this video tells hitlers process how he made germany debt free


full documentary explaining hitlers actions

adolf gives a speech how britain bombed germnay inhumanely and someone gives some details.
this clip is probably from a documentary that ill upload later

adolf hitler talks about helping others

an edit of adolf hitler and joseph goebbels talking about jews and the german volk

in my mind with clips of germany, repost


animation depicting a white nationalist world


hail victory! music video


worlds nationalist movements shown while encore 2: one day more plays


repost, an edit where adolf talks about his struggle in post war germany

idk the title

i dont know the songs title nor origin

t.me/kaiserwaffen is a link to their telegram channel

no idea whats going on

this video tells why germany invaded poland, after invasion britain and france declared war on germany starting ww2.

a beatiful edit made from one of hitlers speeches where adolf talks about britains materialistic lust

with english german and japanese subtitles

adolf hitler talks about how britain is occupying palestines land for the present-day israel

adolf gives a speech on how jews own the media and the banks and describes it as satanic

joseph goebbels talks about how they have gotten rid of the jews from power and how they will defeat them again


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as a christian i think degenerates and sodomites should face the wall. almoast all my content here will be reposts made by great lads, if i dont credit its cause i dont know the source or its in the video already. this channels content will be educational, music and theory, mostly focused on ww2.