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Traditionally, professional and college sports teams have chosen a special needs child as their official Super Fan. Not so in Liberal Toronto, Canada. Why should kids with developmental disabilities and pervasive psychiatric syndromes get all the attention, right Nav, or Navinder, or whatever your name is?

Motorcycling is often described as symbolic of individualism and freedom. I live in the Metro Vancouver region, which is populated by 2.5 million people, so I thought a WEXIT licence plate might be a great way to provoke thought among those who tail me while I ride. Wishful thinking on my part. Thanks, ICBC. 🙄

British Columbians inhabit a blessed and bountiful land. Now, following the lead of Wexit Alberta, Wexit Saskatchewan and Wexit Manitoba, enlightened BC residents have established an online footprint. Wexit British Columbia's Facebook page, created only a few days ago, has already gained close to 11K members. If you believe BC would fare better in the international marketplace than it will while under the control of central Canada, please share this video with those in your circle who show an openness to independence.

CORRECTION: British Columbia's GDP for 2019 is approximately $250 billion.

Visit the Wexit British Columbia Facebook group:

Many consider intolerance a character flaw but, in certain contexts, it can be a virtue.

John Mark is an American political commentator and proponent of propertarianism. These audio excerpts were sourced from his 2018 video "POWER! The #1 Law of Political Power." Western Canadian separatists might find value in his ideas.

Have you noticed your YouTube comments on CBC News videos not appearing after you've posted them, unless you're signed in to your account? Did you know that you're the only one who can see them? Others who are signed in can't see them either. This is known as shadow banning. CBC News is a federal government media outlet and it is infringing on Canadians' constitutionally guaranteed Fundamental Freedoms of expression, opinion, and use of media. What are they so afraid of, and why does YouTube allow CBC to do this?

Canada's Minister of the Environment and Climate Change won't stop referring to scientists and others who don't buy her crisis spin as "deniers," so why should we stop calling her Climate Barbie? Anyway, It seems she has a lot more in common with the doll than she realizes. Dedicated to Sheila Gunn-Reid of Rebel Media, who coined the nickname.

This is a re-upload after I spotted a glaring error. Apologies if you've already seen it.

The only colour Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's face should be right now is Humiliation Red.

[SHORTENED] This backgrounder examines the threat of foreign interference to the integrity of Canada's 2019 federal election from United States tech giant Google, and its facilitation by the Government of Canada.

Why has the country's Liberal majority government not identified Google and the social media platforms as hostile foreign entities after this summer's avalanche of undercover investigative reports, interviews with whistleblowers, and hard scientific data documenting clear bias within their coroporate cultures, not to mention a $50 million law suit filed by a United States Congresswoman for the removal of her paid for campaign ads from Google News during her successful participation in a Democratic Leadership debate?

Is it because they are ideological comrades? Is it the big money involved? Is it that they share a common enemy in U.S. President Donald Trump?

The longer the Government of Canada remains silent on the threat the big tech firms pose to the integrity of our election, the more it appears to be colluding with foreign entities intent on interfering in next month's election.

This video includes news footage of the government's roll out of its plan to safeguard Canada's October election, evidence of pervasive bias throughout the corporate cultures of American tech firms, Google's cozy relationship with Justin Trudeau's Liberal majority government, and ends with a demand that the Incident Protocol Group take active measures to alert Canadian voters of the risks involved in using Google Search to seek out election related news and information.

In addition to his more obvious verbal blunders, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also one of the world's finest word salad chefs. He has repeated the same few pat phrases so many times that more and more Canadians are waking up to what an airhead he really is. One of his favourites, "a broad range," clearly doesn't refer to his vocabulary.

In recent months, both Canada and the United States have threatened to regulate social media platforms, though it appears each country has approached them from a different angle. Indeed, their interpretations of the problem itself differ in some key respects. I have a four-minute read on Minds, if you're interested in the details:

Douglas Christie was a career defence lawyer from British Columbia, a defender of Canadians' Constitutionally guaranteed right to free expression, and a leader in the western Canadian independence movement until he passed away in 2013. Say what you will about Mr. Christie, but do you agree with everything that everyone you know has done – including your closest relatives and friends? Listen and learn.

With Canada's federal election now two months off, it's time for Canadians to not only vote him out of office but to do so with extreme prejudice. DISCLAIMER: The use of an assassin receiving mission orders is here used as a metaphor, and not as an incitement to commit any act of violence against the Prime Minister.

While working on a still unfinished video aimed at a western Canadian audience, it occurred to me another aimed directly at Ontarians might help them decide whether they want to continue to support Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party in the lead up to Canada's federal election. The polls inform us that, with election day only two months away, more easterners intend to re-elect them.

My advice, as a westerner, to Ontarians is to think long and hard before siding with Quebecers and Maritimers. The 2019-2020 federal budget projected $82 billion in total transfer payments (Equalization + Canada Health Transfer + Canada Social Transfer) from the three westernmost provinces to the rest of the country.

