Remember, anytime the left brings up a new strain, or a new virus you can bet the farm they created it. Monkey Pox is no different and just their latest attempt to try to kill us. These mother fuckers need to be dealt with and hopefully in time they will be.

WARNING: LANGUAGE IS VERY SALTY ONE THIS ONE. IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED AT MY PASSION AND ANGER TOWARDS PEOPLE WHO WANT TO STEAL AWAY YOUR VOTE PLEASE SKIP THIS ONE... Please TAKE ACTION! Become a poll worker, guard drop boxes, work at the tabulation centers, watch the parking lots, knock on doors, and recruit more people . The left were never held accountable for stealing the 2020 election so now they are planning on DOUBLING their efforts and doing it again. Not on my Fucking watch...

That's right, you heard that correctly. The Fake Regime's HHS is actually encouraging parents to file ethic complaints against Doctors who have the moral clarity to refuse to perform gender reassignment surgeries on children!!! Even infants!!!! Who are these evil satanic sick bastards!!!!! ????? Also, good news! Early Primary states are showing a 90% DECREASE in the use of mail in voting which means the people finally are understanding how dangerous the practice is. Also, BLM is a money laundering operation on par with the Clinton Foundation. New tax documents prove they are hiding their cash. This livestream was packed full of stories that will blow your mind! Enjoy!

ALSO REMEMBER, I AM CLOSING ON MY NEW HOUSE ON TUESDAY MAY 24th. So I will be breaking down my studio and will not have access to it. This means I will be doing BEST OFS for Monday the 23rd, Tuesday the 24th, and Wednesday the 25th. NEW CONTENT ON THURSDAY MAY 26th. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support!!!

99% of the American media are nothing but lying filthy dirty whores. They would suck & f-ck almost anyone for a juicey story even if it wasn't true. They have no morals, no values, and offer nothing to humanity. They would slit their own mothers throats and drink the blood and ask for seconds if they could get a scoop on an exclusive story. I call them Presstitutes because they sell out their souls, their integrity, and even their bodies to protect their Democratic Party masters. I hope all of them get invited to China for some bullshit journalism award and the plane hits the great wall of china at 300 mph. Bernstein out...

A new unearthed DHS memo reveals Pro Abortion Activists were planning on "storming the SCOTUS building" and burning it down to the ground with the Justices still inside! Plus, I have a plan for Madison Cawthorn. If he does what I suggest he could expose the swamp and maybe even destroy it once and for all.

This Tuesday Night 5 States held GOP Primaries. There were some victories and a few defeats and even a few surprises. Here's the latest.

Not even 30 minutes after the shooting occurred the presstitute Whores in the media were already calling the Buffalo Tops Supermarket shooter Peyton Gendron a radicalized Trump Supporting, Tucker Carlson worshipping, Fox News Watching White Supremacist. This is the furthest thing from reality. Peyton Gendron was a seld described Authoritarian Leftist who hated Conservatives, Russia, and Fox News. Once again, Bernstein does the job the lazy good for nothing Presstitute Whores refuse to do.

Forget about these bull$hit shootings. They are a distraction. The REAL FOCUS must be on this new attempt by this evil regime to surrender our sovereignty and rights over to the WHO or the CCP. Not on my f-cking watch! TAKE ACTION NOW!!! Contactmypolitician.com call, email, etc blow up their f-cking phones immediately tomorrow morning!!!! We have beaten many other attempts by the left to secretly surrender our country and we will defeat them again. But it is going to take ALL of us!!! So let's show these motherf-ckers we will NEVER back down!

If you listen real closely you can hear the chatter in Washington, DC for Gun Control. It happens almost every time some batshit crazy loon shoots up a supermarket, especially if it is filled with Black People. No matter how you slice it, this was a horrible hate crime and my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.

Yes, this is the next T-Shirt I ordered. Another livestream that was much more interactive than most. Lots of questions answered and lots of comments responded to. I barely got to cover pre ready stories! That's a GREAT sign that this audience is engaged, focused, and never not ready to fight. God bless you all for that.

The highest inflation since 1977. The highest gas prices on record. Supply chain issues getting worse. And now a shortage of baby formula? How much more will the American people take? In this video I explain why this latest regime made crisis has happened and 2 ways to get formula including how to make it at home.

I'm tired of listening to these self important arrogant demons whining about their right to murder their unborn children. Sorry ladies, but when you spread your legs like peanut butter and get knocked up unintentionally it doesn't give you the right to murder your unborn children. My body my choice only pertains to leftists. Everyone else can not have autonomy over their bodies. My murder my choice is really what these sick bastards are upset about.

By now, many of you have already seen Dinesh DeSouza's newest masterpiece "2000 Mules" which shows exactly how the election of 2020 was stolen from President Trump. But what is not making the rounds and definitely should be is this documentary about how the 2020 stolen election was funded. Here is the FULL MOVIE RIGGED: THE ZUCKERBERG FUNDED PLOT TO STEAL THE ELECTION AND DENY TRUMP HIS VICTORY...

