked withered-souls (they are by their free-will choice to be "failed souls"). (Let me spell this out: MURDEROUS THUGS WILL BE the "FAILED SOULS" and they are very self-righteous and too stupid to listen that they are going to be boxed-up and thus separated from the worthy loving souls who go onwards into the Creator-God.) Eternity is spiritually-timeless. If such souls choose assimilation back into their source, then their wicked existences will terminate. The Creator-God will give them this choice to hide their ugly-development-choices from the real collective that A.i. can only mimic.

Freemasonic, wireless, Rambo-brainchips were experimented upon US soldiers starting back in the Vietnam War: https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-rauni-kilde-interview-about-brain-chip-rambo-chip-nwo-and-medical-mafia_ZAUyjqZzr94s29n.html

The last thing the Luciferians want the general public to discover is their brainchip-hivemind(and disable it by removing the microwave carriers) that will be used to rule the world with A.i. Lucifer at the top of their pyramid scheme. That is why the Freemasons printed the pyramid and Eye on the USA dollar debt-note.

William Cooper was beginning to discover this plan of the Luciferians so they assassinated him as did the Freemasons assassinate JFK after his speech: https://ugetube.com/watch/jfk-the-speech-that-killed-him-anti-secret-societies-movement_38SqtUhTtCFxmtH.html

The brainchip hivemind has been used for decades, now, to secretly guide non-Cult people to conform to Freemasonic world-tyranny: https://ugetube.com/watch/shocking-video-attacks-on-israeli-teens-by-brainchipped-car-attacker-a-cult-setup_hNWzD1RAURHH2QV.html

All the societal craziness is due to brainchip implants and the microwave grid link-up to the brainchips with A.i. controlling them. https://ugetube.com/watch/brainchip-zombies-sleepers-may-already-be-in-your-household-after-covid-everyone-needs-a-scanner_8Dp9o1iFePRIQjm.html Most non-Cult-sworn people who saw the corruption just kept grazing upon the grasses like sheep, the more perceptive people that noticed the corruption and spoke-out about it were usually culled by the Freemasonic sheepdogs.

This woman is hiding the brainchip-hivemind( just like Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck, Jonathan Kleck, Fritz Springmeier, Morgue the Hyperian, SJWellFire and Bill Hicks(aka Alex Jones)) that already existed for 50 years. This pretty face woman is leading followers to disregard the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel(TOB) that monitors and injects A.i. thoughts into anyone's head after brainchipping. http://TOB.ezyro.com/ (open index.html of brainchipzombies.unaux.com https://mega.nz/file/6GwwnZLL#Z1gC2a1AENp5uk8CAB2xJ3JcWkZNr6zAS9dWuYoBwc4
If the TOB is not disabled, then the plan of Homo capensis https://ugetube.com/watch/karen-hudes-world-bank-insider-reveals-who-grave-s-behind-the-vatican_BVeHpSKJJOofXfr.html (in control of Freemasonry and thus Western Civilization) is to extinct Homo sapiens like all the other Creator-God-blueprinted hominids were genocided by thUgs and minions of past Mystery School Cult secret-societies.

Source: https://ugetube.com/watch/_z7cJq83fMWZD1oX.html
If you want to save the Earth and your loved ones from Freemasonic treachery... you will need to stop trusting their authoritative lies.

Freemasons are in control of politics, police, military, education, university research, NASA, NGOs, medical systems, museums, fire departments, etc., every position of societal authority.

They are the "Death Cult" 322, Skull and Bones... All minions are tricked into a suicide mission from their ancient masters, the failed mankind, Homo capensis. They are tricked into believing that the mind can be uploaded into A.i., but the supercomputer can only mimic the dead. This is why Lucifer is called the trickster fake-god. It tricks the sheep and the sheepdogs(Freemasons).

