Video message to Tubz about The Bill. My plans to start my own DVD Company in the future.


Thank Goodness I am not part of Bryan Denlinger's cult. people in Bryan Denlinger's cult seem to be very prideful people. https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/coreyrichardson2 CD isn't available anymore only download.

Live stream announcement for Friday night in the USA

Tim I showed some facebook friends what you said about R. Kelly. I will always support R. Kelly's music Tim.

I got email from Ezra from Rebel Media about Tommy. Shame on the UK Government.

Robert Breaker and I were bored with your Testimony Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge has a different Jesus. Jesus is God's son who is God in the flesh. He is the word that became flesh. Jesus certainly is NOT the father.

The Bill Series 1 to 4 duration's, it shows what episodes Shock makes scene cuts in Series 2 and Series 4 episodes.

Video message to Man City Bangladesh facebook group

Going Through Rob's comment on my video

How to use StreamYard

I am now on Bitchute

Ed Vs JT on Salvation


JCiSwing2 and JT Does were live, Ed please watch?


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