Modern Spiritualism has developed from people with Christian backgrounds because false teachings failed to protect them from deception. There is a progression in modern spiritualism that leads us to NWO & the coming of the Antichrist.

We are already walking in a changed nation with the media and educational system hypnotic and occultic thrust for constitutional change.

Warning- language
Why Pope Francis has not returned home. He is the former head of the Jesuit order from 1973 to 1979 holding one of the highest Church positions in Argentina during the 'dirty wars'.

See how the truth & treaty are unraveling

Who is pushing for constitutional changes which is so unpopular with Australians?


9-11 opened up the stealth military operation we are in today

At this time "We will be brought into close combat with the beast and his image. We are at the beginning of the time of the mark of the beast in which no one can buy and sell except they have its mark. CBCD are tied to inclusive capitalism (that is exclusive capitalism) and all who fit into that system when they disregard the commandments of God will do so at the cost of their life.
2023 the trilateral commission said it is the first year of the NWO and the first international meeting of the trilateral commission & 50-year anniversary. The Asian times reporting on this using their comments we can understand this will be an inflationary private and government led period.
Fox news exert
This confederation is intricately tied to the United Nations, the little horn (the smallest nation on the planet) and the Lucis or Lucifer trust and their private monopolies in what is called inclusive capitalism that is Marxism being led by the ....... in key western positions.

International Sunday worship by law is the answer to the Paris Agreement based on the Laudato Si.’ This is the aim of this whole exercise by the UN and Vatican (NWO) using the power of the USA.

You're going to get a whole lot of nonsense as the Jesuits stack the deck

One billion signatures to the Pope's fraternity

Jesuits under Pope Francis are looking for constitutional change in Western nations

Kennedy uses facts to explain how diseases change form and location using a drug (or jab) with lethal results.

How liberation theology used by the Jesuits in Latin America is being used for the climate agenda

A simple explanation of the 'little horn' found in the prophecies of Daniel

You are being replaced from redacted check out the full clip
US-funded migration assisted by the government and military is self-destructive

Health is determined by your virome and microbiome which is the result of what goes into the bloodstream and surrounding internal and external environmental factors that make up your gut flora determining the blood quality. 'Germ-free mice' have a lowered immune system with effects similar to AIDS. These studies discuss the effect of the spike protein on gut health.


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