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Highway mileage with internal combustion engines is far better for numerous reasons. The main thing is saving money, while making your car last longer.

Just a bit of word play.

Despite the sound of the title, this is no a raunchy video.

Facebook Asks Users in Australia For Nude Pics
Follow along with me as I talk about what sharing nude pics with fecesbook could mean. Artificial intelligence that I speak of is something we supposedly have now.

Homemade still using Zodi camping water heater, copper coil, perforated metal strap, a few bolts, rubber gasket, lid and a fan

I made this stupid video for laughs and to highlight how dumb some people are regarding water quality. China, India, Africa and the ME are overpopulated ad THEY are the ones needing a size reduction program, while it seems that only white people are following the whole fewer babies strategy. Even if they do have bad water quality, like me, grow some brains and make a freaking still. A still, properly set up, can virtually remove all impurities, providing the best source of water possible.

ebay sellers lies about cell capacity...who would've guessed? I show one way of demonstrating the ruse by measuring the weight of the cells. It is evident that the cells with more actual capacity are heavier. Give Japan your dough instead of China. Honesty is valuable, as are the higher capacity Eneloop and Energizer.

It is better to use metal container than plastic for making sparkling water for any reasons. Use beer-making equipment and you get an investment in self-sustaining practices.

I show how it is not possible that distilled water is bad for you, quite the opposite. Watch how distilled water immediately becomes things other than distilled H20 once it enters your mouth. Even if distilled water was bad, it is no longer distilled water inside your body.


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