In the midst of ENDLESS superhero movies for Hollywood, here is the anime take. And it's different.

There are next to no synth AMV's. I did my bit to fix that. :-)

The 'sweet Kurumi' from the Date-a-live OVA took the Romantics by storm! But I found one, just one AMV to this 'sweetest of waifus' and it was just awful.
So I just had to step in and give the girl credit in her own AMV. Of course, she dies in the OVA and, since this story is not in the manga, she can't come back either. Except I found the loophole...

[One of my more popular AMVs on youtube... which I am trying to move away from.]

One for romantics and time travellers.

If yer an anime fan or 'Doctor Who' or an ex-Doctor Who fan with the all new Politically Correct Series from 2009 onwards...

...this one is for you. I swear.

What it says on the tin.
Anime Dancing girls.

It is funny!!! I swear!

I say "Awesome" because I really worked hard on this with multiple sources, focusing on all aspects of this, er, 'versatile voice artist' and trying really hard to make it cute and COOL! I'd seen a number of Miku tributes and they all seemed weak. So I have tried very hard to do better.

Taken me a year; partly due to overwork but partly due to the complexity of the cut.

Usual disclaimers re: copyright. No ownership declared, no money being made. This is just a work of Love... for Miku! :-)


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