Patricia J H S is recovering well and has a bible message for everyone... - and a shocker near the end. 20 min.

For Memorial Day, Dr. Greg Ford reflects on his 40 years of military experiences with Veterans Admin and "recovery attorneys" to re-evaluate the reality and worth of honorable Military $ervice. ...for what it's worth, for you and 'your' government!
Time to Wake-Up and realize that WAR$ are a Racket.

Truth vs. NEW$ INC. 2nd hr. (21 May 2023) with Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, and Michael-Jay Anderson.
Wayne Root points out that Obama appears to have been calling the shots all along and running the government like John Gotti ran his crime family!
On point.
Mike Adams reports on how the government (Democrats) are running an insurrection to take down democracy in America--and doing it with great aplomb!

Stew Peters reports that Remdesivir contains cyanide and fluorine and that over 50% of those in a previous trial had died after given the "medication", which appears designed for depopulation! ... a morbid medication!
Neil Gorsuch offers his reflections on the abuse of power and violations of the Constitution that took place under the guise of the pandemic, illustrating how easily liberty can be replaced by authority in the face of fear and apprehension.
Gorsuch has got it right!
Kevin Barrett and E. Michael Jones discuss the slaughter of large numbers of Palestinians 50 years ago--which must not be forgotten!
Kari Lake makes progress in her election theft lawsuit.
And Obama shares what keeps him up at night: that Americans still have the right to possess arms under the 2nd Amendment.
Go figure! Get prepared...!

49 min.
I hope to post the 3 page RFK Jr. Notice (pdf) in comments, if possible.
(Any other posting suggestions, let me know...)

Truth vs. NEW$ 1st hour. (21 May 2023) with James Fetzer, Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, and Michael-Jay Anderson.
The demolition of an Ukraine arms depot where DU rounds were stored has created a radioactive cloud that is moving across Poland, which may be appropriate since the British seem to have provided them to Ukraine via that access route.
Russia had announced it would treat DU rounds as nuclear devices and respond accordingly.
While the fighting continues, Russia appears to be in complete control, even though there are complaints from the head of the Wagner Group, which has been conducting most of the fighting, that Putin has not been doing enough to support their efforts--which have been highly successful.
Scott Bennett explains that the CIA backs "monsters", who are from the lowest dregs of society, to create its own mercenary armies, who are trained in torture, mayhem, and murder.
Not a pretty picture.
Europe plans to create a registry of damage done by Russia in the hope--which is more than remote--of collecting reparations, once the war has ended and Ukraine has prevailed.
Fat chance!
Wayne Root reveals that the deeper revelation of The Durham Report is that the real "Big Guy" is not Joe Biden but Barack Obama--and I think he got it right!

Part 2: Nothing new here. 40 min....

Brandon Smith offers thoughtful reflections on why tolerance of bad conduct is never acceptable in a rational & moral society. So why are such deviant behaviors being more tolerated in our America these days?
Tucker may have been booted from the network as part of a settlement between FOX & Dominion Voting, where his numbers on Twitter are STAGGERING, Awesome. Tucker has a bright future with Elon Musk ahead of him.

Truth vs. NEW$ 2nd part of 3 parts. (15 May 2023) with Jame Fetzer, Don Grahn, Scott Bennett & Paul Taylor.

The cases in New York (against Trump for financial improprieties and for rape and sexual assault) represent gross weaponization of the law and of judicial procedure for political purposes.
We once could pride ourselves for following the principle of equal justice under law which distinguished us in the past from mere banana republics, where that happens all the time.
We are now officially no more than another banana republic!
Interestingly, Reader Supported News allowed my comment on an article about the rape case to stand and others have joined in a lively exchange, unlike past practice where comments (of mine, at least), were simply suppressed.
Good for RSN!
Maybe it will survive by exercising freedom of speech.
What a joy!
RFK Jr. declares UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES would he run with Donald Trump, which is his loss (in my opinion).
Kevin Barrett explains why he is ALMOST ready to vote for Trump in an engaging & informative essay.
The Anti-New York Times comments on accurate polling from the Washington Post and ABC which may presage dumping Biden, because nobody likes him (or the actor(s) impersonating him).
They want to put Gavin Newsom in his place in time for the 2024 election, which they intend to steal (again) as they have done in 2020 and in 2022.
Nothing new here...

Get ready for Part 3 - a Tucker Carlson update, primarily.

