Just another quick unboxing. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

A quick shipping box unboxing. I am looking forward to opening this figure. The elves in this line are pretty lewd. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

The last time I purchased a McFarlane figure was when the anime series figures with the derp face Tenchi Muyo, Ryoko figure were released. Look that one up for a laugh. This Necron Warrior figure is well articulated. The arms are ball jointed in to the body, the head is on a ball joint. The spine is ball jointed in to the waist. The toes are hinged. The rest are tight clicky locking joints.

The figure can be balanced with or without the large rifle. It was tough to get the rifle in to his hand. There is a base but it is not needed and it is really too small to look right for the figure. The base does not come close to fitting both feet. The base just looks awkward and is probably best left in the bubble in the box. I am impressed with the quality for the price of $19.99. I hope there are more 40k figures on the way from McFarlane Toys.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

A very quick shipping box unboxing from amiami. Thank you for watching.

I picked this statue up at Mandarake for $9.00. Jungle Emmy has a great shape and is well painted. This statue is a repaint. The original Jungle Emmy had a spear with the same clothing painted yellow with black tiger striped. This camouflaged combat version includes a helmet and rifle. The rifle is very detailed and would look great in the hands of a similar sized figure.

Removing the plastic around the wrists and ankle was a pain. There seemed to be no end or break in the wrapping. Speeding those parts up knocked off a good six minutes from the video. Plugging the base in was a little tricky too. I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for watching.

For the price I did not expect much but these figures and the packaging look pretty good so far. I am looking forward to opening them in a future video. BBTS has such fancy bubble wrap. Much like Mandarake they always pack my orders well.

I received these a while ago but I have been working on the unboxing area. I should be uploading more unboxing and repair videos more often now. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

Purchased from:

Preview of the new backdrop for my unboxing videos and assembly of the huge TMNT Secret Sewer Lair. I hope to be back to unboxing soon. If you see anything you would like me to open in the back drop let me know. As long as it is not buried too deep I will consider it. I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for watching

I am really starting to like the Revo Fraulein line. The clicky revo joints on this figure are smooth but the sockets are very tight. The neck joint was especially tough to remove and replace in other faces. While i did manage to explode the neck joint it was easy to reassemble once i found the tiny center peg. It might be better to buy some additional joints to leave in the faces rather than removing them each time you change out the face.

The bunny costume looks great. Included with the accessories are a sign and her guitar. The sign is a very nice detail right down to the fake tape on the back holding it to the post Like the Yuki Nagato figure from this series and line I opened previously the guitar looks great. Even if you do not enjoy the anime I highly recommend this figure. The bunny costume looks excellent for a pose-able figure. Something some current lines do a poor job capturing even today. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

Another day another Mandarake box. This prize item turned out much nicer than I expected. The design is simple. I will update when I fully opened this item and have found a good spot to hang this item.

I have nearly completed setting up a new location to open items with a more interesting background. I have a few more videos to finish editing with the current setup but it is coming. I hope you will look forward to it. Thank you for watching.

Here we have another budget Sega statue figure purchased from Mandarake. For seven dollars it is a quality item. The paint is well applied. The figure comes as a complete figure and a base. The outfit is completely unrelated to the show as far as I know.

As with most figures there is noticeable seam across the top of the hair where the front part of the hair was glued on. The face looks a bit off to me at some angles and fine at other angles. It almost looks like a bandai sculpt where the face kind of looks flat. Overall the figure is very nice. I would purchase it again. I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for watching.

Another Mandarake unboxing. This time we have a 1/12 scale crane game model kit. Just looking at the back makes me not want to open it but I will get to it eventually. Next we have a small Megumin plush. Finally one of these laying Nesoberi plush that actually works. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

Another nice SEGA budget statue. The figure is fully assembled this time. It plugs in to the base in one direction. There is a small yellow flag. The figure is well painted and sculpted. The figure is pretty large. If there are any other figures planned they would need to be pretty large to be in scale with this figure. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

WWE figures in the MOTU Retro Play style with MOTU gimmicks, amazing! I believe they are up to series four now. This figure is from series two. I was able to pick up a few different figures from the WWE line locally. The articulation is great on these. Pretty much every other card has the same deep cuts in to the back of the card. Nice job walmart.

