Stanley gets arrested because he bought a Bike from Walmart

Tommy Robinson and Sa Ra Garvey Interview Part 3 My commentary video

Tommy Robinson and Sa Ra Garvey Interview Part 2 My Commentary video I have it on Youtube unlisted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-hgqaT6KDs so if the Bitchute version doesn't play then play the one on Youtube.

Tommy Robinson and Sa Ra Garvey Interview Part 1 My commentary. Bitchute version is not playing here is the Unlisted Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1m5PRXDn5U Click on the Youtube link to play this video.

Video Message to Port Adelaide Football Club about Black lives matter Part 2

Video Message to Port Adelaide Football Club about Black lives matter Part 1

What are they allowing to happen in London? Police are gone, BLM riot and desecration of Churchill's [Mirror video] video from Tommy Robinson

My commentary on how Star Wars Theory was treated on Twitter, I am covering one of his videos. I am a fan of Star Wars just as much as I am a fan of The Bill. He is following his dreams which is Star Wars in making content.

Short video message for bitchute for my subscribers

Robert Breaker your article has added to the Gospel and it has damaged your ministry. Meaning keeping his interracial marriage article up has damages his Ministry.

The difference between Robert Breaker and myself. If that was my article I would take it down and apologise. I am happy to apologise when i do wrong.

More Garbage from Robert Breaker, I cover the comments on Kings Table live stream. What Brother Jay says about Breaker's article. http://www.rrb3.com/mypub/articles/interracial_marriage.htm link to Robert Breaker's interracial article.

Robert Breaker you need to take responsibility for your actions, in regards to your article and no one can edit it either.

The Dems are becoming a Satanist Party and Hillary is a satanist

This is what happened to Avi Yemini in February 2020

Deport Ilhan Omar from the USA

Bryan Denlinger it isn't the Baloney virus when people are dying

Edwardpf123 Vs Steve Cioccolanti on Salvation you either believe or you are asking

Secret Sources [Dionne] Vs Tommy Robinson. Secret Sources used to be on Youtube, I am on no one's side here.

Merry Christmas to my subscribers

Salvation NOT by works

Kings Table here are the Streamyard plans

Ray I get entertained by Mark Goldbridge from The United Stand

I support Brexit for the UK and I agree with Pat, I hope the Brexit Party win as many seats as possible.

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