Are video games making us all crazy? Is the gaming industry to blame for all this "toxic masculinity"? Does it even exist?

the dog and that, know? Odo is his name, German Sheperd cross Husky is his breed.
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In this video we build the pages, posts and products functions for our frontend.
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In this video we build the create post and create product functions.

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In this sixth video we build the create page function in our backend.
In the next video we will copy these functions ito the posts and products sections.

In this video we build more of the back end. We build the sections that display the pages, posts and products and we build the database tables needed as well.
In the next video I will show you how to build the create new and edit functions for our pages, posts and products.

In this video we tidy up the code, add to the routes.php, tweak the login code and tidy up the template system.

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in this video we build our login system for the back end of our CMS.
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In this video we create our database and use it to populate our page.

In this video we look at the MVC framework that is CodeIgniter and we build a basic page.
In the rest of these tutorials we will build a full content management system.

What is web design psychology and how useful is it?
How do people view websites and how can design influence good user interfaces?
What are mental models and how useful are they?

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