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David Carrico of NYSTV tells you what MK Ultra SRA DID is.
The rest of this can be found at the NYSTV YouTube page here
MK Ultra victims, usually victims of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), split their personality as a survival technique. The original David Icke Arizona Wilder interview goes in to great detail about this and you can find it on YouTube.
What does the dictionary call it?

Definition of dissociation

1 : the act or process of dissociating : the state of being dissociated: such as
a : the process by which a chemical combination breaks up into simpler constituents especially : one that results from the action of energy (such as heat) on a gas or of a solvent on a dissolved substance
b : the separation of whole segments of the personality (as in multiple personality disorder) or of discrete mental processes (as in the schizophrenias) from the mainstream of consciousness or of behavior
2 : the property inherent in some biological stocks (as of certain bacteria) of differentiating into two or more distinct and relatively permanent strains also : such a strain

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So much for "tolerance".

Zachary King joined a cult when he was 10 years old. This is only ONE of the things he did while in the cult. In another part of the original interview from which this was taken, he says world wide, his cult had 1.2 MILLION members. Remember, that's ONLY ONE CULT.

This little nugget comes to you from "Crystal Myers-Barber" YouTube channel. Show her a little love by subscribing to her channel. Another great source for information. As you're probably noticing, TONS of PAYtriot channels are showing up. Cute names and partial information and ALWAYS asking for money. But there is another kind of channel out there you need to be on the lookout for. These channels APPEAR as Patriot channels. They post GOOD information. So YOU may be inclined to comment on them and put YOUR important information. Only one problem. They may give you the usual "love" click, so you think they saw your comment and your good to go.Your information will be seen by the people you want to share it with. But wait... are you not getting any thumbs ups on your comment? Are you not getting any replies? This would be because your comment is HIDDEN to everyone but YOU using your current login on YT. The best thing to do is look at your comment from a different YT login. Maybe even one with a different IP address. Can you see your comment now? Probably not. Welcome to propaganda channels. I hope this warning helps you know WHO is telling the truth. And WHO is telling you WHAT they want you to hear. Want to make a donation here? You can't. I don't take donations and I NEVER monetized ANY of my channels. But you CAN say a PRAYER for me. This is dangerous.

This is old information. But I'll bet most of you never heard it. It took ME 5 years after the fact to come upon it and then only by accident. You'd think these things would be out there so those afflicted could be helped. But we all know what #1 is on the "Stones". Too many pesky "eaters" on Earth. Some very important info at the end you ALL need to hear. I tried to make this interesting with a little picture story. I'm sure some of the images have vanished from the net. You will see some images with coins. They come from You REALLY need to look at them. As some of you know, coins AFTER 1964 were no longer made of solid metal. Hmmm, and Kennedy was killed in 1963. When you see those pages, you will know why. And I have a sneaking suspicion I know where the metal went. And be SURE to watch my 'hamster in the wheel' video. It's a real duzzy! For the last year I was trying to wake up a friend who thinks I'm crazy! After watching the video, especially some of the graphics in it, now he wants to know more. And I do hope you will share THIS "back tips" video far and wide. And make sure you do what I said about using cables. As you will see in the "hamster video", its all around us each and every day. But with distance comes safety. That and a nice "cage" and your good to go. I'm hoping for good things at the SOTU, but only time will tell. "Enjoy" this video and be sure to COPY, and share and SAVE OFF LINE. The "hamster video" TOO! Let;s call THIS little video.... #GARYSOPUS A nice UNIQUE
name to search on! Be kind in your comments and play well with each other. In your service JFK & Jr. ps If you haven't done it in a while.... now would be a good time to TELL those you care about that you LOVE them. gad 2/2/2019 5PM EST And for those not aware... The PICON picture image used for this video is JFK Jr inside the grave site of his Dad at Arlington Cemetery. Does the grave remind you of a letter? Just "coincidence" I'm sure.


My video capture program only does 5 minutes at a time. See the other segment I uploaded on The Book Of Enoch. I also suggest you watch B'nai Ha Nephilim The Sons Of The Fallen. I did that video about a year ago and it relates to this information.

Is Ruth Bader Ginsberg dead? Hearse seen leaving home reports say. Unconfirmed.. Full credit for this goes to dnajlion7 thats
D N A J L I O N 7 YouTube channel. More there. YouTube channel "dnajlion7"

Guess it wasn't those pesky Russian's after all. At least not with Mr. Trump. If I were HRC.... now might be a good time to stock up on Hemlock Juice. Oh what a tangled web we weave....
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This is sad. I can remember when people used to BELIEVE what was said in newspapers and on TV. Now days, you might as well watch SNL for your "news". Or better yet... just make up some of your own!

Wish I could give you more of this but the demo version of this video capture program only does 5 minutes! For the full 18 minute video click here
Wouldn't it be nice if the RICH PEOPLE at CNN started doing their job!!! I get NOTHING FOR WHAT I DO!!!

A short select clip from President Donald Trump to you!

