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Low NAD levels could be the reason why you are low in energy.

Supplementation alongside other lifestyle changes can be the solution for you.

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In this episode, Jay interviews Chris Burres, a scientist and entrepreneur who founded MyVitalC, a company that sells supplements that increase longevity and vitality.

Chris played an important role in the discovery and development of a “miracle molecule” known as ESS60, which has been shown to dramatically improve mitochondrial function. Evidence suggests it can significantly increase both your lifespan and your healthspan.

Tune in if you want to learn more about ESS60 and get clear, direct recommendations for the behaviors and lifestyle choices that will help you live longer and better from the man who literally wrote the book on the subject.  

“As an antioxidant, there's peer reviewed research that has been published that shows ESS60 to be 125 times more powerful than Vitamin C.”

– Chris Burres


• The Impact Of Carbon-60 On Longevity – The benefits of using Carbon 60 and ESS60 for anti-aging benefits in both humans and animals.

• The Role of Mitochondria In Aging – The importance of mitochondrial health in combating aging and reducing oxidative stress.

• Regulation of Stem Cells & Other Treatments – Stem cells have been proven to accelerate healing, extend lifespan and improve health, but they’re being outlawed.

• Daily Decisions & Habits That Promote Longevity – Making better choices about what you eat and how you move can deliver big results.

• Chris’ New Book & Longevity Conference – Learn how to get even more research and recommendations around the science of longevity.


00:00:00 – Introduction

00:02:25 – The Importance of Carbon 60 in Longevity and Health

00:07:52 – The “Boss Theory” of Carbon 60

00:15:12 – Chris’ Experience Writing “Live Longer and Better”

00:21:56 – Limiting Factors in Longevity & The Power Of Stem Cells

00:29:15 – Dietary Strategies For Longevity

00:33:40 – The Dangers of Alcohol, Sugar, and Toxins 

00:42:32 – Protein Intake And Mindful Eating Habit..

You can either be a victim of your circumstances or a master of your destiny. 

As children of the light, we have a duty to inspire others to awaken, to raise their vibration.

We have to treat others with the level of compassion they deserve. But we can’t force them to do so. Proselytizing would only create more resistance and negativity.

⚠️ No matter how painful it can be to see others vibrate in #fear, we have to respect their #FreeWill and their soul’s journey. They will wake up when they are ready, NOT when we want them to.

We have to learn to control our emotional and physiological state by our conscious will. We have to empathize from afar, but not sympathize.

Remember that everything that happens is part of our soul’s plan. We chose to experience the challenges, the pain, and the fear, as well as the joy, the love, and the peace.

We are here to learn, to evolve, and to transcend.

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People who are used to taking pre-workout adapt to the jittery caffeine effect it has.

Most pre-workouts are filled with garbage ingredients that health-optimizing supplements do not have.

These supplements such as NAD3 provide a light more stable elevation in energy levels that last the whole day.

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In this episode, Jay interviews Adam Gethin, the co-founder of a new golden age supplement company called Biostack Labs, which prioritizes purity, quality, and convenience over pure profitability.

They cover a broad range of topics, ranging from the dangers of our inflammatory society to how NAD supplementation can increase cellular energy levels and improve mitochondrial function.

Tune in if you want to learn more about the flaws of the current health supplement landscape and how Biostack Labs is poised to disrupt the status quo with their customer-centric philosophy.

"You have to be very conscious of over consumption. If you're someone who's consuming content to optimize your health, back it up with action, because that's how you really learn."

– Adam Gethin


• The Importance of Radical Responsibility - Take personal accountability in all aspects of life and commit to actually doing the work required to get results.

• The Impact of Inflammation on Health - Understand the dangers of our excessively inflammatory environment and how to take steps to protect yourself.

• The Benefits of NAD Supplementation - Learn how NAD enhancement can increase cellular energy levels and optimize mitochondrial function.

• Quality and Transparency in Supplement Industry - Warning signs to look for in most manufacturers, and the benefits of Biostack Labs’ customer-centric approach.


