One Day I hope to release The Bill Volume 9 DVD set

Verses against sin by Robert Breaker my commentary

Bryan Denlinger you have Eternal Salvation wrong

Short video to help Robert Breaker

My Commentary I support Ezra

Live - Covering Kings Table Live video

Video message to morality AKA Jacob from Canada

video message to Kings Table

Live short video Ben is Ben and Jacob is Jacob. They are two different people.

Phil you need proof before accusing people

Tom Hughes is good at Bible prophecy but doesn't get people saved

Live - God of the bible is for the Blood atonement of Jesus, we do have the right Jesus.

Live - We are saved by the Blood atonement of Jesus and not by Calling Upon the Lord

Live - It has always been about Blood atonement with God, Old Testament and New Testament.

Live - Aaron Judge V Robert Breaker on how to get saved

Live Covering Chad Wilson's videos

Live covering "Romans 10:13 confuses Jciswing2?"

Live - Covering Ed's video "Cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive (Eph.4:14)"

Going through the comments and I challenge Bryan and Rob to come on my live stream

Robert Breaker is saved

I want to invite Robert Breaker and Bryan Denlinger to my channel for live stream

Live - Covering 3 Bryan Denlinger videos

Censorship in Australia and NZ

I use VPN to watch Bitchute

Live - Calling Upon The Lord causes you to DOUBT your salvation


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