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SHINE A LIGHT - Episode #7 - 'News of First Week of May'
By Jeff Green

Open - Current headlines covered
18:00 - Shedding
25:00 - Bioweapon fraud
49:00 - India

To prove what I said in my dialogue: Sherri Tenpenny claiming viruses are contagious and that vaccines temporarily stop viruses from transmitting -

The Viral Misconception - entire 5 Part series, interview of Jeff Green by Alana Fournet

Recorded March 2020.

Segment 1
What is a virus? Where does a virus come from? What is it's purpose?

Segment 2 - 16:56
Exploring if or how a virus is spread.

Segment 3 - 39:47
What's going on around the world today (coronavirus)?

Segment 4 - 20:50
What's the point? Why this matters to us and where we go from here.

SHINE A LIGHT - Episode #1 World Government Is Upon Us/Coronavirus

Recorded 07/13/2020

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SHINE A LIGHT - Episode #4 - 'Fires/Climate Change — Population Control'
By Jeff Green

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SHINE A LIGHT - Episode #2 - 'Coronavirus/Vaccine Dangers/Current Situation'

Recorded 07/18/2020

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SHINE A LIGHT - Episode #8 'The Origin of Germ Theory'
By Jeff Green

Insight into the dialogue of this video:

When I speak in this video I am telling you what it is they believe; 'they', being those that are practitioners of the Mystery Schools, or the Luciferian philosophy. I am not conveying to you my personal beliefs, nor am I conveying to you any particular religious belief when I quote from sources.

The image in the video is the logo of the WHO, a branch of the UN (United Nations). It is not the staff of Moses as some might first believe, for the symbol of the serpent entwined around the staff originated long before Moses. It is the staff of Asclepius and the Caduceus, with its roots in paganism, which dates back to ancient Babylonian times and before; being one of the oldest symbols to exist. The Caduceus version features the wings of Isis of Egypt, the mother of Horus. Horus, being the sun god (Ra). Horus, or Ra, is the symbolic meaning of Lucifer as I explained in the video. The staff of Asclepius is, in actuality, the staff of Hermes. Hermes is derived from the Egyptian god Thoth. All of these are the same symbol representing the same figure and have all been encoded into various gods and goddesses throughout history to veil the secret teachings of the Mystery Religion.

When one looks at an image of the Luciferian Baphomet you clearly see between the legs the symbol of the Caduceus (two snakes entwined around the staff; the staff which is the symbol of the phallus) - This is the duality of the phallus, which represents the intellect of man in the Mystery Schools. The obelisks of ancient Egypt are the representation of this phallus, which is the phallus of Osiris, who was cut into 14 pieces and scattered amongst the earth, except for one part; the phallus, which was fed to a fish—thus, the occultic number 13 is derived.
These obelisks exist in the US, both at most Freemasonic temples, and the Washington Monument, and so forth.
Luciferian doctrine always tries to take the form of the truth but is itself a deception to mock and invert the truth. For example, Lucifer is the morning star as written in the Bible. However, Jesus is also called the 'bright morning star'. "How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the ground, O destroyer of nations." The phrase "son of the dawn" represents the symbolic meaning of the sun, thus, the intellect.

The purpose of modern medicine is to seat the Luciferian philosophy onto the world and turn man away from nature. Luciferian philosophy practices inversion. Look to the image of Baphomet and you will see the symbolism of androgyny and inversion—the breasts; both male and female attributes. This indicates duality, of which this symbol has many such parts. Also, the hand symbols, which indicate 'as above, so below', or, inversion. Thus, the widespread move to invert nature and all therein is part of the mission to accomplish this destruction of the current order to bring about their New Age.

Jeff Green - Presentation on the True Nature of Viruses

Video has been removed from YouTube due to 'Medical Misinformation'. Originally posted April 1, 2020.



Interview with Alana Fournet - Intentional Health for Women:

Link to written interview:

Viral Misconceptions - Presentation on The True Nature of Viruses
Jeff Green, Researcher & Alternative Nutrition

Introduction - 00:26
The Virus & Its Purpose - 2:09
Viral Infection - Medical Deception - Contagious Trap 11:28
Viral Cycles - Coronavirus 14:10
Science of Virology Exposed - 19:50
Viruses Do Not Cross Species - 25:24
Sanitizers and Vectors of Transmission - 29:39
Coronavirus p2. - How Viruses are Manufactured by the Body- 32:33

Correction at 40:33: should be "cell wall will rupture" not "'virus wall will rupture".

Note: The final video is not of a virus—it is meant to approximate how a cell ruptures once it is full of viruses during viral replication.

SHINE A LIGHT - Episode #6 - "Viewer Questions Answered"


This is a repost of a removed video that was posted to my YouTube channel.

"Your content was removed due to a violation of our Community Guidelines."

Reason: Medical misinformation - "YouTube doesn’t allow content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of local health authorities’ or World Health Organization (WHO) guidance on social distancing and self isolation that may lead people to act against that guidance."

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