originally uploaded on youtube by Mark3611 about a decade ago

Something I made back in December 2018 during the height of the TikTok furry war to boost morale for Gang weed and his lulz fueled gamer army to fight against Kero and his anti lulz fueled stair dragons.

Ronald is sad. D: And he needs you to buy his burgers to make him feel better.

Anyway, I bought Sony Vegas for half off in some sort of Pig themed steam sale in January and I thought I would at least try to make something with it. I hope the Bitchute community can enjoy this. :P

Going to update this video with more edgy goodness soon. But now your going to have to put up with only half of the song because this is bitchute.com and you guys can put up with incomplete animation meme animatics made by 13 year old furries set to 2012 era Justin Beiber music and the crappiest anime reviewers/let's players on earth.

Video looks crap because my internet is slower than shit and I had to download everything in 240p

Music: Skillet - Falling Inside The Black


the epikest


Ross really doesn't like people with red hair.

A fuzzy little baby chicken eats noodles ^u^

Album: World Language
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All tracks written by A.e.r.o. (c)
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