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Talk About Hypocrisy and yes this is all political

Link: https://archive.vn/RnmCJ

Whatever their intent was it was a big blunder


It's the oldest form of masculinity that's existed for thousands of years


It's time for people to realize the disease is endemic and whatever we do won't work!

Link: https://archive.vn/s6wjU

Landlords are gonna suffer for one more month and I'm thinking this situation is gonna be a big fuck up no matter what happens


Meanwhile gangs are still running rampant

Link: https://archive.ph/qbMKf#selection-1361.11-1361.81

He's not wrong but I think this should go against his values

Link: https://archive.vn/yFqer

The comics book industry went woke and is gonna go broke. I'll probably make more videos about this subject as I think it's important to discuss culturally


Article: https://archive.ph/yEC9y
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN5rnMDCctU&t=1s

He does fit for Biden's admin though, brainless!

link: https://archive.vn/UuJNw

TL:DR I had the coof for two weeks then been busy working for the last week

Being a neocon type he's probably getting a little nervous

Also If you know any Maga populist who'd be willing to run against Kinzinger have them come to Lee county in Illinois as I think they'll win easily

If you haven't done so already do what you need to prepare
There's a few things I missed or came up since recording so I'll post that video soon and link it

Links: https://archive.ph/natDQ

They just don't care the curtain is pulled back!

I think Idaho needs a round of applause


The mob won. Also sorry if I sound a little off I haven't slept good the past few days


I've been saying I do this for the past several months but I finally did it!

Also I didn't talk too much about Youtube failing via censorship and all that this was just general growth experience

If this wasn't involved with a cop no one would give a shit especially in Chicago

The Story: https://archive.ph/hemZB
Body Cam: https://www.chicagocopa.org/case/2021-1112/
Lawyer Backtracking: https://archive.vn/KAM1T
The Protestors Protests: https://archive.vn/uajZf

This wasn't a racial shooting but that hasn't stopped the riots and grifting


I think this will probably lead to NSA type of putting citizens on a list. Yikes!


They're really trying though but hey at least DC will be locked up again for another 3+ months

Here's an example of the propaganda: https://archive.ph/g0vtu

Something I forgot to say was to get ready for the riots if you can

There were a lot of dementia moments can't wait for more

There are other things I talk about as I haven't explained my stance on 2A, gun deaths, etc. so sorry if it's a little long

Also I'll make another video about the suspect once more info is out


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