We have a very special guest coming up on What Matters? This Tuesday night at 7PM.

Jamie McIntyre is an author, coach, speaker and founder of the Australian National Review.

Jamie McIntyre has educated more than 550,000 people worldwide and helped thousands achieve financial abundance and long-term success.

In recent years Jamie has become an activist and helps defend many in society that are often left undefended.

Join us on Tuesday at 7PM (AEST).

Future trends to consider for business ideas. The age of female empowerment I believe is a huge trend to consider. Think Beyoncé built her career by recognising this trend as women of all ages are now often more motivated and driven than ever before. One of my former clients recently sent a testimony in of how her business had its first million dollar month recently thanks to what she has learnt from 21st Century Education, and she has built her business primarily around empowering women. How can you take advantage of this emerging trend in your business?

A major trend for business's in the near future and why you should ensure your business takes advantage of it. Plus if you want to start a business why you should use this type of model?

Often to achieve Plan A you need a Plan B as a stepping stone.

Two major trends that will affect our careers and will also affect real estate. In the future we won't have to live in expensive cities to be close to our job as many will earn an income without having to commute to a job. Thus, real estate in lifestyle locations will become more sought after. Why pay a fortune for a home in Western Sydney if you no longer had to live near your job when you could live in say Queenstown New Zealand or the Gold Coast with nicer lifestyles and homes a fraction of the cost.

Often we neglect our health in the pursuit of wealth yet how many billions is a healthy body worth?

Another future business trend to consider. www.jamiemcintyre.live

To many businesses or products or deals lack Margin and even if you succeed can make little money for your time output.

Spreading some Xmas cheer to the less fortunate in Sydney.

See Arnold Schwarzenegger's 5 Rules For Success.

Following Goalcast's Arnold Schwarzenegger featured video edit from the 21st Century Education, Financial Education Summit.

I am giving away a FREE copy of my best-selling book "What I didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had". Plus an additional FREE copy of "Lessons We Can Learn From Arnold Schwarzenegger".

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How are you spending your time?

We have to accept the part we have all played in the way the world is today and change our behaviour if we want our democracies back and if we want the world to be a better place and eliminate the criminal cartels and their Globalist one world Government plans.

Australian National Review is also launching a TV news platform like a SkyNews format.

We need your support to build out this platform for citizen journalists.

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Successful people make a decision & take action!

A good friend Eric Bailey giving a talk at one of my 21st Century Financial Education Events.

If I was still living in Victoria like I was for 15 years up until a few years ago, I would be leaving ASAP.
It is not safe to remain.
You can no longer trust your State Govt to protect you.
And the Federal Government isn’t defending your freedoms.

If I owned property in Melbourne I would consider selling it.


If there is any elderly or anyone in need on the Gold Coast that can’t get to the shops please pm me and I’ll have someone on my staff or friends arrange to go for you or myself if I can. In other cities we will do our best to get our friends to help out or book an Airtasker to assist.

I’m sure some Uber drivers would also assist in between jobs to collect and drop off.

For those who don’t have the budget to stock up on some basic necessities please pm as well and I’m happy to donate where possible to assist. After all a little bit makes a big difference. At times like this, it is important for people to know they aren’t alone and others care about them, even a total stranger. We are all interconnected. Together we are stronger.

And I ask my friends around Australia and the world to work together to help those who need to be supported, cared for and protected in this time of great uncertainty for most. Everything will be ok if we look out for each other and help where we can. Let’s focus on what we control. Everything in life is a test so let’s see how we respond to this test.

The “secret to living is giving “and I feel now is a time for us all to create extra meaning in our lives and tap into this power of contribution to make the world a better place. That way we will together overcome the fear and challenges the world faces right now and stare fear directly in its face. Together let’s make this a better world for you and I and the entire human race. Let’s not focus on scarcity or simply about ourselves. We owe it to our elders to protect them and look after them like they did for us when we were a child and vulnerable.

I’ve recently partnered to help create the “Netflix of online Education" with former NBL basketballer and motivational speaker Eric Bailey to help make 21st Century University available by licensing all of 21st Century Education’s content from over two dozen speakers from two decades of content.

Literally over 100s of hours of practical, commonsense strategies taught by those with a PhD in Results not theory. It’s available now for a 30-day free trial and ongoing of only $59 USD a month for what used to be over $15,000 of courses. Plus more speakers joining weekly with invaluable content on a wide range of success topics.

So no need to just watch Netflix, get yourself educated while in lockdown and prosper.

Love your feedback.


Victorian Premier Dan Andrews increases his police violence using his privatised global police force he didn’t disclose, and pushes Victoria closer to a violent uprising.

The Prime Minister must remove Dan Andrews even with Military force if necessary to prevent violence against innocent Victorians escalating.

See www.anrnews.com for more updates.

Two big trends right now are online learning and how to make an income from home and have a side hustle and multiple incomes.
Get yourself a side hustle and learn new skills.

Here are some solutions.


How to learn in this Coronavirus time you have at home and also earn.

It’s good so many of us care about Global Policies and want to make a positive difference -and understand the frustration with things we don’t agree with going on -however let’s focus on what we do control and look how we can become wealthier out if economic destruction so collectively we can be a force for good and actually have more chance of creating an impact.

The Oxford Vaccine fail, after causing some pretty serious side effects , is shining a spotlight on a fraudulent industry that has never had proper safety testing done on any vaccine. Plus it’s a lie they will end lockdowns after the extortion to take it and you can have your life back.

2GB Radio Host Ben Fordham accuses me of inciting violence against Dan Andrews.

Firstly Ben, Dan Andrews doesn’t need me to incite violence against him as he is doing a good job all by himself.

Plus I have no semi assault high-powered weapons that he has armed the Victorian police with, who were inciting violence against innocent protesters on the weekend, and dragged a pregnant mum out of her home in handcuffs in front of her kids to achieve publicity for "tough Dan" for simply posting on Facebook, or arresting granny’s in the park needing to take a rest and sit down.

I didn’t tell anyone to be violent towards Dan Andrews as you’ll hear below. I just highlighted he should flee Victoria while he safely can as soon he won’t be able to because Victorians will eventually have enough if they haven’t already.

I think that’s just honest and valid commentary. What do you think ?

I think we know who the violent lunatic is and that’s Dan Andrews so Ben you are either with us, or against us, the people or for Dictator Dan Andrews.

I suggest Ben you get your facts right or do you have an issue that you are losing listeners in droves because you represent dodgy mainstream media ?

And I represent the growing threat of independent media that people are shifting to in mass.

My followers feel free to contact 2GB advertisers and tell them if they don’t stop supporting mainstream media such as 2GB’s Ben Fordham’s show to he apologises, mainstream media that lie to us and push mainstream media conspiracies, and are traitors to our people and Democracy, you will boycott their products unless they shift their advertising to independent media such as www.australiannationalreview.com

Listen below to his recording and my response.

Share your thoughts.


One action step we can all take is to contact advertisers of mainstream media in Australia and other countries and tell them if they don’t stop supporting mainstream media and refuse to transfer some of their advertising budget to independent media sites you suggest such as www.australiannationalreview.com then we will boycott their products.

We must hurt mainstream media where it hurts them the most being the hip pocket, and shift advertisers to support independent media who will support the truth and our democracy and support our fellow Australians.


Why Melb protests were targeted by Police but Black Lives Matter protests weren’t, and what if they lock down all Australian States as planned.

And my $1 million bet that Bill Gates is behind the Coronavirus falsified pandemic for political agendas.



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