Truth vs. NEW$ INC. 1st hr. (15 May 2023) with Prof Jim Fetzer, Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, & Paul Taylor.
Migrant processing centers are flooded with young men in good shape, whom I believe constitute an invading force (without weapons) who may be given weapons by direction to caches of stored arms and ammo.
Stunning stuff.
In order to communicate, coordinate and cooperate in conducting operations, immigrants are being given cell phones by DHS, which is the agency officially responsible for the national security of the United States but which is compromising this nation's home security in this effort.
The weapons have been accumulated by non-law-enforcement related agencies, such as NIH and NASA and the EPA, which have expended nearly $4 billion to acquire them.
Since the nation has a shortage of housing, where are we going to locate 10,000,000 or more new immigrants?
My suggestion is that they are coming to your neighborhood and could be going to take your home for their own.
I predict that this is a probable plan and an inducement for their coming here in the first place.
Thus, I have tweeted the master plan taking place before our very eyes.
While at one time I was wondering when they would receive training, I now surmise they have ALREADY BEEN TRAINED via School of the Americas (for terrorist training).
They are coming and are ready to rape, steal and kill AMERICANS with the assistance of the federal government!
To pull this off, it was indispensable to have a puppet president who would not have a conscience or bear any sense of responsibility for destroying America rights for socialism.
They needed a disposable president to preside over a disposable country--and they got it with various actors impersonating Joe Biden, who appears to have died in 2017.
How does it feel to realize you are being played, bunky?

Assault Guns and mass-shootings, corruption in U.S. government, and Dr. Ford's person UFO experience are all discussed. Interesting perspectives. 50 min.

Exceptional lively discussion of current events with Scott and Alex. Save and Share this profound program.

Interesting perspective on many issues. 61 minutes.

Truth vs. NEW$ 2nd hour (8 May 2023) by James Fetzer, with Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, and Holly Seeliger
That black grievance politics is destroying American civilization appears beyond debate--beyond control--and in this piece, very lucidly explained.
Criminals are now a protected class, as absurd as it sounds.
FOX fights attempts to gain access to emails and other exchanges between its officials in the wake of the Dominion lawsuit--which, I think, ought to be made public in the interest of transparency (even though they may be embarrassing to many).
The Allen, TX, shopping mall shooting looks like another "false flag".
...Media showed 2 different faces for the named dead shooter!
Watch funerals, families...?
If you take these shootings at face value, they raise disturbing questions--which become even MORE disturbing if you recognize that they are often staged events.

And a Princeton professor writes in Scientific American that sex is not a binary biological reality, (male & female) which I regard as an insult to every alumnus, among whom I am one (who finds this outrageous).
If you speak the truth today, you are punished; but if you indulge in fantasies, you can gain a professorship at Princeton!

Truth vs. NEW$ 1st hour (8 May 2023) with Prof. James Fetzer, Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, and Holly Seeliger.
Hot current topics:
Russians incinerating Bakhmut (or, at least. the 2.5 square miles that the Wagner Group had yet to pacify). Serious business.
The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister advises that the US and Russia are on the "verge of armed conflict" (meaning a publicly-declared war), which the Russians as the world's most formidable nuclear power cannot lose and American cannot win.

The destruction of 18 gunpowder warehouses in Russia (probably using satellite-mounted weapons) may be the first strike.
CENTCOM twitter and YouTube accounts are being hacked.
Activists demand $2,000,000 for every black resident of California as undeserved? "reparations", even though California was never a slave state!
Stunning stuff!
More women are avoiding pregnancy--where the impact of the pandemic and the vax have yet to take their toll!
The Coronation of King Charles III was a dismal affair, attended by few foreign heads of state.
Charles and Camilla are pedestrian to the core--and nobody gives a damn about either of them!
He ought to have stepped aside for William and Kate!
THAT would have been worth watching.
The majority of voters don't even think "Joe Biden" is in charge in Washington, D.C., for many good reasons.
Black voters may be supporting Joe, but there is no enthusiasm for an old lyin' Joe.

Patricia is recovering from her stroke. She is stronger, healthier, and can speak well again. And she has vital perspectives info to share you 36 min.

Truth vs. NEW$ 2 (2 May 2023) with Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, and Michael Jay Anderson.
Former Army intel & psyops officer Scott Bennett explains that Tucker was axed to maintain a "semi-lobotomized, quasi-retarded population".
The ripple effects of Tucker's removal are vast and overwhelmingly negative.

