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Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail in Blackpool jokes to the media that under socialism they media would have to obey him.

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In the UK you are voting for a Member of Parliament, not the Prime Minster.

The best way to find if you Mp is worth voting for is to use the following websites:



From this you can establish if your MP supports your views.

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The different parties are showing their budget and fiscal policy as the UK general election draws closer.

No matter if you vote Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem or Green, you are going to get more government spending.

Clearly a winner with the voters, but long will this lead to more problems down the road?

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The upcoming general election is a very high risk move for Boris Johnson and the Conservative party.

From a split vote with Nigel Farage's Brexit party, to a Remain media, as well as the opportunity for the European Union to smear the Tories.

The highly motivated, tech savvy youth of Momentum and the Labour party, as well as Jeremy Corbyn being something of a wild card with the possibility of pulling out a vote winning manifesto.

The Conservatives have been in power for 9 years so could we be ready for a reversal.

One thing is for sure Boris is fighting for a parliamentary majority since a coalition with the Lib Dems or the DUP is impossible.

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Should 16 year olds be given the vote in the UK?

The Labour party included in their 2017 manifesto to lower the voting age from 18 to 16.

In Scotland 16 and 17 year olds can vote on Scottish Parliament and local elections, as well as being allowed to vote in the 2014 Scottish referendum on independence.

Should the voting age be set when you start paying tax?

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Now don't get me wrong, I dislike socialism as much as the next man, from the Soviet Union to China, from Cuba to Cambodia, from Venezuela to Ethiopia nothing else in life is as reliable as the failure of socialism.

Now let's put the issue of Brexit aside, there is a high probability true Brexiteers are being sold down the river no matter who the next government is. BRINO, second referendum or revocation of Article 50 are all likely, Brexit is slipping away, at best we are now fighting the long game.

Probably the single most important lesson of the 20th century is understanding the error of the centrally planned economy, the West understood the advantages of the free market hundreds of years earlier, Adam Smith publishing 'The Wealth of Nations' in 1776, the free market was documented even earlier in the Middle East with the Arab scholar Ibn Khaldun writing pro-free market thesis back in the 14th century.

Even with these great historical works, and the lessons of the last hundred years, the temptation of wealth redistribution, burdensome government and free stuff still tempts many voters.

One can view a hard left government once in a while as a necessary process. Like how the Labour party ravaged the UK economy in the 1970's led the way for a decade of rule under Margret Thatcher and her laissez-faire economy that produced the big bang and prosperity which the UK still enjoys to this day.

If we do end up with a Labour government, or more probable some kind of Labour coalition, it's not something I am personally fearing, it will be part of the constant cycle between big government central planning and small government capitalism, it may even force the Conservative party to establish themselves as a true centre right political party, supporting businesses, rising living standards and prosperity for the citizens of the UK.

It's almost certain an economic downturn will happen in the next 5 years, possibly a large financial crash, although the the exact timing of the collapse of the current debt bubble we are in is impossible to predict, either way a recession under a Labour government will help turn people off the idea of left wing politics.

I for one am not buying into the fear of a Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell government, to be sure the hard left elements and Momentum are nothing to look forward to but maybe its just part of the natural cycle of politics, clearing the way for a more prosperous UK.

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Boris Johnson's has consistently stated he will not form a pact with Nigel Farage's Brexit Party, the so called Leave Alliance could also include a few Labour candidates who are leavers.

Now Boris Johnson's position at first may appear odd, for the Prime Minster who won the Conservative leadership race on the concept of delivering Brexit by any means necessary, surely packing Parliament with as many strong Brexiteers could only be a good thing?

However an important point to note is the May/Johnson Withdrawal Agreement is bad.

If the Brexit party were to achieve something like 30 MP's at the election, the Conservatives would very likely need Brexit party support to get the Withdrawal Agreement done, however very few Brexiteers that are not connected to the Tories think the WA is good, so Brexit party MP's would insist on amendments or push for WTO clean brexit instead.

