An excellent Seminar from Former Merck Drug Saleswoman and Courageous Soul Brandy Vaughan. Where she discusses the Dangers of Vaccines, the market and academic control Big Pharma has over 95% of the Medical Community worldwide, Ghost Writers and more!

RIP Brandy Vaughan. December.7.2020
Foul Play Ruled Out By The Police.
Died of a Blood Clot
We All Know Who Dunnit...

In the final episodes of Volume II of the LHFE Series Aewar takes us down a path of Scorched Earth in search of the one Truth as he leads us into the next phase of the Journey

TBMK & TQFTK = The Two Books Of Mankind And The Quest For The Keys

Episodes 1-5

Circa 2007

Another Great Show Featuring Jordan Maxwell and Others

Great Discussion between Santos Bonacci and Jordan Maxwell about religion and the world

This is short video I put together of smaller clips from Oowk Media about the Pleiadians & The Annunaki

Here's another video from Jordan Maxwell, This video is Circa.1999 from Cairo, Egypt.

Instead of Maxwell week which was cut short due to recreational purposes, I will instead simply be posting all of my Jordan Maxwell videos and lectures I have collected over the years throughout the month of April.

RIP Maxwell.

Another great talk from the master of the esoteric Jordan Maxwell!

A quick Gestalt by Tim Gielen on the BlackRock and Vanguard and how they own almost everything in the world through large Corporations, Investment Firms and Insurance Companies

Here's an old one from the Late Great Russell Pine.

Maxwell Week Continues

Based on the best-selling book Emerging Viruses, Dr. Len Horowitz presents a definitive exploration into the origins of the AIDS and Ebola viruses, and the dangers of viral vaccines. AIDS and Ebola are just a couple of examples of germs that are undoubtedly man-made creations, accidentally or intentionally transmitted via tainted vaccines in the U.S. and Africa.

Includes alarming details about the dangers of today's Vaccines and the potential motives of administrations responsible for this atrocity, and the methods they continue to use to deceive and kill unsuspecting populations.

Circa April.1.2019

Jordan Maxwell gives out some great information on The Jehovah's Witnesses and other Scottish Rite based Religions and he also gives and exposé of his alleged Alien Encounters as a Young Man.

I will try to post a Jordan Maxwell video everyday for a week in memory of his passing. This is a great video Circa 2004 at the 4th Annual Conspiracy Con, where Jordan gives a brief speech on Admiralty Maritime Law then Jason Whitney takes the reigns and delves deeper into The Occult World Of Commerce

RIP (March.23.2022) to the Great Jordan Maxwell.

Lecture On The Cult Of Saturnalia, The Republic Forum

Have been meaning to post some Maxwell vids since news of his passing, but I'm so backed up with things it has taken a while. Here is an absolutely great Lecture from Mr. Russell Pine aka Jordan Maxwell. In Memory, He'll be greatly missed all the world round.

Santos Bonacci youtube channel here:

Sarah Westall interviews Mike Harris who gives an excellent breakdown of who the Khazars are, how the Khazarian Mafia has usurped and deceived the world and how they are the most evil group of people on the planet. The Fake Jews - The Ashkenazis - Are responsible for most of the worlds atrocities, wars, and resets over that past 1000 years or so.

The lecture presented here was given in Zurich on October 27, 1919. In the
collected edition of Rudolf Steiner's works, the volume containing the German
texts is entitled, Der Innere Aspekt des sozialen Rätsels; Luziferische
Vergangenheit, Ahrimanische Zukunft (Vol. 193 in the Bibliographic Survey,
1961). Translated from the German by M. Cotterell and revised by William
Riggens. Copyright © 1985

This Lecture is more than 100 years old and Steiner is alluding to The Earth Being Flat and The Timeline Deception, he was a brilliant man

These Videos May Be Useful As Well:

The second video published by Eric Dubay about the very obvious hoax of the "Dinosaurs"

It's Flat Bro!

Dr. Barrie Trower gives a well researched, succinct and in depth look into the History, Dangers, and Deleterious effects of Wifi, 1,2,3,4,5 & 6G Networking Generations, and harmful electrical fields on all Organisms. He explains how it was a pre-meditated and surreptitious attack by some of our elected officials and mad scientists to allow this Extremely Harmful Technology to be foisted upon a deliberately kept ignorant and unsuspecting Public. Specifically The Governments of Canada, USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand.

Put Down The Electronics People!!!!! And all this shit goes away, Technocracy Over.

Circa: February.03.2020, Exeter, UK

Chris White goes into a more in depth study of the some of the claims made in the first Zeitgeist Film offering some alternative narratives and research into what the Zeitgeist Films state about historical events. This film is more succinct and exacting in some of its deconstruction but falls short on some of the detraction from Theosophy. A good exposé nonetheless

Here's a mash up of a bunch of Dr. Bruce Lipton's Clips on how to reprogram your subconscious mind. It was brought to you by some youtuber named Evan Carmichael, but he was so annoying that I cut his parts out of the video. There is a lot of excellent information in the video that I haven't found on other vids and podcasts from The Good Dr. I guess give Carmichael the thanks and thank me later for not making you watch him....

Vinny Eastwood interviews Andrew Norton Webber back in his hay day (Circa: 2013) about the healing properties of Distilled Water and Urine Therapy. Both of which I can a test to myself from my own experience fighting Health Problems from living a life of very Toxic Fun....

Read By: Josiah Brandt

Full Audiobook: Your Invisible Power. Written by Genevieve Behrend, Circa 1921

G. Behrend was a contemporary of Neville Goddard, whose book "Your Invisible Power" predated Neville's first book "At Your Command" by about 18 years. In this work, Behrend shares her use of "mental pictures" to manifest synchronicities leading to the achievement of her dreams.

I know I Already Uploaded this video compilation 2 months ago, But I managed to get this Video on here somehow with 2.5 gb, WMV file with better resolution on a free account. So Enjoy and use this video to rip to your channel since it should fit on free bitchute accounts.


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