King Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson offers a dollar to black NAAPC and co. leaders in Jew York as a token of friendship and trust between the blacks and the jews amid serious tensions between both communities during the Crown Heights riot. Also schwarze boss admits the jews role in the 60s (((civil rights movement)))

Offering a dollar to schwartzas and reminding them of the real enemy, the white opressor! That's more kosher than a bris!!

King Jew, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, interacts with young Bibi, telling him to hurry up the coming of the 'Moshiach', aka the Anti-Christ for non retarded goyem, and considered the same in Islam and among the Catholic Church doctrine.

Extended 2 hour video from one, if not the most prolific revisionist, our late prof. Robert Faurisson, where he presents and covers the basic aspects of Holocaustianity, also covering some detail on the most famous holocaust alegations.

For more detailed information on prof. Faurisson's work, visit:


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