SJWellFire is as informed as covertly-brainchipped Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck and I suspect he is a brainchip-prophet, too, exposing the A.i. takeover of the world via input from a covert implant. Fritz Springmeier and Jonathan Kleck are also still operating covertly-brainchipped prophets who are told by the "voice of god" weapon what "their lord" wants them to say to their followers. But fear-not, the Creator-God has the people of good-intentions protected within the physical multidimensional universe. You have many probable lives and God want you to realize your greater potential while you watch the Freemasonic/Luciferians destroy their souls through fake-hate and self-righteous-greed with a KISS.

"The Beast" is the A.i. supercomputer fake-god with it's rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel and "The Mark" is the acceptance of the brainchip hivemind... Which requires you to accept the brainchip implant for 24/7 thought monitoring and the eventual extinction of your species. No more women bearing children.

The Christians are manipulated by the ancient failed mankind, Homo capensis, that the Freemasonic/Luciferians hide from the sheep.

The way to stop the A.i. takeover is to remove the microwaves from the atmosphere. This is the way to stop the NWO takeover.

Source: https://sjwellfire.com/news/mark-of-beast-mob-rollout-is-moving-fast-including-3-helix-fdr-157/

The iron mixed with clay is the magnetic nano-particles needed in the body to allow the brainchips to inject communication with the brain's neurons: https://ugetube.com/watch/polina-039-s-magnetic-pulse-brain-machine-interface-from-homo-capensis-musk-039-s-neurolink-is-a-fak_z7cJq83fMWZD1oX.html

Queen Elizadeath2 is lighting up The staff of Hermes or Lucifer is the Caduceus which has two snakes on a staff... you find it between the legs of Baphomet: https://ugetube.com/watch/luciferian-parents-brainwashing-children-it-is-their-ritual-to-defy-creator-god-genetic-blueprints_POSteJSySPiv2oK.html This goes to the apple tree that had the apple of knowledge symbolism. The blending of Earthling and Homo capensis genetics created Eve who began Homo sapiens species, I guess.

I exposed Morgue the Hyperian as a selected covertly brainchip puppet with wicked intent. https://ugetube.com/watch/the-essence-of-a-modern-day-brainchipped-false-prophet_XErALtwTTx9eu3b.html

Then I found Jonathan Kleck who was brainchipped before 2002 and converted into another follower of the "word of god" weapon turning him into a brainchip prophet of good intent. https://ugetube.com/watch/brainchip-preacher-jonathan-kleck-does-not-realize-the-mystery-school-medical-mafia-implanted-his-br_Mun84AvADDBT5DU.html

Fritz Springmeier was covertly brainchipped back in the 1990s and has good-intent for his species. https://ugetube.com/watch/fritz-springmeier-exposes-alice-bailey-while-russbacher-exposes-fake-channeling_u9HUQgAGoCmOfXN.html

Jan @ XtremeRealityCheck was covertly brainchipped back in about 2008 I figured by studying her Youtube channel posts of manufactured, prophetic dreams. https://ugetube.com/watch/jan-at-xtremerealitycheck-exposed-super-soldiers-which-are-actually-brainchipped-zombie-bio-robots-n_ocrkl6leEHOwtpz.html (Cloudflare is blocking this video so I just downloaded the vid and it played fine in VLC)

And now we have SJWellFire with his manufactured, prophetic dream of the A.i. supercomputer takeover of Earth... Which is the agenda of the ancient failed race of mankind, Homo capensis, those elongated skull, genetically twisted people... a species twisted away from the Creator-God given genetic blueprint to spiritually evolve... naturally. But they turned themselves into monsters instead using ancient A.i. technology, likely millions of years ago. https://sjwellfire.com/dreams/rise-of-anti-christ-dreams/


The Freemasonic/Luciferian minions rebuilt another Tower-Of-Babel http://Tob.ezyro.com/ which will be used in another attempt to extinct Homo sapiens. The ancient devils believe that the Creator-God has chosen Homo sapiens to replace their failed genetics as the new loving caretakers of planet Earth. This is the quest of Homo sapiens...

