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Just another Fraudci scam.

TATTOOS ARE A jew thing.

More fun on the Gaza False Flag Set.
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Never. Been. Proven. To. Exist.

Don't be a kike enabler.

Aren't the Alleged Semites special?
Watch as all (((their))) programed useful idiots all fall in line.

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St. Louis' Greatest Truth Teller..
Reality as I see it and present realities that unfold before us in this video game.
Brainwashed from an early age on television, rock music and meat eating, life is different now.
I am more interested in the things we have been distracted from as well as the ways we are distracted, the healing nature of nature and natural cures along with my best guesses at our spirit side. Always open for friendly debate and learning from each other.
You may contact me at;
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I was featured in an interview, check it out.

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Here is another interview about WWII and present day situations.