00:00:00 - Introduction
00:05:14 - Personal Accountability And A Bias For Action
00:17:20 - The Biostack Labs Backstory
00:23:42 - The Dark Side Of The Supplement Industry
00:27:06 - The Powerful Effects of NAD Supplementation
00:30:03 - The Biostack Lifestyle & Brand Ethos
00:35:15 - The Biostack Community & Product Updates
00:39:06 - How To Avoid Or Mitigate Environmental Inflammation
00:43:09 - The Biostack Mission and Future Plans
00:47:12 - Final Thoughts and Adam’s Resources


Adam Gethin is the co-founder of Bios..

How do you define your life at this very moment?

❌ If you use negative words that reflect your challenges, then these exact thoughts and feelings will reflect back into your own life.

You create your reality based on where you place your focused will and intention.

💡 Focus on what you want more of, not less of.

✅ If you practice unconditional love and maintain thoughts of #gratitude and non-judgment, you will become the true measure of a fully optimized human.

💡 And regardless of what you’re going through, understand that EVERYTHING is happening as it is divinely intended always and in ALL WAYS.

Ready to learn more about being a fully optimized human?

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We’re under a constant barrage of stimuli that threaten to knock us off the path toward health, longevity, and enlightenment.

⚠️ There are malicious groups of individuals, both human and non-human, that are working to keep us in a state of fear, ignorance, and enslavement.

They don’t want a society of healthy, energetic people who think for themselves. They would rather we become a flock of docile sheep who do as they are told. 🐑

💪🏻 But we have a choice. We can choose to move into a reality where we have individual freedom and liberty. We can choose to align ourselves with a #resonant and #CoherentVibration.

Dare to take back control of your mind and body.

Collectively, this will create a reality where we are freed from oppression and moving towards a higher vibration Golden Age.

Make a difference by creating, learning, and networking.

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There, you will join a community of people who are ready to take charge of their lives. You will get access to the best resources, tools, and expert insights for health optimization. 🔥

Regardless of the fitness or health optimization goals, women need to eat more protein to live longer, and healthier.

Adequate protein consumption is key for:

1️⃣ Building Lean Muscle Mass
2️⃣ Body Weight Management
3️⃣ A Healthy Immune System
4️⃣ Supporting Bones, Hair, and Nails

This is especially CRUCIAL as you age and your bone density decreases—leaving you at risk of osteoporosis, especially if you don’t live a fully optimized lifestyle.

In addition to eating enough protein every day, you also want it to come from the cleanest sources possible while also containing a healthy level of essential fatty acids.

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Join a community of beginner, intermediate, and veteran biohackers working to take charge of their health and happiness.

Reversing your biological age is simple...

Don't drink alcohol, minimize sugar consumption, and fast regularly.

These simple actions have an amazing ROI on reversing your age.

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No matter where our expertise lies, we all have a role to play in making the world a better place.

Creativity is the very core of our soul.

We are driven to create experiences as service to the greater collective (i.e., Source Creation experiences what we create).

Live by the Golden Rule of treating others as you want to be treated.

Tap into individual gifts to create something that is of service to others without attachment or expectation.

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✅ #Tirzepatide has shown amazing results in clinical trials and anecdotal evidence for reducing your appetite and cravings, making it easier to stick to your #WeightLoss program.

⚠️ But Tirzepatide, #Semaglutide, and other #WeightLossMedications are just a piece of the puzzle.

They are TOOLS that work best when combined with a healthy lifestyle. You still need to eat well, exercise, sleep, and manage your stress.

Don’t rely on Tirzepatide alone to solve your problems.

💡 For this reason, most of the unfavorable side effects associated with Tirzepatide are often linked to misuse of the drug or neglecting your nutrition.

 If you don’t eat enough protein and micronutrients, you will sabotage your results.

You MUST be careful to maintain a clean and nutritious diet despite the overall reductions in appetite and calorie intake from using GLP-1s.

👉🏻 Want to learn more about Tirzepatide and how to use it safely and effectively? Here’s the most comprehensive blog post you can find on the topic: https://loom.ly/IyZlNi8

And for more common myths surrounding GLP-1 fat loss drugs, go to: https://loom.ly/LexEozc

❓What other myths have you heard regarding Semaglutide/Tirzepatide? 🗨️👇🏻

🚨 From the overconsumption of alcohol, processed foods, and sugars, drugs to pharmaceutical poisons, #EMFs, and #EDCs—the modern world (under the control of reptilian beings and evil forces) is designed to separate us from our power.