The gimmick is not very interesting for this figure. It is similar to the battle damage He-Man and Skeletor figures but much less interesting. I guess at least it will not suffer from worn springs. The plastic shirt is a bit limiting on the arms and head but it can be removed. The scepter was a bit bent out of the package. A little hot water should fix that.

I am certain the bandanna hat is going to be the first part people lose. It just sits on his head. The leg armor fits great and looks interesting. It is rubbery material like the bandanna and scepter. The shirt and its plates are hard plastic. I found swapping them was easy if you push them through on the left side, the figures right.

I am looking forward to some of the later series figures like Jake the Snake, Hulk Hogan and MR. T. It looks like Rowdy Roddy Piper will use this same lame shirt gimmick. It is a shame they did not give him some sort of special black sunglasses or something. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

More puzzle and dragons budget statues. A small puzzle and dragon figure and Haruhi Suzumiya bunny costume Revoltech. If you run across something you would like to see opened in any of the preview videos please do let me know. I am not opening things in any particular order. I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for watching.

Figuarts is doing a great job on their Dragonball figures. Kid Chichi is my fourth figure from this line and like the rest the figure looks accurate and has the articulation you would expect from S.H. Figuarts. The helmet fits nearly seamlessly together and the helmet fin snaps in easily and stays in.

The hair can be removed from the helmet for some reason. I question the reasoning because there are huge holes in the hair where the helmet attaches to the front and back of the hair. It seems like the hair could have been properly sculpted and the helmet could have still been a removable shell while also being displayable without huge holes in the hair.

The fin action is my biggest disappointment with this figure. The method of clamping the fin to the stand to make it appear as though chichi is throwing it is extremely lame. It looks dumb and this effect could have certainly been achieved better with some special hand parts or a single clear post part.

Speaking of hands the nubs that attach the hand at the wrist are tiny. As soon as I saw them I was worried about them not taking the wear of swapping out hands well. I did not notice any stress marks and they have not broken on me but it is a concern that I have with this figure.

That all being said I am still very pleased with this figure and I expect to have her on display prominently. As you can see this item was purchased from Big Bad Toy Store. The box was a bit beat up but the packaging kept the figure safe from FedEx. BBTS bubble wrap sometimes looks more expensive and of higher quality than some of the cheaper items I have purchased from them.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

Quite a variety in this box a glass, clock, print, statue, scarf. I am getting a bit behind on my item unboxings but i have nearly caught up with all of my shipping boxes. I have several to edit and one more to open. I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for watching.

Having recently worked on various repairs, replacement parts and accessories for the vintage 80s MOTU line I am very impressed with this MOTU retro play line. This retro line does a great job of capturing the look of the 80s line and improving the design with additional articulation.

A back plate for the sword would have been nice. I understand Skeletors sword is meant to be combined with he-man's sword but it seems like they could have just included the reverse of the sword for a better display. The shield is likely going to do some damage to the arm over time the way it clicks on to the arm.

Unfortunately my comic was caught up under the seal of the bubble and card. The packaging is very nicely printed and has raised printed areas. Overall I am looking forward to opening the rest of this first wave as well as the WWE MOTU style figures. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

I finally located some of the Series 2 tan slime eggs. The price is still $9.99 per egg. I grabbed the five they had. Later on I found out there are codes on the bottom of the eggs that can be used to identify the different eggs. The codes are below and on screen after each egg is closed. The egg containers are the same mold in tan plastic. This time we have purple, green, red, brown, pearl and gray aliens. I do not much care for the dark brown pretzel colored face huggers. If there is a third set hopefully they will consider making them colored more like the movies. The figures are also the same mold in different colors. I was really not expecting the pictured white alien to have parts that looked like more of a pearl color to the hard plastic parts. At one point I thought the leg broke off of one of the later aliens as I was assembling it but it seems the joint at the knee sits on a post it does not lock in. The slime in these eggs is a little different than the last set of eggs.