An heretofore unnoticed conversation took place between Rudolph Murdoch and Zelensky, where Tucker has been the strongest and most outspoken opponent of US involvement in the war in Ukraine--where I now believe this was the crucial factor in taking him out.
The Zionists want Ukraine to be The New Israel and they aren't about to tolerate any opposition.
Chelsea Clinton is promoting LGBTQ porn books for children, which is very much in the family tradition.
And The New York Times has offered up another Sandy Hook sob story that is intended to make us think we are better of without access to crime scene photos--but where the few the article includes already provide proof that it was an elaborate hoax--an act of faux terrorism--to instill fear into American parents to make them more amenable to political manipulation to promote the Obama gun control agenda.

Truth vs. NEW$ 1 (2 May 2023) with Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, and Michael Jay Anderson.

Ukraine launched a drone attack against fuel tanks in Crimea, with some success.

David Petraeus talks openly about the coming Ukrainian counteroffensive, where the troops are US-trained and the equipment coordinated.
But it's unwise to talk about operations prior to their execution.

Biden's team fears that, should it prove to be unsuccessful, the failed counteroffensive will generate criticism from both sides of the political aisle (for not providing enough equipment and arms early enough or for believing that Ukraine could dislodge Russia in the first place: lose/lose.
Syria forces have uncovered arms caches of ISIS, while more and more countries are joining BRICS. Internationally, the hegemonic influence of the US has dramatically diminished and will probably never be the same (as strong) again.
The White House threatens to veto a debt increasing bill because it has provisions for modest budgetary cuts; and the White House attempts to "normalize" the use of cheat sheets by the President of the United States.
And Pentagon brass are delighted that Tucker (who has criticized them on multiple ground) got the boot!

Truth vs. NEW$ 2nd hour. (24 April 2023) with James Fetzer, Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, and Holly Seeliger.

Holly commented on the China/Taiwan situation, before we turned to address newly uncovered data (originally from the CDC) that reveals the Covid RNA 'vax' has brought about a minimum of 1.1 million excess deaths--and where other studies suggest that the deaths internationally may run closer to 1 billion.
Mayorkas wants to flood the US with illegal migrants and seems to be finding lots of ways to do it.
That they are coming from around the world to seek a better life in America no longer works well for the taxpayers, who are footing the bill to destroy their own country!
But that's "the Biden way" (even though this is an actor wearing a Biden mask).
Indeed, he now wants to grant them free government health care, funded by the American taxpayer.
Why didn't I think of that?
With rising crime, legalized shoplifting, and other trends in US cities, cities are rapidly becoming uninhabitable.
We are witnessing the fulfillment of George Soros' dream: to see America destroyed in his lifetime!
And CA moves to punish parents who complain about teachers who are promoting transgenderism and affecting their children without their knowledge or consent.
Meanwhile, the UN is moving to legalize consent for sex with minors as a general practice, which is about as disgusting as it gets.
All in all, the US has entered a state of profound corruption and continues on its path of disintegration. ... toward $lavery...!!!

Truth vs. NEW$ 1st hr. (24 April 2023) with Jim Fetzer, Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, and Holly Seeliger.
We began with Wayne Allyn Root's review of the FOX NEWS settlement, where the Democrats are stealing elections in about a dozen different ways, which he inventories clearly for our edification. We agree 100%.
Apparently, firing Tucker was a condition beyond the $787.5 million, which was half of the original claim.
But what a terrible thing to do!
Tucker has been BY FAR the most outstanding political commentator of the Trump era.
He doesn't always get everything right and has been known to fall for a conspiracy or two, but on the whole, he has been head and shoulders above any other on television today.
Glenn Greenwald gets it right,
But Hannity tonight did not say even a word about it.
FOX is going to lose a lot of its fans over this. Tucker, I expect, will survive and thrive.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the Wagner Group has turned over much of the territory it has conquered to the Russian Army as it continues to prevail in Bakhmut.
Ukraine protests that the EU is not providing ammo fast enough, but AFU has been expending it faster than it can be made.
A Norwegian diver has debunked the Nordstream "pro-Ukrainian group with yacht" pipeline theory by explaining that the project required the use of an underwater drone to track down the pipelines and to install the explosives.
This appears to be the pivotal event of the entire Ukrainian war, where virtually every expert concurs that it was a dumb idea from the beginning which has brought Russia and China together in an alliance that overwhelmingly outmatched NATO and the US combined.
It was STUPID.
The White House would like to convince reporters not to report on the content of the leaked Pentagon papers, which reveal that US and NATO troops were on the ground in Ukraine BEFORE Putin launched his "special military operation" and that Ukraine is LOSING THE WAR, which is not information it wants the American people to know.
The US now seems embarked upon a two-China policy, even though it has acceded to a one-China policy in the past.
This has not endeared the US to China--and we could not possibly defend Taiwan if China were to take it by force!

