The negative ions release the hydrogen bond that the nano tech uses to build. Negative Ion Carbon Breakdown ... posted on FB

Hip Polymer pocket that was from early life loading of the crotch area that had me at the doctor and hospital many times .. in pain and a child. "Growing Pains" they said...but the never said that it was the nano tech growing in and on me.

The long buried nano from childhood that played havoc on the hips and crotch with the banding tension that cut off the glands ... and I now see as an early nano tech experiment to choke off the testosterone and feminize males.

This rolled out of a hip tissue fold and had the consistency of a hot glue stick.

Interior cable network of a disintegrated fullerene assemby.

Hip Fiber Ball

The hand padding is loaded with tiny particulates and are totally obscured by the think nano padding...often thought of as callouses

Multiple nano node droppings from the FIR Mat.

This was about half the size of a penny when it expanded in the bath water as it popped out of a tissue fold.

I have a concept for a high output supply of steam for the condenser and will post it once I have a working model
The remainder of the 3" PVC pipe will be a cheap and easy hydroponic flood and drain veggie garden for a closet grow. I will post it later.
(Use 'O' rings and 'Goop' flex adhesive to seal the fitting holes ,watertight .)

The Chemtrail Nano Fallout on the delicate vegetables leaves suck all life out of them.

The finger scrapings and droppings that accumulate in the oil bowl bottom. The nano particles in the bath and the oil bowls appear to accumulate together in pools.

These were garden plants that had some translucent nano patches on the leaves and were transplanted indoors and under a halogen lite for a week ... and then totally collapsed overnite when a LED light bar was put on them.

I spotted this after it had dropped out of a tissue fold when i was rubbing the skin.

Some interesting long term nano assemblies from the lower layers of the detox removal process.

The ear lobe is not natural and is formed by the polymer banding and wrapping of the ears.

I can feel these pop out of the tissue fold on the leg and thigh and it feels lik it;s a head hair because of the way it rolls on the skin and how long they are.

The long fullerenes that come out of the tissue folds and feel like long head hairs as they roll ocross the skin under my scratching fingers.

I was rubbing oil on the bottom of my foot at the ball below the big toe and this huge carbon rock popped out of a fold.

This felt to be a lung nano gel pocket opening up when I coughed this out and scoped was a very brown gel packet stuck to some clearing mucus.

This is the nano build of polymer that becomes the white nail end. The nails are clear when the thick layering opaque layering is removed.
The point of attachment to the nail becomes very thin and bends like a broken nail. The jagged edge at the front shows where it broke and tore off.

These are some of the larger droppings beside my FIR mat that drop out of the folds as I stretch the skin.

Hip Banding Fold Stretching and splitting open, releasing the pressurized hydro gel under the biofilm, This was very tender when I scoped it and 5 min later I had trouble finding the split. Note the shiny aluminum and metals in the plasticized polymer layer.

As the cuticles are released...the carbon pockets come out.

A Bio Fold opening up as the skin expands.


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