The fifth track on my new EP, "Upwards"


In the dead of night
There's no place for us
We're the people of light
and we have no choice but to fight

It's as if we're seeing now
for the first time in our lives
we have fought and we have found
the truth in our own minds
its as if we're seeing now
everything they tried to hide
the identity we had
its time for us to find

Ever we will rise
Leaving their twisted shackles behind
Our place is not in the dead of night
but forever rising up into the light

We're reversing all the shame
that was splitting us apart
They will rightly bear the blame
they forced upon our hearts
We're reversing all the shame
correcting every lie
We're restoring every name
that belongs in the sky



What is coming next?

The fourth track on my new EP, "Upwards."


So bright and beautiful
The sunset over the sea
So high above it all
The sky is calling to me

Dream to fly

I look up from the dusty ground
Drowning in mediocrity
I look up from this empty town
The sorrow that never seems to sleep
I look up at the sunset glow
The fire that burns so brightly
I look up to find an answer
to this longing inside of me

The feeling it endures
The fire ever grows
Burning deep inside
One last dream to fly

Every force is arrayed against me
drowning hope in the darkest sea
Every goal to which I've been striving
They say I can never reach
But if truth can be found in darkness
It can be found in the sky
Weighed down by the endless ocean
I burst forth and begin to rise


This is my last chance
Will I leave it all behind?
My whole life on the ground
For one moment in the sky


The second track on my new EP, "Upwards."


We know of your treachery
It's time for a reckoning

We've had enough of this heartless deception
Watching while you ever work for sin
Our land destined for destruction
Unless we cry out
We've had enough of this dark insurrection
Cities burn and everything has come undone
Your lies have provoked retribution
and finally your time has come

We've had enough

It wasn't swiftly bred
and it will not soon abate
What was going through your head
when you taught us how to hate
We wanted to be left alone
but you wanted us to choose
your gift that's slowly killing us
We reject it all


They're ever marching on
Can't you see what we'll become
Forever dead and gone
Unless this battle can be won
If we hesitate
We'll be the last of our race
Forever dead and gone
Unless this battle can be won

and none would be too harsh
[Repeat Chorus]

The first track from my new prog rock/metal EP, "Upwards"

A new Rock/Metal EP from yours truly, the culmination of months of work. Thanks for listening!

0:00 - Deceivers
1:36 - Enough (feat. Nullus's "Bend the Knee")
6:56 - Centerpoint
13:15 - Dream to Fly
19:08 - Into the Light (feat. Hiraeth and Watch-Ryder)

Art created by Watch-Ryder and myself

Intro narration inspired by Nullus

A Christmas-themed rock song, my first with vocals. Featured in White Art Collective's "Meming of a White Christmas III" Collection:

We have become strangers in our own ancestral homelands, surrounded by unfamiliar things, corruptions of the beauty we built. But it's not to late to take it all back.

We must keep going. No matter how long, no matter how far.

I'm not sure why the audio quality is so bad, but I assure you the version found elsewhere sounds much better.


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