This exposes Johnson to the public as having tried to push through a bad deal, and with a sizable number to MP's, the Brexit party will have significant airtime on main stream media to pick apart Johnson's bad WA.

One should realise Johnson has never been serious about a WTO brexit, numerous options were available to sink the Surrender Bill, but not were taken, Johnson's intention has always been to tweak the May deal and ram it home.

Now, Johnson is a show man, and Dominic Cummings is the strategy man, its possible Johnson can charm the public into voting a Tory majority and Cummings will be applying spin like a mad man, so unless the numbers really look like a Conservative government will be impossible without Brexit Party support, the Leave Alliance will be rejected.

As much as a pact with the Brexit party could benefit the Tories by denying Labour seats in the North, the bigger risk to Johnson is doing a deal with potential MP's who truley believe in Brexit, as it will unravel Johnson's 'fantastic' deal as pretty much brexit in name only, and something passionate Brexit voters should support.

Time will tell if Boris Johnson can keep the wheels from falling off before election day.

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Boris Johnson has taken a No Deal Brexit off the table as part of the Conservative party manifesto in the up coming general election on 12 December 2019.

The Prime Minster Boris Johnson has rules out a Leave Alliance pact with Nigel Farage and the Brexit Part.

The Prime Minster will push forward with his Withdrawal Agreement stating it is a 'fantastic' deal.

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Boris Johnson like many other Conservative Party leaders talked strongly about the issue of the day which is currently Brexit, but like many other Tory Prime Minsters failed to deliver by leaving the EU on the 31 October 2019.

We saw the same in David Cameron when he claimed the he would reduce net migration to tens of thousands, while we still currently see nearly a decade after he made the pledge immigration at 285,000 per year.

From travelling the world I don't believe the UK is a particularly hostile nation to new to the country and we typically open our arms, but no one should be surprised people panic when they see public services in decline, wage suppression, and house price inflation from increases in demand without a match in supply.

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Good news and bad this morning.

The EU has announced the new Brexit deadline has been set to the 31st January 2020.

Good news is thanks to all your support this channel has made it to 1000 subscribers, o thank you everyone!

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EU membership has destroyed the British fishing industry, with more and more trawlers coming from Europe and the decline in fish stocks, the UK fisherman is being squeezed.

Brexit should offer some hope and kickstart the once great industry.

#Fishing4Leave #Brexit #UKFishing

Boris Johnson has constantly drawn lines in the sand for Brexit, and repeatedly allowed them to be breeched.

Is the Prime Minister a hero or a liar?

He said we would leave on the 31 October 2019, do or die.
He said he would never reheat Teresa May's deal.
He said he would never send the extension letter.
He said he would sabotage the EU if forced to extend.
He said he would pull the Brexit bill if not passed in the Commons.

He lied on all the above.

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Vote Conservative Party for Brexit this time they won't mess up, do or die with cherries on top.

Satire party political broadcast.

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Civil unrest is spreading across the globe, in the last week we have protests in Spain, Chile, Lebanon, Holland and the ongoing disorder in Hong Kong and France.

As the middle and working classes are squeezed with taxes and inflation, and a growing distrust for politicians it's unlikely this trend will go away anytime soon.

Spain has Catalonia independence protests.
Chile is protesting metro fare increases.
Lebanon is protesting the 'Whatsapp' tax.
Dutch Farmers are protesting nitrogen emission legislation which will effect livelihoods.
Hong Kong protesters are against increase in rule from China
The Yellow Vests/Gilet Jaunes were sparked by fuel taxes but now are protesting further issues in France.


Malta could be targeted to veto an extension of Article 50, thereby ejecting the UK from the EU on 31st October without a Withdrawal Agreement in place, the so called No Deal, or WTO Clean Break Brexit.

Will it happen, probably not, but £12/€12bn is only one years payment for the UK into the European Union so represents possibly good value.

#Malta #DeadInADitch #DoOrDie

After saying he'd rather be 'dead in a ditch' than ask for an extension, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has capitulated and sent a letter asking the EU for an Article 50 extension, albeit on cheap photocopy paper and unsigned. Either way the European Union have received the letter and are considered the request.