When we’re completely blocked due to this assault constantly upon us, we will never evolve spiritually or see the world for what it really is.

💀 The reptilians seek to control and distract us by keeping us blind to their activities.

💪🏻 The most powerful weapon we have against these forces is achieving high consciousness and optimizing your vessel via #HormonalOptimization and lifestyle. 

✅ When your hormones, physical health, and lifestyle are balanced, you feel aligned and so connected energetically. You will notice yourself gravitating towards the improvement of your #SpiritualHealth. You find yourself seeking and achieving a deeper sense of connection with the source frequency, a.k.a. GOD.

Achieving this spiritual connection to help destroy the reptilian agenda takes work and discipline.

You MUST create internal work and contemplative practices to integrate ancient wisdom with modern #biohacking.

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People who say yes too frequently tend to get pulled in many directions leading to them being unable to prioritize their goals, productivity, and health.

Saying yes too often can lead to less sleep, poorer eating habits and other undesirable health side effects.

Learning to say NO could be the reason why you are finally able to succeed.

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Many people suffer from high levels of inflammation due to the misconception that calories in calories out is a “healthy” way of living leading to many people eating processed foods that fit their macros.

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#calories #biohacking #diet

❓ Do you let them get under your skin and ruin your mood? Do you lash out and escalate the situation? Do you let them drain your energy and lower your vibration?

If you do, you’re playing right into their hands. You’re letting them manipulate you and control you. You’re letting them distract you from your true purpose and potential.

✅ CHOOSE to respond differently. Protect your consciousness and energy field by staying calm and balanced.

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I’ll show you how to become the best version of yourself. 🚀

We are living in a time of extreme polarization, where a #transhumanist agenda is being pushed by the elites who want to destroy humanity.

Sadly, many people are blindly giving up their freedom to this algorithmic mentality and morality that’s being imposed on us by the system.

We must protect our #sovereignty, humanity, and connection to Source from those who want to enslave us.

This starts with the understanding that we are eternal energy beings living in temporary bodies. So we do not have to fear death.

Death is not the end, but a transition from the physical (avatar, matter being) to the non-physical (etheric/energy-true essence).

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We live in a time of intense duality, and the only way to overcome it is through pure, unconditional love.

#Love is the greatest gift you can give. 💖

It’s key to #SpiritualGrowth via service to All of Creation (Service to Source, the One, or GOD).

We need to get to a point where giving our love is a given, with no strings attached.

#RaiseYourVibration to Optimize Your Love Creation.

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Whatever LabCorp, Quest, and other diagnostic companies set as the reference range is NOT a reliable criterion of whether you should optimize your #Testosterone levels.

Here’s why:

1️⃣ The ‘Normal’ Lab Ranges reflect a population of obese men with dwindling T levels
2️⃣ There’s too much variance from person to person – i.e., there’s no one-size-fits-all standard  

There is an infinite amount of hormonal diversity across the male population and you cannot compartmentalize all men into a rigid ‘standard patient’ model where the normal range is universally defined.

💡 Look beyond the “normal” range for testosterone levels and focus on achieving an “optimal” range that is best suited for your biochemical individuality.

✅ That’s why you need to work with a doctor who understands the whole picture of your health. A doctor who can customize your treatment based on your individual needs and goals. A doctor who can help you achieve #HormonalOptimization.

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In this episode, Jay interviews Megan and Nicole Michelena, a pair of certified microdosing coaches who founded a holistic wellness and mentorship institute called Zenchronicity.

The conversation centers around the transformative power of psychedelics, especially psilocybin and its potential for healing and personal growth. They also discuss how societal conditioning has suppressed the divine feminine and emphasize the need for everyone to restore balance between masculine and feminine energies.

Tune in if you’ve been curious about psychedelics, or if you’re looking for advice on how to maintain mindfulness and self-awareness in a world full of toxicity and temptation.

“To create and to nurture is masculine. To flow, to manifest, to understand divine essence is feminine. When you balance your masculine and feminine, you literally become unstoppable.”

– Megan Michelena


• Psilocybin and Healing - How certain strains can target specific energy centers in the body and help address trauma and promote healing.

• Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies - The danger of women being objectified and men lacking purpose, and why we must rebalance masculine and feminine energy.

