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Xorcist, Technology Activist, 13.56MHz Water-As-Fuel
#GEP2017 Water-As-Fuel! (H2O x 13.56MHz) = HHO/BrownsGas
[email protected] https://youtu.be/CVGEsC-G594
WhatIs GarveyEnergyProject in 50 seconds or less? https://youtu.be/eh1jZoszKz8
#GEP2017 Prototype (pdf) http://tinyurl.com/gep2017
20170811 #GEP2017 GoodNews! 13.56MHz ~= NuclearMagneticResonance of Oxygen! #HHO https://youtu.be/7ggSuNbBPwQ
GEP Targeted Frequencies For Prototype!!! (13.56MHz * 100MHz)+ https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8D1QnPRclVjZllqYXdKVGJYQkE
20170814 OurFatherSaysTheWayIsGarveyEnergyProjectWaterAsFuel https://youtu.be/UPaS0hESUIg
20170328 13.56MHz Water-As-Fuel QuickReview GarveyEnergyProject #GEP2017 https://youtu.be/wkZGcde40bc

Keystone #WHISTLEBLOWERS on Petrodollar Matrix Conspiracy WATER-AS-FUEL (Water=As=Fuel 13.56MHz Harmonics Harvesting Hydrogen)
John Kanzius Water as Fuel Unlocked by Frequency Resonance #HHO https://youtu.be/CVGEsC-G594
Pt2 3MileIsland #FALSEFLAG #Whistleblower NUCLEAR ENERGY RADIATION SCAM Galen Winsor https://youtu.be/aJkUXZhld60
20151118 AlJazeera: More Testimony #Fukushima #Hoax - #HHO #FWFEFT https://youtu.be/5yYuVG93iEU
#Whistleblower NUCLEAR ENERGY RADIATION #FALSEFLAG INSURANCE SCAM Galen Winsor https://youtu.be/5z14HdPOx9g

wakeup .... the conspiracy is so much deeper, so many more levels and dimensions, come for a taste of the the icebergs tip ...
... then try dr judy woods research into the type of supernatural weapon used on 9/11, use similar tech to turn water into fuel (Hydrogen, duh) ... and maybe we teach u about ai, god is a machine, yeh? should charge u $1000/hr for dis , u know 9/11 was about 2 battling ai ... tower of babel ai vs cia-ai .... occulting. back to ur hypnopompic state now.