As the days go on more institutions and Brexit figures come out saying Boris's deal is bad.

Can we trust Boris or is he selling out.

Is the Tory party more important to Boris than delivering Brexit at all costs?

#Brexit #BorisJohnson #EU

Boris Johnson indicated in Parliament that he will use a loop hole to avoid any extension of Article 50.

The Prime Minster said the law does not compel him to delay the UK remaining in the EU beyond 31st October.

This likely means Boris Johnson will use Article 51 of the Vienna Convention or the fact that Article 50 outweighs UK law, so regardless of the Benn Act, the UK leaves as stated in Article 50 on the 31 October.

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The European Union is winning on Brexit as the EU's biggest fear when the UK voted to leave is that other European countries followed Britain's led.

In 2016 there were 15 political parties across Europe pushing for a EU membership referendum in their countries, today this has faded completely, meaning the EU's agenda to make leaving the Union look almost impossible is working.

Now as the UK enters it's transitional period on leaving the EU, expect the every spanner to be thrown into the works to make it as difficult as possible.

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Has Boris Johnson's Brexit Withdrawal Agreement sold out Brexiteers? Is this what people voted for in the 2016 EU referendum.

I think this has been a masterful play from Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson and the senior Tories in pushing through a Brexit that the EU would agree to, but sooner or later the average Brexit supporter will realise the European Union still has alot of control over regulation in the UK.

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Helicopter money is a radical form of monetary stimulus, first coined by Milton Friedman and made famous more recently by former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

In a hypothetical situation a helicopter could be loaded with money, fly over a city and drop the money, citizens would collect this money from the streets and spend in the local economy, in theory driving economic growth.

With interest rates near zero and large amounts of Quantitative Easing already completed, is helicopter money the central banks final tool to preserve the economy and the fiat money system.

#HelicopterMoney #TheFed #BankOfEngland

Could the UK face civil disorder/riots if Brexit is extended beyond the 31 October 2019?

The mainstream consensus is underestimating the risk of not delivering Brexit.

When people feel they have no voice and not represented by their political leaders civil disorder is the common outcome.


Why Remain will always lose. Remain haven't learnt a thing since the 2016 EU referendum. They continue to treat Leave voters with contempt.

The Leave side would never have won the referendum without the support of the working class which overwhelming supports Brexit.

It's not surprising the working class support Brexit since the current crop of MP's look down on the working class, this was shown best in Emily Thornberry's infamous 'Rotherham' tweet.

Since then the view of many on the political class hasn't changed.

If Remain really wanted to win, they should do as Dominic Cummings suggests and get out of London and stop talking to rich Remainers.

#Brexit #Labour #WorkingClass

If Boris Johnson extends Article 50 delaying Brexit I'll be voting for the Brexit Party.

The risk of another Tory government is that even if Boris Johnson can manage to gain enough support for the Conservative party to do well in the next general election, what if he is toppled or is forced to resign?

We could easily be left stuck for 5 years with a Tory remainer government.

The safest outcome for Brexiteers is a Conservative and Brexit Party coalition government, led by Prime Minster Boris Johnson with oversight from Nigel Farage.

#Brexit #BrexitParty #NigelFarage

The real reason the European Union doesn't want Brexit to happen. It's not about the money.

The UK pays a net contribution to the EU of around £11 billion per year, but the EU will continue operating without this money.

The real reason the EU don't want a successful brexit is because the EU has many serious problems including the unsustainable national debts, possible Euro currency collapse and a coming deep recession.

The EU must ensure Brexit is difficult as possible to stop other nations leaving the EU on the future.

#EuropeanUnion #EU #Brexit

How the EU will federalise. With Brexit the European Union cannot allow any other European nation to leave, we should expect a push for federalisation over the next 5 years under incoming President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to lead the EU to becoming a political superstate.

Areas to expect the further integration of EU will be the EU Military, Eurobonds, EU income tax and sale tax, a much more assertive European Central Bank and more state security integration from agency's such as Europol.

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