This stupid woman put off relationships so long that suddenly she's staring reality in the face. She hit the wall and suddenly regrets her life choices. What does she do? Hurr i'LL FreEzE My EgGs So i'LL SoMeDaY HaVe KiDs!! EvEn ThOUgH My BoDy WiLL Be UnAbLE To HanDLe iT!!

This video makes a compelling argument for the Lost City of Atlantis. It uses math, and Plato's own writings to corroborate the evidence. Thanks to modern technology such as Mapping Satellites available to everyone.

It's an objective fact that women contribute almost nothing to society aside from being necessary to reproduction. Here is a video that lays out the evidence and the math.

Poorly written female characters given masculine traits, being unfeminine, and disempowering men in works of fiction. It's more prevalent than you think.

This covers a good deal of history involving how the Federal Reserve became a thing, including the secret meetings and measures passed by Congress giving the control of money to a private entity answerable to no one but itself.

Final part that I have available. Also by The Blaze. More interviews with women who have been in combat and basic training.

Malcolm X, a hero to the black community, once said that voting democrat makes you a traitor to your race. Here is the speech in context.

This one is interviews with actual women who have experienced combat firsthand.

This is about women in combat, starting with Israel's Defense Force and how Israel is cucked.

The most effective female contraceptive? Keeping your legs shut. Second best, using a condom. But women would rather ride Chad dicks until they're 30 and throw their bodies out of whack using the Pill.

Back when comedy was actually good and PC stayed out of it.

This is about the use of social engineering to control populations beginning with a very young age. Take note.

Part two, with Chapelle and George Carlin.

Numerous comedians and their opinions on Feminism and Feminists.

Mirrored just in case YT Gestapo decides to do something about it!

For when Youtube decides to take this down, I will mirror it here.

Jiggle Physics

Jiggle Physics.

This is the scene from Lady and The Tramp that Disney will be removing from any newer releases of the Lady & The Tramp movie. Because Disney is going all WOKE.

This video provides perspective on Islamist views of Christian beliefs. Such as their opinion of Jesus Christ and the Jews.

Biden gets real handsy and creepy with a 10yr old girl around 35minutes in.

This details how AIPAC influences American politics.

In which he admits to assisting Nazis in killing his own people.

Trump Disavows racist people and groups, but the media refuses to acknowledge.



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