When Elon Musk announced he was taking over and buying Twitter many Conservatives, who were shadow banned and/or thrown off of the platform were thrilled! Many of them even re opened Twitter accounts as soon as the takeover became official. I, on the other hand, was much more tepid and reserved in my response because I know exactly who Elon Musk is; and Conservative certainly doesn't roll off the tongue. In this video I expose at least two major investors and both of them should worry those who believe in freedom of speech...

Background: Jacob did a talent show at Guitar Center a few weeks ago in which he won first prize. The second place finisher was this beautiful and talented girl Ava. So I decided to play match maker lol and got her number so Jake and her could get together and jam. Tonight was the FIRST time ever they played together. I think it went pretty well. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did filming it! Again, God bless to all the incredible mothers out there! We love you!!!!

The left need to create yet another diversion so you forget how back you are getting fucked without being kissed. Dow down 1,000 Gas breaks new record high, Diesel now highest on record, 4 Million plus quit their job this MONTH and inflation is at a 40 year high. But, MAGA are the exteme ones? Joe Biden can go fuck that fake black slut he ran with. We are so sick of this rancid fucking fake admin. Don't forget to tip your waitress lol

Back on with the Hub Radio Guys! It's been a while and lots of things have happened. Ray and Ron were in studio and I was on zoom. We discussed Elon Musk, The Ministry of Truth, The SCOTUS leaks, and much much more.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: I WILL BE DOING THE LIVESTREAM TOMORROW (THURSDAY NIGHT) INSTEAD OF Friday due to Mother's Day. I will taking my mom out Fri Night for a surprise dinner. I can say this here because unfortunately she never watches my show because she is a big liberal. Yes, even I have to deal with family members that are brainwashed, woke, and quite frankly suicidal (from the jabs) But she's still my mother.

The Movie 2000 Mules must be seen by every American who loves this country and by every politician who swore an oath to protect it. As Bannon would say, "these are definitely the receipts." It is imperative that millions of Americans see the truth and what happened to their precious and sacred right to vote. It was STOLEN from you, from me, and from over 90 million Americans. We must right this wrong and the incredible patriots at True the Vote and D'nesh De Souza have given us the blueprint to do it. We must use this new lifeline effectively and convincingly and DESTROY anyone who tells us we can't. This is a life or death struggle to save America...and we will use ALL MEANS NECESSARY in order to defeat the enemies of freedom...

Country Music Star Naomi Judd's death was ruled a suicide. Here are the latest details. The fall of Afghanistan was not a military blunder. It was an act of treason and domestic terrorism. And for the first time in history a SCOTUS draft decision was leaked to the public. The contents of which show that Roe V Wade might soon finally be overturned.

The language is a little salty on this one, but fuck it these pricks deserve it. The annual Alfred Murrah Correspondent Dinner was Sat night. This is where angry devil worshipping Presstitute whores get together and bash America. I didn't watch it. There was a lesbian synchronized swimming championship from frogballs Kentucky on instead.

Another Friday night and another crazy livestream. ENJOY!

So, the pin headed prick Mayorkas who runs DHS has decided to come after anyone who supports Trump, his policies, America, the Constitution, Law & Order, The Second Amendment and our Judeo-Christian principles by launching a Communist Propaganda campaign designed to silence anyone who does not fall in line. Well, I say to DHS, Biden, and any leftist in America: Go F-ck yourselves!!!

First off, Thank you all for the wonderful comments on Jake's performance! I really appreciated it especially as his very proud father. He's the one in the family with all the talent. He's great kid but different in a good way from his dad.

Freedom is on the march and here are three examples of it. First, Twitter no more. Elon Musk buy twitter and vows to let everyone speak freely. Lets hope he keeps that promise. Secondly, If every Governor was as good as Ron DeSantis, this country would be unstoppable. Florida is leading the country in protecting our right to vote freely and fairly. Every state should follow the in Sunshine's footsteps. And finally, Sock Puppett Biden gets stopped cold (at least temporarily) on repealing Title 42. Enough is enough, this country is FULL! So sit back, take a deep breath....because that air you are breathing is still free.

This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only. The artist retains all rights to their music and copyrights. Jake is growing up and you all probably have not seen is videos in quite some time. He is still at it on the drums andworking towards a career as a professional musician. I may have a certain skillset when it comes to broadcasting but my talent does not compare to Jakes. He will more than likely be much more well known than his very proud father. Back at it the rest of the week. Lots of hard hitting stuff. Also, THIS FRIDAY'S LIVESTREAM WILL BE ON THURSDAY. I'm taking mom out for Mother's day friday night with the family instead of on Sunday.


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