Bruce rock climbing the classic El Amate Amarillo 5.12C
Located on the right side of the El Chonta Cave

Bruce Hermann on Mala Fama 5.12a (The single pitch only).
At the bottom of El Chonta cave is an awesome 35m tufa jungle.

This is the climb between La Onza and Mantis.
Hard to find the anchor. It is hidden in a cave.
Be careful not to go to far left onto La Onza

Located in Thakhek, Laos in the amazing roof.
Small World climbs through the roof.

Super Cool Inteneveris Rock Climb 5.10C.
Stellar little roof followed by an awesome tufa fin.
Located in beautiful Arcotete, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico.

There are 2 extensions:
La Serpiente Cósmica 5.12C which climbs the roof to a brutal crux (bonus feature)
Cosmovision de un Mono 5.13A Endurance climbing to the top. Making it the longest route in the cave.

The topo can be found at:

The 5 star classic Gollum 5.10D rock climb.
It is located in the Arcotete, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico.
Their is an extension El Penacho de Moctezuma 5.12A

The topo can be found:

Rock Climb Serendipity 12D Rogues Gallery, Squamish, BC
May 25, 2012
Classic beautiful line.

Jonathan Berall rock climbing Xibalbá Express 5.10D
Beautiful rook climb with fun ending
El Arcotete, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

El Totem rock climb in Arcotete, San Cristobal de las Casas

Fernando climbing the right side of San Cayetano, the cave, 12A Onomatopeya.
Located 1 hour walk from Guadalacazar, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

The best and delicious place for non Mexican food is Aventurarte Cafe.

To find other rock climbers go to their campground restaurant.

Just a first draft.
Ideas are better panorama in the beginning.
improved lighting shots

Paseo Escalar - 11a
Sara climbing a tough warm up on the left hand side in Candelas, Guadalacazar, San Luis Pelosi, Mexico.

Kathmandu 12a Rock Climb in
An fantastic fun climb located on the left side of Grutas de las Candelas, Guadalacazar, San Luis Potosi Mexico

Gordon Fraser Rock Climbing El Corrido de los Procopio (5.12A) El Chonta, Mexico

Jonathan Berall climbing El Jaguar 7c/+.
In El Chonta, Mexico

Marisol rock climbs La Tesucana 5.10A
El Chonta, Mexico

Gordon Fraser red point of El Aliado Rock Climb
In El Chonta Mexico

Rock Climb Seres Inorganicos 5.11a in El Chonta, Mexico
Gordon Fraser climbing


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