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This battle is TBC I left off with Liiu Kang

Part 2 to CyberPunk 2077

Doing Elvis & the Beatles Performed at Turnbuckle Bar & Grill In Ringgold Owned by Pro Wrestler The Natureboy Paul Lee [The Guy in the Thumbnail]

My 1st time ever in almost 30 years [April 1991 was my 1st singings of GNR & Megadeth]

The Fake News Media has elected Creepy Joe as the 46th President

Just a practice. One day I'll do some for a video! I did peak my head in every once in a while

Heres a Bitchute Gaming Exclusive! archive [besides youtube and it streamed there live]

I started over with game shark lol but heres my 1st 2 plays! this is part 1

This one is from my room but is part 2 from the morning play!

Did only a 3 song set but my throat was hoarse These are NOT done professionally & are for fun!

Did only a 3 song set but my throat was hoarse These are NOT done professionally & are for fun!

last weeks show from 7/25

Most likely my last karaoke performance at 44!
I turn 45 in 2 days! Changed the setlist a bit! diff Nirvana song! Added Motley Crue

new episode for 8/1 abeeria takes off the mask!

Recorded a NEW Karaoke Recording tonight. Ha vent done so in a while.. This Time I did Hank Jr.s Country Boy!
recorded/mixed 7.26.20

On this video I FINALLY DO A Clean Karaoke! been working on myself lately trying to eliminate all of the vulgarity I picked up over the years! I forgot to list "Peace In The Valley" by Elvis Presley. Also NO Copyright violation intended with this as I do my karaoke for fun! If you have any issues please contact me! Thank You

The latest episode for
Here is the NEW version of the JCBW! Saturday Night Southern Torpedo CAW Wrestling! matches:
Becky Wells Vs Abeera in a cage match
Trent Reznoe Vs John Curly in a Tables Match
Bozawood & Ben Vs Con & Zeng in a latter match!

Here is episode #102
originally posted: 7/11/2020

New Intro

Obamacon & Team Chi-Coms are Losing control!
episode for 7/4/2020

Obama-cons rival is revealed

Set List for July 2nd 2020

Karaoke audio!

1] Its So Easy GNR
2] Mr. Brownstone GNR
3] Piece of Me Skid Row
4] Where Did You Sleep Nirvana
5] Creep Radio Head [acust]
6] RVM Pearl Jam
7] Girls Girls Girls Motley Crue
8] Man That You Fear Marilyn Manson
9] Peace Sells Megadeth
10] Hail Cobra closer w/Alex Jones!

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