My niece watches iCarly a lot and I found the theme song catching so I sampled it and thought "I Love Rock & Roll" had a good beat to mix to.

For Percules. XOXO

I sampled the opening orchestral music that plays at the beginning of Mr. Peterson's lecture videos for one of my beats. I had fun making this.

There is a strong message at the end of the track. LISTEN.

I sampled Kate Capshaw singing "Anything Goes" from my favorite Indiana Jones film.

I have always loved sampling two different pieces of music to make something entirely new.

The drums are from the opening credits of Top Gun and the Saxophone is from the Agatha Christie Inspector Poirot series.

The freestyle is from Meek Mill.

I shot this on my iPod nano and wanted to play with editing software for the first time. This was the end result.

I got a hold of a good quality camera and decided to shoot a psychological horror in my house. I shot it in a couple of days all by myself.

I worked as an Usher at an AMC Theater and before I quit the job I decided to make a short film with the production value.

The Pink Floyd music was really fun to play with.

The Godzilla reboot had a contest and they asked for an off-camera "reaction". I gave them a short film.

This is another short film I shot in about a day. We had a vague idea about what the story was and shot with no script. Just getting moments on camera. I found a story in the editing process and put some of my favorite scores to use.

This is a short film I made on my first iPod nano. I shot it in 5 hours if you couldn't tell.

I'm a huge Christian Bale fan. Before he was Batman. I would tell everyone he was my favorite actor and they would say, "Who?" But if I said that now, well that would be pretty common.

I really am proud of his success and he is one of my generations finest actor.

There is a reservation near where I live and they were having a ceremonial feast. You kill the animal but utilize everything in honor of their death. Nothing wasted. So I recorded it and put George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead score to it. I had all this footage and wanted to make something out of it.

Stay Scared.

I made this out of boredom. I had some figurines and just started shooting at random. Yes, I might have been stoned.

The track playing is by Tangerine Dream - "Betrayal".

I love Warrior. I never got into the Ultimate Warrior fandom because I was a baby when that happened. I got to talk to him a couple of times before he died. I knew of him more as a trainer, motivator and funny guy. He lived in AZ and so do I. So I put this together long ago and he found it funny.

My best bud Max came home still drunk from the club one morning. He said this is how some girls were dancing.

Someone played a prank on my local Fox News channel and I just had to rewind it and laugh.

Years ago, me and my sister were on our way to the film college and a rain storm hit HARD. When it cleared we drove in the HOV lane along side a 69 car pile up.

These are samples from Mel Gibson's rants. And I synched them up the best I could to match Beauty and the Beast scenes.

Huffington Post let me asks the beautiful Chelsea Peretti a question.

Thanks for answering.

I made this little intro for Rosanna Pansino because I know she is a huge fan of Game Of Thrones. And I sampled her voice trying to make the show's score.

Still never watched an episode of the show.

I was the first to upload a video to the contest for Mega Summer Hit: A Slam Dunkumentary.

I had a lot of fun making this, very fast. Memorizing the lyrics. Thanks to Thomas Kellogg and Kyle Newacheck for letting me play.

I sampled the saxophone from the Geico commercial that stars Aaron Takahashi.


A club mix of David Seaman and Andrew Breitbart exposing pedophile John Podesta.

A short film about the Phoenix Lights.


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