A simple guide to three acupressure points on the forearm and hand to help with neck pain.

Traditional Oriental Medicine works on the premise that we have a flow of Ki energy in the body, which runs through energy pathways.

When this Ki energy runs smoothly, we have good health. When it is stuck, we have health problems. Neck pain is a sign of a stagnation of energy in the neck, head and shoulders. This video shows one of the Channels we can use to treat neck pain.Three acupressure points on the Large Intestine channel are shown.

Also the video looks at scientific research carried out at Fukushi University in Japan, which studied the effects of acupressure for neck pain.

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Walking is one of the most beneficial and versatile forms of exercise for our bodies. It does not require special gym equipment or a special outfit. It can be carried out at any time and for people in different states of health. It gently tones the butt and legs, helps remove toxins and stress hormones, calm the mind, and it's free. Walking also helps us maintain a fit and youthful state. Here are 7 reasons why walking is good for your body

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Also check out the book - The Genki Self Health Guide: Improve your Body and Mind with Traditional Oriental Medicine

Ageing is a mental process just as much as a physical process.

Though we may age physically, we can still maintain a youthful state of mind by being curious in the world around us and the new trends and fashions. By keeping a young mind, it will help us to remain positive and help us keep in better shape.

This video discusses ways on how Not to get Old.

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Improve your relationship and attitude towards money to invite more of it into your life.

Avoid the behaviours that repel it - excess grasping, tension, desire for it. Open yourself to it. Adopt good attitudes and money habits.

This video discusses concepts like a God of Money, Japanese attitudes to money, how desire and addiction can harm our relationship to money. And how to enhance our relationship to it.

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Also, look into the book - The Genki Self-Health Guide: Enhance your Body and Mind with Traditional Oriental Medicine.

Our supposed imperfections make us attractive.

In the modern social media age, many of us have become obsessed with our looks and whether we are beautiful. But some of us take it too far by seeing ourselves as ugly or chasing unrealistic ideals.

We should not care because there is actually a look of beauty in our looks and features and advantages they convey us.

Anxiety about ourselves is a reflection of a weakness in the Heart energy in our body. This video shows ways to strengthen it with acupressure and meditation.

This video discusses a movie called Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis, which gives an example of what life would look like if we were all beautiful people.

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Everything your parents told you about computer games was wrong.

Playing computer games in childhood helps make us tech savvy in later life. It helps develop our left brain – the analytical and logical side of the brain, which is important for planning and problem solving. You learn mental flexibility and intuitiveness. You also enhance your motor and and hand eye co-ordination

However, playing games means our bodies become too yin. We need to balance yin with the yang by carrying out more exercise.

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We are living and working in unusually unnatural ways compared to our ancestors. Our world gives us many benefits which we should be grateful for, though it does weaken us in other ways. So in order to counter these negative effects, first be aware that we are physical beings and that we have to balance these periods of yin inactivity with some form of yang activity.

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Are we slaves to our desires?

Status, material possessions, money, jobs, relationships all seem important to us, but do they also distract us from understanding our purpose in life and connecting with the deeper spiritual side of us?

The West, is in a predominantly Yang state - obsessed with the ego and how we look to others. But this does not necessarily make us happier. If we can learn to connect with our deeper yin side, we can counteract the negative influences of society.

This video show how we can apply some of the principles of Genki Health to live a more fulfilling and happier life.

For more information, check out The Genki Health Guide: Improve your Body and Mind with Traditional Oriental Medicine.

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