Patricia J H S is recovering from a major stroke in January.
She is able to sit up and talk much better recently. .
She wants to get this historical info out. ..over the phone here.
Must listen closely to follow...
She hopes to follow this expose up with more facts.
Continue to Keep Patricia in your prayers.
Our Prayers must be working as it is a Miracle that she has survived and is so strong now!!
Bottom line: Patricia's royal descendant ties played a part in British history.

Thought provoking, controversial discussion on latest hot topics.

Truth vs. NEW$ Inc. 2nd hr. (16 April 2023) with James Fetzer, Donald Grahn, Scott Bennett, and Holly Seeliger.
Even members of her own party are calling for Diane Feinstein to step down after her decades of service to the nation because her absence means that even relatively minor judiciary nominees cannot be moved through the Senate Judiciary Committee.
And with regard to J6 prosecutions, it turns out there were more FBI informants in the "Proud Boys' than Proud Boys themselves, where the prosecution wants to block video footage that shows the cops were inciting violence--which ought on its own to warrant dismissal of all charges!
But of course that is not going to happen. because the US has become a third-world nation where the law enforcement and the judicial system have been politicized to promote the government's agenda and to defend itself from exposure.
Bombshell expose that the US and UN are organizing the mass immigration into the US that is turning the nation inside out:
what better way to destroy American than by flooding it with ignorant and dependant groups who will not be capable of assimilation or even to learn the language (which should be required of every citizen or non-citizen here).
Without a common language, we cannot communicate to cooperate and achieve common goals.
And a brilliant essay illuminates how "micro-aggress" can be used to turn language into a tool for the promotion of an extremist agenda by begging the question (taking for granted) controversial issues that deserve open public discussion and debate.
And the trans-gender issue keeps on giving!

Truth vs. NEW$ 1 (16 April 2023) with Don Grahn, Scott Bennett, and Holly Seeliger.
Zelensky warns about having to retreat from Bakhout, where he seeks to make it sound as though it was prudent to withdraw Ukrainian forces, when the reality is that Russia has been encircling the city and all but completed its conquest.
Indeed, the recent leaked docs for which a National Guardsman is being pilloried reveal that the US has had boots on the ground from BEFORE the Russian intervention and that Ukraine is LOSING THE WAR, which the government does not want the American people to understand.
So they are going "all out" to savage him to distract from the content he was revealing.
Hersh reveals further that Ukrainian officials are skimming from the US taxpayer funds being sent in such copious quantities--where DC_Draino reminds us that this US aid and involvement has not been approved by Congress and thus appears to be a violation of The War Powers Act of 1973.
Biden blunders in Ireland by confusing the "All Blacks" with the "Black and Tans", where his scratch revealing a latex mask exposes that we are dealing with an anonymous actor impersonating Biden, which we have been reporting for sometime but which is here strikingly confirmed.
A former White House stenographer confirms that Joe knew about Hunter's business ventures in Ukraine, in spite of protests to the contrary.
And now they are returning John Fetterman to the Senate to Chair a Subcommittee?
Give us a break!

Truth vs. NEW$ 2nd hour (10 April 2023) with Prof. James Fetzer, Don Grahn, Brian Davidson, and Holly Seeliger.
RFK Jr. has indicated he plans to run for the Democratic Party nomination for President in 2024.
As Bernie Sanders discovered in 2016, the party is a private entity, which can make its nominee independent of the outcomes of primaries or caucuses.
Even if RFK receives massive public support, therefore, that would not mean he would therefore be the party's nominee.
Indeed, some might like to see a Trump/RFK Jr ticket, which would appeal to a wide spectrum of American citizens.
The two lawmakers in TN who got the boot for violating procedural rules of the TN House will get their jobs back.
The fake trans-shooting they were protesting has been thoroughly debunked, including by Brian and James F. on "the G-Man" Giuseppe Vafanculo's show, which is archived on Fetzer's BitChute channel:
A bank shooting event in Louisville may turn out to be another fake event, where I am predicting nearly one-a-day until the next election--but to no avail.
Americans are not giving up their guns but only buying more - to match gov't gun power.
Bud Light beer sales have fallen from promoting a transgender in its ads, which was a calamitous decision promoted by their VP for Marketing, whom I now predict will not remain in the position much longer.
Since Bud Light has been the #1 beer, one has to ask, "If it ain't broken, why fix it?"
One of the dumbest commercial decisions of our time.
And swimmer Riley Gaines has been barricaded and assaulted for speaking out against men competing in women's sports, which (at one time) would have been regarded as absurd but has been enthusiastically embraced by the libtards across the nation.


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