Hey Big Ears, where's Noddy?

Give them a present before dismissal.

What freedom looks like in Australia

fascinating history and truth

pilC satireV

Hmmm, they did not get the shadows right.

ABN 93 000 576 492

Translations in the comment please

Hope this is. becoming obvious by now.

The other is through hanging "it's a stiff"

The Matrix Decoded - Tax Part 1
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Kids will report with paralysis in a few months

Man accused of sharing publicly available information from a government web site that anyone can view

Become Ungovernable

Dr Robert Young reveals all the graphene oxide information in the jabs

Attacking ethnic groups

For those who don't know a slug was planted into a business running for last 40 years and was closed down as the competitor was also the health inspector!!

Hold on boys, rewards are coming.

which horse do you back?

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