JDFW apocalyptic death confessions

Grilling Trump legitimates Trump to his base. If they pitched Trump "wiffle balls" like they do Biden, Trump would tank. The allure of his character requires that he be the villain for the press that his base despises- that's his whole appeal! And they both know this lol but you don't get it..

I could've saved us all. I had the potential. But I was too lazy. Too weak. And now its too late.

Went on a little stroll to a pub across town, filmed a vlog on the way home. The moon was full, the ale was flowing, and I fell in love- then lost her. Woops. Oh well. All in an evening's delusional stumbling through existence.

Gravity and Levity ascend and descend. Both are essential to the becoming of existential life, but gravity is the pull of the inevitability of death and levity is the attraction of wonder that seduces one to further life. At the nadir of the spirit of levity, everything is evil- for there is no possible "good" in the strict (immoralist) sense of "being in accord with the prevailing majority", because morality-defining herd is decadent to the point of perpetually incurring injury to itself. We are at that nadir- and so one must decide, in the face of all options being evil, WHICH evil will one become: the evil of complacency with gravity, or the evil of rebellion in levity?

"If you bring what is inside of you to the outside, what is inside of you will save you. But if you do not bring what is inside of you to the outside, what is inside you will destroy you."

Got off work and decided to record myself talking to myself in my car and then post it online for nobody and anybody

Top uh tha mornin' tu ja


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