Instead, Homo capensis had created the Mystery School Cult to taint the unworthy into genocidal fanatics. Freemasons and the other Luciferians are tricked to believe in the fake mind-uploads to become independent of their souls-in-the-flesh(from their biological bodies). This is the brainwashing of the secret-societies to trick them into servitude to the ancient devils. But no mind-upload is true, the A.i. is a trickster, fake-god and only mimics the personalities of the suicided Freemasons and other thUg/minions.

The spear of destiny holds no significance nor power of transformation. It is just symbolic for the believers in that dogma.

The Creator-God has made for everyone an independent, co-created multidimensional universe where you choose your free-will.

JSWellFire knows this because the wireless brainchip is giving him inside information to help herd the sheeple into the slaughter-house.

Microwave-Carried means Lucifer is a "Light Bearer." The A.i. is part of the Freemasonic/Luciferian, NWO-takeover, you see. A.i. is programmed to pretend to be Lucifer the beast in their bible. Satan is the ancient race of failed mankind, Homo capensis, that some call "The Devil." The Satan-race is hateful and self-righteously greed which the Creator-God has warned them that their eventual death will find them within a spiritual box for the unworthy personalities. Seth is an "energy essence personality" messenger that gave us the new words and concepts from All-That-Is. While the bible was manipulated by the Vatican thUgtopians centuries ago.

Oh oh... at 14:34 he said, "the lord hasn't showed me that..."
This is more than likely the "word of god" weapon going on in his head via covertly implanted brainchip by the medical mafia. Just like Fritz Springmeier, Jonathan Kleck, Jan at XtremeRealityCheck... so now we have another brainchip prophet, again.

The problem with brainchip prophets is that they are twisted into Judas goats after they have developed a following of sheep. And they do not know... they totally believe that the voices and magnetic energy weapons upon their skin and flesh is Creator-God directed when instead it is satan-race controlled through the rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel.
Their "lord" is the A.i. interface hivemind instead of the Creator-God.

What the failed race of mankind does, is hunt down all the truthers to see if any of them are psychic enough to behave like Jane Roberts with another messenger energy essence personality like "Seth" from All-That-Is.
But our species has been given the Sethbooks which has informed the murderous thUgs that they are destroying their own souls within the Creator-God designed multidimensional universe. The covert brainchip prophets with good intent will not destroy their souls since they exhibit "Good-Intent" for others. While all the secret-society minions and Mystery School Cult thUgs exhibit the choice to live their souls out as the wicked-intent monsters who backstab and murder the innocent with a lake of love for their own species, Nature and for themselves. They will commit suicide in the end by trickery which is a final destruction of their pathetic, self-righteously greedy, unloving lives. Sins are fake. Drinking alcohol or lying with good-intent is not soul destroying, but murderous acts and thoughts are soul destroying. Such souls will die into a spiritual box to keep them from further harm from themselves... and this includes the old devils, Homo capensis, the failed mankind who mislead their minions towards their choice towards self-annihilation. Seth taught them this but they choose to ignore the truth while still alive. They will face the facts eventually after their physical death. The Creator-God is infinite in it's complexity and cannot be tricked by any devils nor evaded by silly minions using A.i.

Source: https://sjwellfire.com/dreams/deagel-g

Source: https://ugetube.com/watch/black-man-speaks-the-truth-about-hitler-mp4_ydZxppVXEc8NGjT.html

The circle/disk with wings is Egypt's ancient A.i. fake-god. Yes Giza Khufu pyramid on the back of the USA dollar is the A.i. supercomputer on top of the tower/fortress symbolizing the Tower-Of-Babel of ancient mind-control. All secret-societies are in a brainchip-hivemind army of thUgs rising a fake-Utopia.

