If yer an anime fan or 'Doctor Who' or an ex-Doctor Who fan with the all new Politically Correct Series from 2009 onwards...

...this one is for you. I swear.

What it says on the tin.
Anime Dancing girls.

It is funny!!! I swear!

I say "Awesome" because I really worked hard on this with multiple sources, focusing on all aspects of this, er, 'versatile voice artist' and trying really hard to make it cute and COOL! I'd seen a number of Miku tributes and they all seemed weak. So I have tried very hard to do better.

Taken me a year; partly due to overwork but partly due to the complexity of the cut.

Usual disclaimers re: copyright. No ownership declared, no money being made. This is just a work of Love... for Miku! :-)


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