Snopes, like every other "fact checking" site run by leftists, lies all the time. To think there are people who consider Snopes an "authority" on fact checking.

ROFLSTOMPED by his OWN report.

I uh... um, w-we uh er um... uh...

Way back when he was considered a champion of minorities and the black community. Suddenly he's now a racist. Odd.

A lot of people really should pay more attention to the things before 2015.

In this video clip, an SPLC person pretty much admits they want to shift demographics so that white people are a minority in their own country.

This is a compilation of clips, many of them predating the 2016 election, of people advocating for White Genocide and openly expressing hatred of White People. The MSM will tell you there is nothing to see here.

This is just amazing. This dude basically does a mic drop after he points out citizens are often separated from their families when they BREAK THE LAW.

This video was banned on Youtube. This video contains graphs, interesting information about women athletes. Enjoy! I decided to post this in light of the latest USWNT victories and them going full SJW.

This is a video compilation of World War 2 footage set to Hell March from Red Alert.

This video shows you how to build a basic AR-15 from scratch. You can't find this on Youtube anymore. I've checked and it seems to be missing from their archive.

This is an interview with Eustace Mullins and his opinions on 911, Zionism, CIA and Mossad. Obviously won't find this on youtube.

This is for historic and documentary purposes. Youtube has begun removing some of these. Wonder why...

This is a great anime by the way. Very entertaining. Just have to suspend disbelief a little bit.

Brother of civil rights activist Medgar Evers stuns MSNBC anchor by supporting Donald Trump. She can't wrap her head around it.

This is a Star Wars compilation music video. Enjoy!

This video is a compilation of video clips and audio where women have been caught lying about rape and physical abuse. It's much more common than people think. This video has been removed from Youtube several times. I don't know if any mirrors exist.

This video is one of Mark Collet's detailing Michael Bolton and his warmongering policies. As well as his involvement with Zionists.

This is a mirror of the James O'Keefe video meme tweet just in case Twitter decides to nuke it.

In case Veritas is forced to remove this video for any reason, I will mirror it here and share.

Before Trump was campaigning for President, this is what the top democrats in Washington had to say about Immigration.

This is Childish Gambino's stupid Music Video with a montage of hate crimes proved to be fake. To make a point that Gambino is being controversial for BS reasons based on the perception of racism.

This Youtuber was forced to pull this amazing Music Video because Skillet can be a bunch of pricks when it comes to flagging shit on Youtube. So I mirrored it here for everyone to enjoy.

Just a reminder to everyone who claims Hillary would have ended the wars and we would have peace and prosperity if she had won the election. Also, Ben Shapiro supports war with Iran too.

Watch for context. This little POS kid was screwing around with cars and got caught. Started acting like the POS he is when a car owner tried to call the cops. Kid gets exactly what he deserves when he starts getting violent.


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I mirror controversial videos that other platforms may remove. Mostly Youtube videos. I also tend to mirror content that shares my personal views and opinions at least to some degree. Sometimes those videos might be music videos that I really like and which Youtube has forced the original creator to remove for BS reasons.