Comedian Jimmy Dore

0:00 to 10:00 Introductions. (NB: all times listed are approximate)
10:00 to 39:00 Basics of Terrain Paradigm and common questions.
39:00 to 42:00 Mark Bailey discussing the problem with DNA as the central dogma of molecular biology.

Presented as One-Way Street and this should never have permeated the medical system as “common knowledge.”
One way street is not the way it works – it’s a multi-directional system.
People are organisms that react to their environment and DNA can be changed by reactions to the environment.
The work of Nobel Prize winner, Barbara McClintock, back in the 1960s showed that DNA changes according to environmental conditions.
We are taught to believe our genes cannot change and we cannot do anything about them.
This should never have grown to become a “commonly accepted knowledge.” It’s, in fact, a common and deadly mistake.
This has caused oncologists, for example, to say “you’ve got bad genes” which leaves you feeling helpless.
It’s the bad CONDITIONS of the internal environment that we should be most concerned about.
52:00 to 59:00 Ivermectin. “Nobody has a deficiency of Ivermectin.”
59:00 to 1:04:00 How the human genome has been misrepresented.

We are not just genomes. We are interdependent with bacteria without which we would die.
We need to understand this more deeply and the conditional requirements for both us and our needed bacteria to maintain a healthy system.
There is a wholeness we must address and manage.
1:04:00 to 1:19:00 Covid “curing” protocols proposed by various doctors.

What are they doing?
Why do people get sick in the first place?
Why do children get sick so often?
Mark and Sam outline the few key reasons why people get sick, what “illness” represents and strategies to eliminate symptoms.

Too many calories and eating too much
Nutrient deficiency in spite of eating too much
Lack of exercise
The influence of negative thoughts and being unhappy, the lack of spiritual health and blaming a boogie man rather than myself and my choices
Practical protocols people can follow to maintain health and to overcome illness symptoms
1:19:00 to 1:28:00 Discussing why the Terrain Paradigm is being ignored by the mainstream media and medical establishment and the censorship of it by some within the health freedom community – and how that is changing. Further discussion about being near the tipping point for the No Virus Paradigm being more broadly accepted.
1:28:00 to 1:35:00 Aging well, having beautiful skin and the role of forgiveness for health.
1:35:00 to 1:37:00 The economic impact the No Virus Paradigm may have on society. Main points:

We should first look at the the negative economic impact allopathic medicine is having on our economy NOW.
People are getting sicker while very few at the top benefit at the expense of the majority.
A discussion of the full title of the book Virus Mania – How the medical industry continually invents epidemics making billion dollar profits at our expense.

From dpl003 - "Original video here -
Full interview here:

"This interview tie in with #thegatekeeperclub article that list all the gatekeepers perpetuating fallacies. RFK pushing repurposed drugs and preparing us on future pandemics that will be managed better. The understanding is as follows:"

No virus has ever been isolated. There is:

No lab leaked virus
No engineered virus
No biological weapon as a virus
No spike protein
No gain of function BS
No immune system bc no virus
Most pushing this is on #thegatekeeperclub

The article can be viewed here -


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