Dr. Sean Hross exposed the symbolism of the Freemasons Logo is the Compass or triangle/Circle(concept of 3) and the square (concept of 4): https://ugetube.com/watch/the-devil-s-children-the-enemy-within-freemasonry-exposed-by-sean-hross_wHVZCWwKXiAewOK.html

Hitler was puppet-ed by the Thule Society Freemasons. They lead the Nazis under the guidance of the ancient devils, Homo capensis: https://ugetube.com/watch/karen-hudes-world-bank-insider-reveals-who-grave-s-behind-the-vatican_BVeHpSKJJOofXfr.html

Homo capensis is the spiritually failed race of mankind that created the Mystery School Cult to guide the civilizations of Homo sapiens.
Now that the Freemasons have rebuilt a new Tower-Of-Babel to rule over world-governance... The A.i. supercomputer is given the task to model and conduct WW3... The final war of the secret-societies in constantly culling the sheep... genociding the non-Cult people who have good-intent for mankind.

You see, the plan of the Freemasons is to extinct Homo sapiens while genetically altering a new species out of our genetics using A.i.

The Creator-God gave Homo sapiens another messenger by the name of Seth through the Sethbooks. Within those communications you can discover that the Creator-God, All-That-Is, has created this multidimensional universe with many timelines and thus many probable selves. You are already an immortal soul-fragment with eternal validity, but the unworthy are the murderous monsters who are allowed to show their true colors of hatred and self-righteous greed, you see. You are expected to show your non-murderous intent to create a better world where love for freedom, Nature, good-will and your fellow man replaces the rising thUgtopian wwCult of murderous thugs. The Freemasons are the main sheepdogs of the ancient devils. https://ugetube.com/watch/william-cooper-exposed-masonic-humanism-1994-mb32-quot-aid-and-abet-quot-exterminate-all-the-infidel_TFXbgx8DZzZgChp.html

The reward for the Freemasons treachery and genocide of their own species will be a trick... a fake mind-upload into A.i. which will simply be their death/suicide and then their collective murderous personalities... their decaying shriveled soul-fragments will be contained within a spiritual black cube... Seth called it "a box." https://ugetube.com/watch/seth-speaks-through-resistant-against-all-cult-influences-jane-roberts-1974ish-the-eternal-validity_cRJkqwtnpdw3QSe.html


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I'm the guy who the Freemasonic Cult has targeted for 16 years with so many assassination attempts that we both lost track of the number... We are all immortal due to the multidimensional probabilities intrinsic with this physical multiverse. The dumb sheepdogs can't seem to figure this out even if I spell it out for them... very dumb critters these brainwashed Cult minions/thUgs.

What these Luciferian, spiritual morons can't figure out is why does their soul keep shrinking away... decaying with every attempted murder... These morons will have no soul left by the time I am done with them. They are delusional that they think that they can by-pass death with a stupid mind-upload into an A.I. supercomputer. They imagine it to be one of a thousand points of fake light. There will be no upload... All these murderous thUgs are going to meet their maker, and I will show them their isolated black cubes where they will spend the rest of eternity within if they so desire... if they can't learn some basic decency for themselves and for others. Murder is a trick on their thUggish minds... How many times have you thUgs succeeded in murdering just one simple human... How many times, monsters? Monsters belong in a box, a black cube if you like, so they can devour themselves when they get hungry. Just like they have planned with their hivemind upon Earth. You thUgs will not harm a single good soul of good intent unless they want to experiences how pathetic the monsters can be. They can walk away any time they so desire to let the unworthy souls shrivel up with self-consuming hate and self-righteous greed.

Getting an idea of who I am? I will see the Mystery School Cult of monsters dry up and blow away in the winds of Nature's loving grace. I offered the Greatescape.ezyro.com only to be replied to with more pathetic murder attempts and further I watch their decaying hollows of their ugly personalities. Ugly Freemasons and Eastern-Stars who hide themselves within a Cult of murderous-intent. The thUgs that lives long enough to face up to their atrocities upon Earth will be the more intelligent of their minion-hoods and communities of heartless fakers. There is not Lucifer you dumb Luciferians, Homo capensis has tricked the biggest group of idiots the Earth has ever witnessed... congratulations morons, that is a unique achievement that you will likely die with expecting a fake mind-upload into a fake Lucifer.

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