That's twice let's see if Dems go for number 3

Overall this is a big gloat for the establishment for rigging the election

Been trying to post this since last Friday(Bitchute video processing), should've just blown my brains out instead

Link: https://archive.vn/Eewx2

It'll probably pick back up when everyone leaves robinhood and whether the next stimulus checks arrive(recorded before 1.9 trillion bill passed)

Let it burn!
Also the investor guy I was thinking of was Warren Buffet not Berkshire

Oof what were they thinking?

This could be a final middle finger to the establishment by Trump if he pardons these two, hopefully he'll do it

It's no surprise the dems overstepped with this one. Let's see if the senate republicans make that same mistake.

That fat fuck needs to go already

This is a video that I said I would make a video about but there's not really a lot to talk about cause anyone looking at the evidence should've expected this

Start telling your friends and family to start using other social media outlets then the mainstream ones

The BLM riots can't even be closely compared to this *edit: riot

I 'm thinking if this new strain spreads around, which it probably will, I'm expecting similar lockdowns especially in my state of Illinois

Trump screwed Mitch and caused more establishment infighting. Pretty much the end result as I expected

Not sure the establishment politicians should've done this

I probably didn't explain the legal reasons for Texas making their lawsuit but this video is more about the SCOTUS decision and the sort of side effects that might come from it

Some leftist should work at my job so they at least question about having a minimum wage

Hopefully Trump gets a victory but it's SCOTUs will make the ultimate decision but they might not favor Trump but it's up in the air

In the video I forgot what her name was, I usually don't care about the verified checkmarks, but it's Naomi Wolf the person who regretting voting for Biden lol oops. Also I talk about why we need the electoral college

Sure Biden won but the fight's not over but I'll explain that more in the next video but even if he becomes our president don't lose hope

I get off work and see that no one's won yet what the hell. Also sorry for all the word murdering, I blame work fatigue

I woke up and decided to have a look at the election results so far and looks it's gonna be Trump again. Now I'm going back to sleep

Here's hoping for another 4 years though

There were a few other points I forgot to make like with Pritzker's Halloween rules that contradict is rulings or like how the WHO said NOT to shut everything down again but neither fat fuck or the tards in the IDPH seem to care
Also tried posting this earlier in the week but it never processed at the time

Links: https://archive.vn/D7CEU


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