I'll save you some time. Jump 1 hour in. Listen for 5 minutes. Then decide if you want to hear the rest. You may want to download a copy of this. Makes great listening on that long ride to work. Share it with a friend!
This is probably one of THE most important videos I've ever put on this channel. BELIEVE everything he tells you. As some of you know, I have a brain injury from a medical procedure. This "may" make me less sensitive to these things. But before that happened I worked for a large international company. If I mentioned the name, you WOULD know them. Many things go on behind closed doors the public NEVER knows about. And employees are kept in check by papers they have to sign to work there. I strongly suggest you search YT for "Faraday Cage". This device, when properly constructed, will BLOCK much of what this man speaks of. There is a video on YT of a couple who built one around their bed. You ought to be asking WHY. As I mentioned elsewhere, the higher the frequency used the smaller the mesh or screen needed. For this reason it may be best to use SOLID metal sheets for construction. And to block both electrical and magnetic fields you MUST use alternating layers of ferrous (magnetic) and non ferrous (non magnetic) metals. The magnetic shielding can easily be tested with a Boyscout compass and a small magnet. As you build up layers, you will see the field weaken. You should also search YouTube for "Patrick Flanagan+Jeff Rense". There aren't too many interviews and he usually touches on this subject. HE is the one who invented it. I hope you never have to use any of the things I've suggested. But its best you have the information in case you do. For anyone injured on the job, pay particular attention around the 1 hour in mark. And for about the next 8 minutes. She talks about the State of California.

Oy vey! It's worse than I thought!!!

The information I will be reading from came from here. I suggest you go there and download a copy and put it on a nice storage device NOT connected to the internet.

Now we all know they've been telling us for YEARS we have GLOBAL WARMING. If we have it, I have no doubt we have it. Especially if they are making it happen.

You all need to Google this little gem:
Now what do you suppose they need ALL THAT POWER for with so few people in Antarctica??? HAARP comes to mind. Please share this widely. And remember....
Repeat after me...
All these things are "natural" cycles
They would "never" lie to us.

Prison coming soon Nancy! You'll look good in orange!

My favorite reporter Liz Crokin tells you what President Trump has in common with the Komodo Dragon! It actually makes a GREAT DEAL OF SENSE!

This comes to you courtesy of "RedPill78". If you like the reporting subscribe to his channel. I wonder how many lives have been ruined by all of what we've seen these past two years??? And it's not over yet.

As with ALL information DISCERN this well. Note there are MANY Fulford videos on the internet with CURRENT DATES and they are OLD INFORMATION. This is one of two things or both: People posting them to get money from posting them OR an attempt to bury current versions of information in a giant haystack. The proverbial "Needle in the haystack" becomes the real or most current version.

Never one to celebrate bad times... (Just added a 6 pak of beer to my shopping list!) But that has nothing to do with THIS sad event. Imagine, after working so hard, reporting the "news", now these people will have to find new jobs. But I'm sure they have a good work history and new employers will just be jumping up and down ready to hire them! I wonder if they could have done anything different so this wouldn't have happened? Oh well, live and learn.

The latest release. Should be an interesting month. NOW is the time to prepare. Remember, if you are low on money a 20 pound bag of rice only costs $10 at most supermarkets. Good emergency food and it lasts a long time. Get some dried beans and make sure you have an adequate source of water. See next video. Some of you may already have seen it but this is my only way of getting it to those who haven't.

What you REALLY want to see/HEAR is this. Jump 2 1/2 Min in.
Pay attention to the COMMENTS below THAT video NOT this one.

I love it! "What do you have to lose"? So true. I was watching the JB Gunner TV YouTube channel the other day. He quoted some Welfare statistics for America. Did you know 13 percent of white people, that would be us "white privilege" people like me, who drive a 1993 Geo and have more appliances in my house that DON'T work than do, are on Welfare. And that SAME figure for black people is 43 percent! So 43 percent of black folks live on welfare! So what the hell do you have to lose with Trump, how much worse could it get? From my point of view you have nowhere to go but up! And remember, most black people LIKE Martin Luther King. Did you know he was a Republican? And so was Abraham Lincoln who is credited with freeing the slaves. On the other hand, the Democrats FOUNDED the KKK. I wonder how many people black and white knew that?

A little Fantasy Island humor for a much more serious topic. This clip courtesy of "The Patriot Hour" YouTube page.

A few photos, some music and pictures.... and some other "stuff". Please share this widely. The entire file can be found here.

This video comes to you from the channel at the link below
If you are having a bad day, bad life... whatever... you may NOT want to watch this. It ruined my day. I've been hearing stuff on this topic for quite some time. I didn't realize it was this bad. I'm putting the video out on my channel for "Information only". Discern it well. MANY disturbing implications if its ALL true. I strongly suggest you research what a "Faraday Cage" is and how to make one. There are tons of videos on YouTube. With frequencies this high metal screen or cage material will not work. You must use solid metal. An all metal cookie tin with metal lid is a good example of a cage. You can also make a cage that blocks both electrical AND magnetic fields by using alternating layers of ferrous (magnetic) and non ferrous (non magnetic) metals. These would be aluminum, copper, nickel etc.

And the answer to that question would be they are both LIARS! This little snipet comes to you from "Redpill78" YouTube channel! How many of these "do as I say don't do as I do" people are really out there!
I notice my comments are once again being hidden by YouTube. Is there a problem YouTube? Is there something wrong with speaking the truth? Inquiring minds NEED to know! I noticed this happened right after I suggested people look at dnajlion7's channel for THEMSELVES. And STOP listening to left wing channels that pose as right ring channels and produce "propaganda". Do you honestly think these channels will identify themselves as left wing? No. They pretend to be one of us. That's the only way anyone would listen to them.


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