I ounce had a lower lumbar puncture [spinal tap] and it was done by two medical doctors in an emergency room. I read the forms necessary and one of the possible results could have been paralysis from it and another could have been death.
After seeing this video I'm beginning to wonder if only a Licensed Medical Doctor should be allowed to do a nasal PCR test. Dr. Coleman says some people have died from them being done improperly.

Here is a website that shows the membrane the doctor is discussing.
Function and Layers of the Meninges in the Brain

Sounds like these evil bastards in the federation are the ones that need an education on Ethics, Honor and Morality. Their mentality is just as evil as the worst humans we've ever had in world history. As we go forward we should all agree to never join this Federation. I think its pure evil just what we all think the Cabal is. Its judgmental micromanagement. We must conform to their system or we don't get the carrot on the stick, the same stick they would gladly beat us with if we disagree. The Federation never wants us to progress. Screw them.

USRA UNITED STATES REPUBLIC of AMERICA You have just got to love our M-60 Machine Guns!
Your gonna want to buy two with an 18 wheeler full of ammunition for each!
Buy one for your wife too. She needs maximum protection also?
Get a dozen barrels - their cheaper than the Gun.

[Don't forget to change the barrels out before they start to glow and the weapon seizes on you.]

This video is to teach you what a name stealer is.
Azovstal Steel Works surrendered they say.
Name Stealer is what you call deep state in the US Republic.

I was 15 years old when Kent State happened 4th May 1970. I was down around Cincinnati, OH where I'm from and Kent State is the opposite corner of the state around Akron, OH. We had people dying on TV every day in Vietnam and 1 or 2 people dying every 2 or 3 months here in the US protesting the War or from government false flags. We thought the government had ramped up their attacks on people and we weren't armed before it was a good time to get armed then because there was going to be a Civil War in the USA to end the Civil War of Vietnam. Sort of what people are feeling now. More people are dying from false flags than ever died then. Then the government wanted control and not a Civil War, just to control us. Now the deep state wants a Civil War so they can declare martial law and put us into FEMA death camps and reduce surplus population. It would be ill advised if we give them what they want right now. If Civil War ever come let us wisely make it later or not at all. I see continuity of government working behind the scenes and we still have hope to turn this crap off. We will loose a few million to the depopulation injection the deep state and traitors put out but we won't loose the 100 million plus we would if we actually have a Civil War. We have about 750 million guns fore about a population of 350 million men, women and children. Civil War would be a blood bath and what I gather from the grapevine is why the military is moving so slowly. Its not too piss you off. Be patient awhile longer, some courts will come into play. There will always be time to kill later if it becomes necessary, but you can never turn back the hands of time after you have started killing. Wait for it. Please

WHO MADE WHO Deep State?

Have Hope. Maybe someday the thing you ounce loved might come back might be the moral of the story. Blind faith is the hardest skill to acquire for old men.

Somedays I feel like I been fighting Bush Family Paper Clip NAZI's 35 years. It just gets so FuQg old. If I never lifted a finger or said a word back? What would the world look like? Any difference? Its like plowing a field in spring and you look behind you. All the frikken weeds are still there.

Dr Katherine Horton, ex Research Fellow at St John's College, Oxford, has been under overt surveillance by British intelligence since November 2011, ever since she attended a public High Court hearing as a member of the public.

The demonstrative stalking followed her abroad and exploded into non-stop harassment, medical sabotage and eventually brutal attacks with microwave weapons after she threatened to report the second break-in into her home to the police.

She sought an emergency injunction against British intelligence from the High Court in London, [2016] EWHC 2095 (QB), was brutally attacked straight after the hearing in her London hotel room, received death threats and survived an assassination attempt.

The attacks continue and are becoming ever more brutal and psychopathic. She is desperately fighting for her life and is asking for your support. Follow her @Stop007org and find further information, including court documents, on her website:

We are at War with the people that used your money to put up the GEORGIA GUIDE STONES. They are psychopaths and you are in danger. Their name does not matter now, but will later. We & You are under attack. They have tried to murder you and your friends with a depopulation injection. The important thing to know is you are alive and your baby is alive. I think the job now is to figure out how to keep you both alive in this time of War. The Patriot Nurse is clever and well trained. Her site is here:

I am posting this because I found the report at approximately the 36:00 - 36:30 minute mark by to be most interesting as it relates to the Graphene Oxide component of the depopulation injections. I'm older and don't do video editing worth a damn and I think that would possibly be out of context.

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CAPITALIST LIBERTARIAN is an econopolitical school of thought and a right wing faction of the third largest political party of the United States, The Libertarian Party of the United States.
Libertarian is the opposite of Authoritarian
Authoritarianism is a neurosis

FENRIR In Norse mythology, Fenrir is the son of the god Loki and the giantess Angrboða. His siblings are the world serpent, Jörmungandr, and the goddess Hel. All three of them were prophecized to help bring the end of the world, Ragnarok. While Jörmungandr’s role was to start Ragnarok and then battle Thor, Fenrir was the one who would kill the All-Father god, Odin.
Odin’s name translates to leader of the possessed or the lord of the frenzy. The Old Norse Óðinn literally means Master of Ecstasy.

Continuity Of Government Program is for....#DEVOLUTION2EVOLVE