organic food, veggie don't make any sense.

bgm beethoven moon light.

again, deboostd in youtube.

#australia #china #politics

it's not conspiracy that every Chinese citizens born in China has legal duty to send every information to Chinese government if asked to do so. this includes students, professors, congress, scientists, CEO.

lets talk about another science scam. ocean acidification is fake. if ocean is ph 3 or 4, that's deadly terrible. but it's not. and will no be.

the word Acid is scary to layman like myself. that's why scaremongers are using those strange terms. some ocean is acid, maybe in the Venus or somewhere.

they will censor video games next based on their feelings. and anime and comics after that. why not? that's what authoritarian usually does.

conservative values are beautiful. history, music, literature. i like all of them.
but i don't think majority of Americans is conservative. i think majority is moderate. trump wins not because of conservative, he wins because of votes from moderate people.

she may be funded by chinese government. endless stories...

her story is too absurd to pay attention to.
1 it's not about environment
2 it's about defeating patriarchy
3 it's about ending colonization
4 it's a revolution

overall. it's too dumb even for low teens.

but she doesn't even read books. colonization is done by only china nowadays.

background 三国無双7. this video is deboosted in youtube.

free for this, but not free for that. censorship comes in various ways. think about children, take care of unfortunate migrants. those are authoritarian totalitarian merkel ways. but censorship on porns of adults. is absurd and wrong. explain to me how different that and merkel.

i am not saying let's promote porns, no. i mean censorship of porn is anti free speech.

#返校 #detention
minimum wage increase fiasco in NY. and it will be fail all over the world.

still testing. this new codec h265 hevc is supposed to be faster.

#新潟 #佐渡 #タイムラプス

around this ocean, north korea kidnapped japanese girls in 1960-1980s. but not really sure the location... collecting information.

#judge #cavanah #valkery
valkery anatomia

返校 detention #7 / Free speech includes porns. if you censor it, you are not defending free speech.
some people just don't understand the concept of free speech. you can not selectively censor something based on yout like or not.

not for kids.

#pornhub #freespeech

about sweden, check out Sanity for Sweden. greatest sweden channel with humor and common sense.

if you like horror games, please check a Taiwanese game "detention". we can't let communists authoritarian control our lives, like china. support USA and Taiwan.

#detention #返校

today, youtube is dying. they will delete mail, contacts, channel, for no reasons. that ceo is too lunatic. does not make sense anymore at all. maybe they don't wanna make money. create bitchute account for your own. share, like, bitchute everywhere please.


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#canada #fakenews #taiwanindependent

canada has massive fake news appeantly. heat wave, tornado, flood are usual on our earth. if people believe in otherwise, that’s insane.




デイリーモーション(daily motion)

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#co2 #biology
more co2 means animal, fish, trees become bigger and more. then why some of the global warming alarmist are saying the opposite? are they lying again? we should not pollute air or ocean, but we must have some co 2 level. ironically, higher is probably better.

気候変動を魔理沙がしゃべりながらホラーゲーム / game is taiwanese game detention. conversation is climate change.

hi, i usually use final fantasy 14 as a background game. but this time it’s a taiwanese game.

taiwan is an independent country with freedom and liberty. they are keep fighting against authoritarian chinese government, who literally kidnap their own citizens, harvest organs alive, sell illegal drugs to overseas.
i have no problems against chinese people or cultures, but chinese government is horrible. what i can do is just buy taiwanese games. this game company is oppressed by chinese government too. go steam or apple store and buy their game please. around $6USD.

whitespremacy is hoax, doesn't exist anymore, generally.

taiwan is an independent country. and succeeded most of the chinese cultures, because chinese communism government did destroy most of it's historical and cultural heritage.

Aomori Prefecture is the most northern pref in the mainland of Japan. about 60 mins ship or underground sea tunnels to Hokkaido. Hokkaido is in Japan too, but it was not Japan until Meiji restoration.

Aomori is quite cold, even in late summer, better bring some jackets.

woops, his name is Epstein. but you know i typo a lot.

there are so many strange things going on in this jail facility. i pointed out 5 issues.

somehow, comments are keep disappearing. i don’t know why. sorry for delayed reply.


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sorry my health conditions are really bad. might not be curable... i will continue this, but post less.

my disqus comment section has again broken. i can only see some. it disappears a lot. maybe it will be fixed. and my youtube channel is somehow not sending my own video to bitchute. i guess i am partially deboosted or deranked.

i am talking about what is going on in the USA. mainly, focusing on fake news, strange news. using Yukkuri Voice of Japanese for sounds. and background is irrelevant to the topics.

i create Timelapse Mini Video, which is a short style landscape movie.
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規模の小さなチャンネルなので、youtube ではなくビットシュートでやってます。日本の方、よろしくお願いします。フェイクニュースに騙されないためのコンテンツを目指してます。

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