Part six of a chronological archive of salient clips documenting Canada's handling of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
Complete playlist:


2019 01 16 | What we know about the Canadian ISIS fighter captured by Kurdish forces | CBC News: The National
2019 01 25 | Police confirm terrorist attack plot led to Kingston raids, arrests | Global News
2019 01 25 | Youth charged with terrorism following raids in Kingston, Ontario: RCMP | Global News
2019 01 25 | Kingston suspect arrested in RCMP raid lived in Syria, Kuwait | CBC News
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2019 02 06 | Canada's changing commitment in the fight against ISIS | CBC News: The National
2019 02 09 | 2 Canadian women surrender to U.S.-backed forces in Syria | CBC News
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2019 02 18 | ISIS narrator revealed as Canadian | CBC News
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2019 02 26 | Omar Khadr asks court to rule war crimes sentence expired | CBC News
2019 02 26 | Prosecuting Canadian ISIS fighters | CBC News
2019 03 22 | Montreal priest stabbed Video captures violent attack during morning mass | Global News
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2019 04 23 | FULL INTERVIEW CBC TV Program Features Omar Khadr | True North
2019 05 14 | Arrests of 2 men in Richmond Hill not related to national security public safety minister | CityNews Toronto
2019 05 15 | Islamist extremist says he arrived in Canada to kill Asia Bibi | True North
2019 05 15 | Court date set for explosive device charges | CityNews Toronto
2019 05 17 | Richmond Hill men charged in explosives case out on bail | CityNews Toronto
2019 06 04 | Toronto Muslim executing gays may sound unfair, but it's sharia law | Rebel Media
2019 06 06 | Justin Trudeau on returning ISIS fighters | Global News
2018 06 19 | Liberal Canada Summer Jobs Funding Group Linked to Terrorism Mark Strahl
2019 06 21 | Motive in Danforth mass shooting still unclear police | CityNews Toronto

United States Representative and House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, (D) California, lives in a glass house but insists on throwing stones.

Whether you're new to the NHL or a veteran fan, this video offers the ultimate in hostility on ice.

Patchwork trailer for my 2018 novel Poppy, a poignant yet action-packed glance into the shattered life of a retired police drug unit detective and father of two adult sons: a soldier who patrols opium fields in Afghanistan, and a heroin addict on the crime-ridden streets of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside:

Prison-break action thriller starring John Voigt, Eric Roberts and Rebecca De Mornay. Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky. Based on a screenplay by Akira Kurosawa.

Don't ask her for directions to the nearest restroom if you really, really have to go. This is a re-upload, with backing music.

A few months ago, Canada's former Liberal Attorney General and Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould released a surreptitiously recorded telephone conversation between herself and recently retired Clerk of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada Michael Wernick. She did so when it became apparent that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was intent on publicly spinning the facts behind her demotion, while silencing her with a confidentiality muzzle. This video includes profanity deleted from the original recording, prior to its release to the media. Be forewarned, there's a lot of it!

A little Happy Canada Day fun for those not inspired enough, after four years of Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party nonsense, to attend one of the country's official celebrations. Thank you, Rebel Media, for your guts and determination! Starring Keean Bexte, David "The Menzoid" Menzies, and several Liberal Party Cabinet Ministers.

Watch Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau challenge Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud to a staring match, lose in an instant, and then get laughed at by Japan's Prime Minister and G20 summit host Shinzo Abe.

Neoliberal governments throughout the west have seen better days, and citizens weary of their shortcomings are taking a hard right turn.

Was former Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan separated at birth from someone ... or something?

TREASON — If it weren’t for John Brennan, 9/11 may have never happened

Have you ever wondered why your national populist content struggles to gain traction on what used to be your favorite platform? Speaking in London at the first meeting of the International Grand Committee on Disinformation and Fake News, technology expert Ashkan Soltani explains how manual curators employed by social media giants "slownews" "suspicious content."


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Canadian national populist mashups and memes. If Justin Trudeau and his smug bunch of Liberal Party flunkies leave you feeling as though you don't know whether to laugh or cry, this is the place for you. ;-)

With the most recent YouTube censorship blitz, I've decided migration to BitChute is a good idea even though none of my videos violate YouTube's community guidelines. Over there, my videos are rarely suggested in the "up next" list and are suppressed in search results lists, despite their excellent like to dislike ratios (channel average = 96.6% likes), high audience retention, and great click-through rates. In March 2019, for instance, my channel's analytics show you had to be a male over the age of 64 to have your view counted in my overall total (isn't that discrimination based on age and sex?). Long story short, I'm tired of playing their rigged game so, hopefully, BitChute's hands-off approach to content moderation will allow more people to enjoy my videos, while I enjoy the work of others on the platform. Thank you BitChute!

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