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MSE expanded the left half of my maxilla more than my right. Here is a closer look at the effects of that.

Using TADs and powerchain to correct a canted smile that was caused by AGGA

The pros and cons of mandibular symphyseal distraction osteogenesis (MSDO), especially as a complimentary treatment to MSE.

MSE may not straighten your septum but it will improve your nasal breathing which is the whole point of a septoplasty.

Because it would force me to expand the upper right incisors and canine which I cannot do due to AGGA damage.

Different types of MSE asymmetry and how to prevent them

Asymmetric MSE expansion (when one side expands more than the other) complicates options for expanding the mandible, and may forfeit the desirable MSDO (mandibular symphyseal distraction osteogenesis) option.

This video adds some important details about Invisalign and MSDO that I left out of yesterday's video

MSE was removed yesterday and some new hardware was added. What's going on in my orthodontic case?

What’s it like to remove MSE after 11 months, and to experience an intermolar width increase of 1cm in its fullness (without a bulky appliance in my mouth) for the first time ever?

I'm not sure anyone really knows the long term fate of the midpalatal suture months and years following the MSE split. This video starts a discussion of that question.

Maxillary skeletal expanders risks and complications listed

Several options and they all kinda suck

Yes, it possible to Mew with MSE.

Not unless you are a child.

The MSE or Maxillary Skeletal Expander is the key to Mewing

A tip to prevent tensing up from too much screen time

Small jaws means small airway means compressed neck posture means headaches

Two very different types of oral bone grafts

A caution to anyone jumping from AGGA to MSE

A few different options for fixing an underbite

MSE by far

My CBCT proves that it was AGGA and CAB that caused most or all of the damage to my upper front teeth

A slam ball neck workout

Several reasons


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