A short history of the Halloween Holiday.

Also feel free to look at my great Halloween playlist:


September the 21st is the International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace - September 21st

The UN calls September the 21s the International Day of Peace - consider making it a national holiday.....

Here are my songs of Peace playlist....


Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup -

Follow the recipe as I cook creamy chicken pineapple soup...

Take a look at my Southwest Chicken Soup Recipe!!! Great for American Conservation Day

The best music videos of all time, tune in to find out what they are....

American's have had many fads over the years, what a great idea to create a holiday to celebrate all of the fads! And if we get enough people maybe we might be able to create a nationally observed one.

Here is a list of music videos that were fads...


Join me as I see the most beautiful places around the USA. Preserve these beautiful places and make American Conservation Day a national holiday!!! July 30th.......

Help celebrate America's National Parks! Learn about America's National Parks! Make National Conservation Day, or America the Beautiful Day a Reality!!!


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