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Don't mind us, chickens at work. Scratching, digging, and turning over waste hay.

Chicken plays an important part in keeping the goat corral clean. They eat bugs and dry out materials.

how to lower goat feed cost and reduce waste. an unusual method that turns chores into abundance.

It's time to start growing spring planting for your organic garden. A unique tour; great things are growing here in Zone 7 temperate climate. Are you ready?

Do you want food security and personal liberty? It starts with a garden. To learn homesteading skills and more, visit https://www.sustainablehomestead.com/

#OrganicGardening #RegenerativeFarming #SustainableFarming #SpringGarden

Want trails on your property but not sure what it might cost? Here's what to consider when designing, installing, and enjoying trails.

For an introduction to forest mulcher trail systems and maintaining access to rural land, https://youtu.be/1iRPMdUH4e4

Asking how much it costs to clear trails with a forest mulcher is missing the more significant point of why. Start with design; make sure trails are worth clearing and what budget you have.

Proper trail design and planning help you to access your land. You'll consider slope, natural features, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

Working like a professional, you'll have trail maps, layouts, and functional trails. Enjoyably travel through your land.

For more resources to enjoy your homesteading 12-months or less, join us at https://www.prosperityhomestead.org/newsletter/

#TrailDesign #ForestMulcher #ForestryMower

Are you ready to grow your own food? To start a garden that delivers food security to your whole family.

Start cultivating your own food security. To learn homesteading skills and more, visit https://www.sustainablehomestead.com/

#OrganicGardening #RegenerativeFarming #SustainableFarming

(An excerpt from the 2022 July coaching series around the book "Rules for Radicals" by Sal Alinsky.) Do this to become a counter-revolutionary. Gain practical insights to reach success in difficult times.

How to counter political movements without violence. You can even thrive in these demanding circumstances.

What is the trinity of social standing and influence? Who controls thought? Are we as free as we want to be?

What do radicals do to serve their interests? How do these insights help Hillary Clinton and even Donald Trump?

Discover the power you have in understanding political movements. Learn how to thrive even during civil unrest and a collapsing government.

Want to identify, leverage, and benefit from radical movements? Do this to gain more liberty, peace, and prosperity. Learn more at https://www.insidestrategicrelations.com/courses/q0808a-reverse-bad-government/

Here's where business owners and executives learn how to leverage business relationships. Unlock the success you have already earned, join us https://www.insidestrategicrelations.com/newsletter/

#SocialInfluence #SocialJustice #PoliticalClass #SaulAlinsky #ClassSystem #SocialInfluencer

After you clear trees from a property, it is essential to manage stormwater runoff.

You'll notice MANY black corrugated drain pipes from the main house in the center and neighboring houses. That's a lot of water.

This design needed replacing due to spring water running with discoloration. While this discoloration ran before timbering, it was a sewer line.

The 45-year-old sewer lines had cracks that were expressing. Raw sewage is dangerous. Either face a fine from the EPA or move to another phase to replace sewer lines and terrace.

According to a watershed calculation, an inch of rain on this property accumulates to more than 12,000 gallons. All running downhill.

With land projects, there are no easy solutions. If sewer lines didn't need replacing, then simple earthworks could resolve some of this erosion. This is what an engineer and contractor recommended.

It took cooperation with the neighbor to reduce surface water runoff.

Over the next few months, they attempted to fix stormwater overflow from their driveway and front of the house. Due to budget, plus the COVID-19 lockdown, this project took from early 2019 to late 2020.

To learn more about managing land projects and more, request our free newsletter at https://www.prosperityhomestead.org/newsletter/

#erosioncontrol #urbanlandscape #earthworks #stormwatermanagement #sewerrepair #permaculturedesign

Even a rural town is devoid of browse for city deer. a pack of natural habitat is a feature of the sterile landscape.

West Kenya, Africa. It doesn't take much to improve sanitation. This handwashing station is a good start with hot water and soap.

Choose a biodegradable soap. You can even catch the water to use in a composting system. Join the discussion on the West Kenya Permaculture Leads Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1493388594535428

#offgridliving #cleanwater #homesteadingskills

It doesn't matter how the world is; you can be anything you want. You don't have to participate in the consumer mindset.

You can have prosperity starting at home with how you manage it. Start with how you approach what you do and where you spend.

Fewer things of higher quality make for a more enjoyable life. Less to maintain. Intentional thrift is the concept of doing more with less.

Greater food security comes from decision, not default. How you manage your home matters. For resources, join us at https://www.prosperityhomestead.org/newsletter/

#HouseholdManagement #HomesteadingSkills

Do you dream of being off-grid and self-sufficient? What if that dream is a myth or even a distraction from what is necessary? That's what today's episode is about.

An essay that every homesteader must read is "I, Pencil" by Leonard E. Read. https://fee.org/resources/i-pencil/

You'll discover what it takes to create anything larger than one person. Supply chains around the world make the simple pencil possible.

Even in the ancient world, there was no such thing as self-sufficiency. It is a desire brought on by uncertainty about the future. Communities survived, not individuals.

You can create your own weapons, tools, and shelter with raw materials. Yet most off-grid tools are very limited. The long-term development of settlements was the only path to healthy living.

Self-sufficiency is a false belief that you can do everything for long-term survival. When the truth is that self-sufficiency is a starting point. Without community, you face isolation and danger.

Even then, to become self-sufficient, you need others. You cannot possibly know everything necessary for long-term prosperity. Our own independence is highly dependent on the actions of our neighbors.

I have interviewed almost a hundred individuals who survived a SHTF situation. They escaped terror and bloodshed with horrific memories.

In conversation, I noted lessons and experiences. Many of these individuals were elderly. Families didn't want to hear these cautionary tales, yet I was intrigued.

I learned from refugees of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, escaping Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, and the Rwandan genocide. Civil war, political unrest, and regime change will come.

While there is a strong survival bias, none credited self-sufficiency to their survival. Survival skills, fast decision-making, and endurance were necessary but not the primary factor in their escape.

Success was knowing the right people, the ability to acquire resources, and landing in a resilient community. Complete independence ..


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