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Created 3 years, 8 months ago.

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Nicholas Veniamin, born London, UK on 17 March 1990, is a British independent journalist reporting news and opinions that the mainstream media fail to report due to their propaganda efforts.

Nicholas began his passion and search for truth when he abandoned his top performing grades as a Law student after learning that his law school had compromised their human rights teachings during the 2020 pandemic. Nicholas then lost faith and confidence in the system and began to follow his truth in the political arena.

Nicholas does not follow a left or right wing but rather advocates and supports the freedoms and human rights of all individuals.

Nicholas Veniamin founded the show “NVTV” where he hosts interviews for those cancelled voices.

Nicholas’s mission is to create a super power media machine where the truth will be told by whistleblowers and humanitarian individuals who wish to expose the truth for the betterment of humanity and our world.

“When you wake people up we all become on the same side” - Nicholas Veniamin