The slime is orange blue and green. It is much more slimy and harder to manage. This new slime seems to spread and stick to everything. The slime in the first set was colored differently, it was not just translucent. If there is such a thing, the first series slime seemed like a more premium slime that could be used to pick up droplets or slime stuck to other things and was not as messy.

The codes to identify which figures are in an egg are on the bottom of the egg as i point out in the video. The codes are engraved in the plastic. You may need to hit the light just right to be able to read the codes. I have included the codes below. I hope you enjoyed this 30 minute video of slimy aliens. Thank you for watching.

154097TC purple green
154096TC red brown
154094TC pearl gray

Check out my ongoing playthrough of Alien Vs Predator Extinction at the link below.

I picked up another Puzzle & Dragons budget priced statue. I had some trouble getting the wings stands pegged in but once they were in the figure was nice and stable. The staff is a pretty tight fit in her hand as well and you need to push it in far enough so it does not touch the same surface the stand is sitting on. I did try placing the staff in her hand so it was aiming upward behind her back but it did not really look right. The character design and sculpt are both nice but the angle the figure is positioned in seems a bit low. Looking down to the statue it is hard to appreciate the design. This would display best at eye level or higher. Overall a nice figure even if it does need some special positioning to get the most out of it. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

Goodsmile USA is taking their time shipping. I finally received my second order from them, Slayers Naga the Serpent Nendoroid. The packing is pretty tight with a thin layer of bubble wrap. One ding to this box and it will transfer to the figure box for sure. I am not sure if they are back in lockdown or it is on and off for them but it does not make me want to order from the US shop if i can get it from Japan faster and better packaged. I already had line Inverse so I brought her in for the video. I hope you will look forward to the figure unboxing. Thank you for watching.

As usual Amiami is taking care of your purchase with just enough over packing. Black Magician Girl or Dark Magician Girl looked like a nice figma to have. I believe this is a reissue of Black Magician Girl. I hope you will stop by to see the unboxing of this figure when It is ready.

Here we have another Project Touhou Sega Prize figure statue. This Aya statue is another quality piece for the price ($3.00). It was an open box item but as you can see in the video the parts were clean and dust free. Assembly was easy and the figure itself is nicely painted and detailed. I will keep an eye out for more deals. I am really enjoying these budget priced statues. Maybe I will do a group picture in the future. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

This "Awoken Minerva" statue was budget priced so I picked it up from Mandarake with another Sega prize statue. For the price (under $8.00) I am very pleased with the quality. The Huge sword was unexpected. I did not notice it on the box. It is behind her back. The armor and wings are detailed and clean. The only part that is lacking is the red globe. It looks like it is meant to be a fireball or some sort of magic but it is no where near the quality of the rest of the item. Maybe I can replace it or paint it or something. Aside from that it is a great little statue and I will continue to look out for more. I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching.

Another large Mandarake box. This time it is a sega prize figure and a puzzle and Dragons figure. I hope you will look forward to the future opening videos for these new figures

I ran across these in Walmart two days ago and I grabbed what they had. The price per box is $4.98. The castle containers are very detailed. They would work well as 1/12 or 1/18 scale toy playsets as they are hinged and look a lot like the original 80s castle playsets. The castles have pegs on top where you can plug the figures feet in. When I pulled a figure not on the first insert I realized the different boxes are actually different sets. The figures have points of articulation at the shoulders the waste and the neck. They come with a weapon. Skeletor's staff was very bent but I was able to straighten it out with a heavy book. These figures are certainly more impressive than most small blind box figures of a similar size and design. I would like to complete this set if I can find more locally. If I can find more I will make another video. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you for watching.


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