• Awakening and Breaking the Matrix - The role of inner work, psychedelics, and guided spiritual experiences in breaking free from societal programming and truly awakening.

• Surrender and Plant Medicine - Personal experiences of surrendering to the medicine and accessing higher states of consciousness, including profound healing and connection.

• Dark Forces and Energy Harvesting - How to shield yourself from dark entities that feed off negative energy and create a continuous frequency of fear and anxiety throughout society.


00:00:00 - Introduction
00:03:29 - The Power of Psilocybin and Other Psychedelics
00:11:35 - The Impact of Modern Society on Mental Health
00:13:17 - The Role of Psychedelics in Healing and Neuroplast..

Neglecting your health and refusing to take responsibility for your wellness only leads down one path – biochemical devastation. 💀

You play right into the hands of #BigPharma and become their perfect customer – not dead, not healthy, and completely reliant on an evil system to survive. 🧟

AWAKEN to this reality before it’s too late and become the proactive scientist of your own health.

✅ While the outdated and corrupt allopathic medicine system plays catch up, you have the opportunity to fine-tune every aspect of your well-being with #HormonalOptimization, #peptides, and #biohacking technologies.

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We live in a cesspool of contamination – from Endocrine-Destroying Chemicals (#EDCs) to “dirty” Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs).

⚠️ Most people have NO IDEA that #EMFpollution from nearby cell phone towers and wireless devices is destroying their bodies.

We have to take massive action to insulate ourselves from the harmful #EMFfrequencies.

But with so much of modern life dependent on some of these toxic energies, most of us don’t have the option of going completely off the grid and avoiding technology entirely.

❓ So how can we coexist with harmful vibrations without putting our physical and spiritual health at risk? 

✅ We can shield ourselves by making use of protective tools like those provided by Blushield. 🛡️

Rather than blocking EMFs (which is ineffective or suboptimal for various reasons) #EMFsolutions offered by Blushield use resonant frequencies to overpower no ’dirty’ EMFs and neutralize their negative effects on your body.

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#HormoneOptimization is crucial for men, especially in today’s world that is contaminated with #EDCs (endocrine-disrupting chemicals).

💡 If you’re looking to optimize your masculine power and identity, consider combining #HumanGrowthHormone (hGH) and #TherapeuticTestosterone.

✅ Testosterone Optimization Therapy (#TOT) and surgically precise doses of hGH (#Genotropin) work synergistically, allowing you to experience the true magic of a harmonious endocrine system.

💪🏻 The improvements in fat loss, lean mass gains, and maximal strength will have you feeling like a renewed man, ready to take on the world.

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In our world today, there are forces at play that seek to manipulate, deceive, and contaminate us.

There’s a mission to dumb us down and make it impossible for us to stand up for ourselves.

The elites pulling the strings aim to turn us into weak-minded, weak-bodied, inward-looking consumers who have no spiritual connections and are addicted to drugs, GMO food, and cheap sources of #dopamine.

One of the weapons they use to manipulate the masses is FEAR. Mainstream media and society are geared towards scaring us as a mechanism of control.

⚠️ When we’re in fear, we become more susceptible to manipulation. Fear makes us less likely to step out of line or question the powers that be. We stop questioning and challenging the status quo. We give up our freedom and our sovereignty.

But here’s the thing: You have the power to say NO. You have the power to stand up for yourself and live in alignment with your #higherSELF or inner guidance.

💪🏻 The world needs smart, strong masculine leadership. Leaders who are not afraid to speak their truth and take action. Leaders who are not corrupted by the system and the agenda.

For this, we need to optimize our health and nurture our intellect and intuition to become more aware.

👉🏻 Start your journey to enlightenment at [join.jaycampbell.com]. Learn how to become a fully optimized man.

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According to Dr. David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness, #shame is the lowest vibrational energy that exists.

If you’re vibrating in shame, it’s often because you’re letting people do the living for you. You’re allowing others to make your decisions.

Letting go of individual shame is a MUST in the quest for a meaningful and joyous existence.

✅ Rather than worry about what other people think about you, become more appreciative of yourself. This will leave you more open to the light, love, and inspiration of your soul.

Success comes from an absolute desire to become the thing you want to become and from self-appreciation.

So when creating, do what feels good. For as you feel good, you radiate and as you radiate you draw energy and power to yourself (i.e., the law of attraction).

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