Okabe meet Makise from 'Stein;s Gate.'

I was totallllly Okabe in my youth.
And did not get dates oddly enough...

A compilation of Himeji's cooking results from 'Baka to test.'
With all the rumours of deadly viruses at the time of posting, to put it in perspective; Himeji's cooking has a 100% mortality rate.

An explanation as to how anime differs from Western cartoons - done in less than three minutes.

I got tired of being told "Anime is just for kids!"

Ars Nova to Knight Rider theme.

Anyone else twig that Iona is basically KITT?

After reading various comments online from those who whose imagination seemed to be captured by the 1984 movies classic 'The Never ending story' I figured, in an age of boring PC laden Western movies, I would try and help people capture that moment once again through anime.
BTW, 'Spirited Away' was my 'Never ending' moment. Jaw dropped - DVD purchased the next day!

Okabe is the real Doctor! Forget 'Doctor Woke' - this is the REAL time travel stuff!

Some totally crazy funny scenes from anime that go to show just how wild anime can be!!

As a note, I have held for some time that with political correctness, a controlled media and hate speech laws old style silly British humour is being crushed and it falls to the Japanese (of all people) to keep the 'Python/Goodies' spirit alive. And they do it really well!

What title says!

Fun tribute to Czech v62 submachine gun wielding pink bunny girl LLENN from "Sword Art Alternative."

As usual this took far longer than it should have done due to the demands of work. I would have liked to have tidied up a few little details but there is just too much on and there is a time to say "It's enough!" And, as I say, it's fun. Deadly... but fun.

'Petite Princess Yucie' is one of my all time favourite animes and I am a red blooded male! Sweet, incredibly well written with the famous plot twist in eps 25 and 26. I wanted to capture the feelz of both episodes. Very moving.

Note: I put this together years ago when I was still on Windows. I EVENTUALLY managed to put this together on the $100 software I bought in the UK despite the fact it crashed every 10 minutes, half the effects were broken, the software that shall remain nameless would only read in MP4 files - no other file format would be read correctly - plus a host of other troubles and when I installed the patches I got MORE bugs!!!

Then I went Linux KDE and the free, open source Kdenlive which is MUCH better and reads ANYTHING!! Linux and open source work now!!!!

While 'Star Wars' and Hollywood in general tank anime continues to deliver! I knocked this AMV together because... it just had to be done!! Anime has it's super weapons too!

I knocked together this AMV in two days flat when I had undiagnosed typhoid!!! Yet it proved my most popular AMV on Youtube. Anyway, proof anime does story better than Hollywood. Brilliant series!

This is not mine. It's an AMV I downloaded years ago as I liked it but it has disappeared from Youtube (shock surprise.) So I am reloading it here so it is not lost. It's well done.

I repeat: This is NOT mine!! But I have no idea who the original editor was/is.
Really good funny, heart warming anime series too.

It's an AMV I put together before Jodie Whittaker came along but... you will see what I mean. Okabe is the Doctor!

I long predicted mass exodus of one time fans from "Doctor Who" and I prepared for that day! Well, given the mass rants on 'Youtube' and like and the nose dive ratings regarding the series I once loved... I am here with the 'rescue package!'
There is a viable and better alternative to "Doctor Who" with great characters, incredible stories, masses of imagination and stories that transcend time space and what you think are the limits of your imagination.
It's worth it! I never looked back!
[Horrible grammar used - I have a terrible fever right now!]

In the midst of ENDLESS superhero movies for Hollywood, here is the anime take. And it's different.

There are next to no synth AMV's. I did my bit to fix that. :-)

The 'sweet Kurumi' from the Date-a-live OVA took the Romantics by storm! But I found one, just one AMV to this 'sweetest of waifus' and it was just awful.
So I just had to step in and give the girl credit in her own AMV. Of course, she dies in the OVA and, since this story is not in the manga, she can't come back either. Except I found the loophole...

[One of my more popular AMVs on youtube... which I am trying to move away from.]

One for romantics and time travellers.

If yer an anime fan or 'Doctor Who' or an ex-Doctor Who fan with the all new Politically Correct Series from 2009 onwards...

...this one is for you. I swear.

What it says on the tin.
Anime Dancing girls.

It is funny!!! I swear!

I say "Awesome" because I really worked hard on this with multiple sources, focusing on all aspects of this, er, 'versatile voice artist' and trying really hard to make it cute and COOL! I'd seen a number of Miku tributes and they all seemed weak. So I have tried very hard to do better.

Taken me a year; partly due to overwork but partly due to the complexity of the cut.

Usual disclaimers re: copyright. No ownership declared, no money being made. This is just a work of Love... for Miku! :-)


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