it looks like genocide/democide is ok nowadays,
we will remember that when the tide turns

i never learned about this in school, but i learned about how evil (supposedly)the germans were during ww2
This was before ww2 and people wonder why Hitler built the greatest army in world history, it was not to fight other europeans, it was to stop these satanic bastards

General Patton was killed in a car crash involving a military truck, Coincidence? The cover photo is one of the ways the Bolsheviks used to torture people

The Blueshirts back then were part of the irish political party Fine Gael, today Fine Gael are Globohomo, they are called Rightwing, there is nothing right about the scum

This is fooking laughable the cover photo is one of the ways the Bolsheviks used to torture people

The man spoke the truth that was his downfall

Idi Amin is asked about Hitler and laughsūü§£

Yuri Bezmenov warned America in 1984 and nothing was done
You reap what you sow

The IRA that fought in the northern ireland troubles and the bombings in Britain from the 70s up until the 90s were not nationalists, they were marxists and they are even more globohomo today

Dan Pena answers a loud mouthed woman who sounds scared shitless about the end of the world by climate change and rising sea levels

The same scum who caused havoc on 9/11 and the wars that followed, are the same scum behind the genocide happening today

Dr Judy Wood has a word for what happened to the WTC on 9/11

Look closely you will see giant steel girders turning to dust, and people still believe these buildings fell because of a fire

400,000 British troops were stranded on Dunkirk beach like sitting ducks in the middle of ww2, they could have been slaughtered by the germans, but Hitler refused to kill them, The Dreseden massacre was done when WW2 was over and the german forces were defeated, Who were the Evil ones i ask

instead of building a wall in the southern border of the USA, trumpstein was over at the ZOG wall bowing down to the same scum who are behind the invasion of America, and what is with the small hat on his zionist head

If all the Soldiers of WW2 could see the world today, they would have not took part in any Zog Wars

This is a clip from a 10 hour long interview kay griggs gave back in the 1990s, this woman was married to a navy top brass, she explains who was running the US state Department back in the 70s 80s and early 90s and they were not Americans

when we look at today's world it is undeniable that we fought the wrong enemy, but the gatekeepers keep pushing the same nonsense that it is the Nazi's and the Fascists that have our world under their grip

The Holodomor Ukraine 1932-1933
why is ok to carry a flag with the hammer and sickle but the swaztika is banned

David Irving talks about fake stories of ww2 and also his persecution in germany for telling the truth

we hear alot of normies saying that it is Nazi's that are running the world today, they love the word fascism when they give speeches, like david icke, his favorite word, these fools use the ghosts of dead germans that gave the scum of the world the best fight they could give to save us from the shit that is happening today, these scumbags are not Nazi's, they are bolshevik scum

The greatest lie ever told


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