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New Podcast Episode Published!

EPISODE: Life insurance like the Rockefellers - Jordan Perrault

Today's guest is Jordan Perrault, father of soon to be 6, machinist for 16 years who now loves teaching people what life insurance can do to help their financial situations.

He is licensed in 5 states: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Idaho.

On this episode, he is teaching us how to use insurance like the Rockefellers do! Click the link in the comments for the full episode.

Another Podcast Episode Published!

EPISODE: The Parasite Class & The 2025 Reset

This episode's guest is Pete Stone, founder of The Sovereign Project and author of the book: "System: death by 1000 cuts". He understands law better than most people on the planet and is an amazing man to learn from. Listen to the episode by clicking the link in the comments below.

Today's episode gives you an overview of the differences between law and LEGAL with special guest: jon little.
jon has been sharing law knowledge for over 20 years after the system removed his sons and daughters from his care. That trespass fueled jon to learn everything he could about law so that he could file a claim to restore his property.
Once he won, he set out to educate as many people as possible around the world to learn the difference between law and LEGAL. The success stories continue to pour in from those who have learned law from jon and Jennifer.
You can grab a free training here:

👀What if..👀

What if God perfected law in the beginning and everything since, is not only man-made and flawed, but fraudulent❓

And if it is fraudulent, it is VOID.

What if there are laws that shut down legal f*ckery?

What if law has been hidden and replaced with legal?

What if every man, woman and son/daughter could enforce their law?

~without lawyers

~without legalese

~without petitions, protests and revolutions

Or any of that confusing noise that all the influencers are sharing in random videos…

FACT: Law beats Legal

FACT: Law is perfect

💯Legal is the undoing of law

💯Legal is the bastardization of law

💯Legal is the counterfeit

💯Legal is a cloned and changed vocabulary designed

by evil people to fleece all men and women of:




~And the ability to THINK

Millions of people around the world are remembering bits and pieces of LAW. Their spirits are awakening to what is TRUE.

The past few hundred years of evil ‘spell’ing is coming to an end...

Not only did they duplicate YOUR lawful vocabulary, they cloned YOUR court.

So HOW do you operate in YOUR COURT and NOT THEIRS❓

It is pretty simple actually…

As simple as 1, 2, 3.

Get signed up for Sunday's FREE Webinar

6pm EST on 4/3/2022

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Get signed up for Sunday's FREE Webinar
6pm EST on 4/3/2022

The one thing aristocrats fear is the day we all stand together.
But before that can happen, we all need to relearn how to stand on our own.

Because standing on our own means:

No more masks
No more experimental vaccines or passports
How to remove Child Protective Services
How to remove fraudulent legal battles
How to remove debt
How to remove unlawful jail
How to remove unlawful fines
How to remove landlord/tenant issues
How to handle controversy at work
Learn how to travel
How to respond to ID request to eat at restaurants

#military #patriots #american #liberty #conservative #soldier #marines #conservativememes #americafirst #flag #salutetoservice #trumptrain #flagda #vp #merica #godblessamerica #duty #confederate #navyseals #godblessamerica🇺🇸 #americans #presidenttrump #libertarian #nra #patriotism #patriotic #semperfi #liberaltears #rightwing #proudamerican

Free webinar at 6pm (and recorded) Eastern.

Join us on Sunday 4/3 for more information.

Grab a seat before they are gone here:

Did you know that there is a powerful jurisdiction ABOVE legal that is available to all men and women but until now, only the elite and those in the know have used it?

Law came first. LEGAL is the clone.
Legal is the counterfeit.
Legal is the undoing of Law.
They have you brainwashed to think only in legal terms, legal courts, legal proceedings.

But law stands above legal. Law is for mankind. Law was in the beginning.

And law is what they are hiding from you.

Law fixes everything. SIMPLY and very effectively.

I know, and so do tens of thousands of other.

And now millions are about to know because it's being revealed again in every country as billions of people wake up to what is true.

#gop #democrat #veteran #prolife #wethepeople #army #redpill #patriotism #truth #potus #liberal #godblessamerica #trumpmemes #wwg #libertarian #walkaway #presidenttrump #donttreadonme #wga #conservatives #navy #memes #qanon #buildthewall #election #trumpsupporters #unitedstates #marines #biden #christian

SUNDAY April 3rd at 6pm EST!

Here Is The Big Secret:
“They” aren’t the only ones that can hold court…
We can too!

We Created Court

🎯We created the paper, the words, the buildings
​💯We are the authority at court
​👉We are the original court
🔥We hold the highest court on the land
​🙏We are the first court holders on Earth
​❤️️And that fact still stands up at court today…

#commonlaw #trump #police #jail #court #america #masks

Everyone thinks government is real until they realize that there are ONLY men and women. No boogieman.

Has anyone ever seen government? Ever? Learn the rest of the hidden knowledge at

Jen & Jill discuss the difference and confusion between common law (of England Judges) and law common to i (of the Creator)

Today's Q&A LIVE discusses How To Handle The "Simon Says" Of Town Councils, Board of Superintendents & Jen's Current Coin Stack

We still aren't sure whether crypto is controlled, not controlled, who started it etc. Is it really decentralized?

Our bodies come equipped with a cannabinoid system, ready for plant-based medicine to cure what ails us.

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