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Gary A. DePietro

This excerpt comes to you from Now You See TV (NYSTV) YouTube channel.The segment features David Carrico and Scott Hensler. Please share this video WIDELY. The original video from which this was taken is here:

A short little video that shows you what can happen when you lose "favor" with the "gods" at YouTube and Google! In my case after making certain "pizza" related videos! This is from a year ago. I've mentioned this elsewhere and am posting it just in case people thought I was kidding or imagining it.

Another day in the real life soap opera "As The Stomach Churns". When you see what HE is doing... you will probably want to do the same. The excerpts are courtesy of DeceptionBytes channel. This is NOT investment advice. However... silver has stood the test of time. It may go up in value... it may go down in value. But the bottom line is....
Remember that!

Self explanatory.

Ah yes... I would have loved to have been a little bird sitting on Laura Bush's shoulder! Think about it? What BETTER place to hand them the good news? They are all in one place. Nice and tidy for "pick up". George Soros take note.

Some mid term recap you may not have heard.
"FISA takes down the house".
Pray for Liz.
Mathew 21:22

There is an old saying.... "Keep your friends close.... but keep your enemies closer".
Chess anyone???
This little excerpt courtesy of "USA Net4Truth" check his channel out!

This is a repost of Aplaintruth' channel #18 video. Does this look like it happened from "natural causes" to you? Did you know an Infrared LASER is invisible to the human eye? But many cell phones and other cameras can see the beam just fine. I have a blue LASER, only 5 watts and it can start a fire from 20 feet away. Imagine something much more powerful and operating in the infrared spectrum. You would never see it coming.

This is a repost from SGTreport for widest distibution. You might want to subscribe and support his channel! Everything he says here agrees with my research so... I approve this message! How many thousands of decent people all over the world are DEAD because of these "people"???

From Liz Crokin.

This little nugget comes to you from "DeceptionBytes" channel. Well isn't that "special". Amazon's Jeff Bezos Washington Post thinks we belong to the "Fringe". OK. I'll remember that next time I would have placed an order with Amazon. You do all know the term "conspiracy theory" was created by the CIA? It came into being when JFK was killed. Seems some people didn't believe the "lone gunmen" theory and thought MORE people were involved in that murder. You know the type. They wear "tin foil hats". That was another term they came up with. A tin foil hat actually forms a partial Faraday Cage over the brain blocking out things like frequencies that can disrupt thinking and control the mind. Search YouTube for Faraday Cage. Could so many people be wrong???

This couldn't have happened in a better place than South Florida. Home of "trusty" people like Debbie Wasserman Shultz and "Sheriff" Israel! Enjoy the screen capture! ps For those of you who don't know what LARP stands for.... It's a gaming term: Live Action Role Play. This is NO GAME.

A quick screen capture from SGTreport channel latest video!
God Bless And Protect The Good People Of England, The United Kingdom and the World!
The FULL video on SGTreport's channel is here:

This is a repost you may not have seen. What was it the Q said about their symbols being their downfall? Tick tock.

I've been noticing a LOT of reposts of information from Mark Taylor, Liz Crokin and Benjamin Fulford. I generally don't have a problem with reposts as long as they tell you its OLD information. In most cases they don't. They just put the current date in the title and you think its a NEW POST. Often times when you listen to it you will hear WHEN it was actually recorded. Best thing to do is locate a source that posts the information WHEN IT COMES OUT. And then stick to that source. I've listened to tons of Mark's videos only to hear a date mentioned within making the video OVER a year old. Many sites, some foreign, see these reposting games as a way of making quick money. They just keep changing the date on their videos to whatever the current date is and YOU get fooled. The result: You may or may not see new information to YOU, but THEY ALWAYS GET PAID. And of course you can always flag these videos if you like. Feel free to list CURRENT sources of information in the comments. Check out the YouTube channel Liz Crokin for her current information.

Do you all know the story of Socrates? He lived during ancient times. He was given the "choice" of performing his own "execution". This came in the form of drinking deadly HEMLOCK JUICE. I have a feeling as more and more people see this there will be some OTHER PEOPLE who will want a nice big glass of hemlock juice for their very own. The organ music is a nice touch. Enjoy! PS Anyone know HRC's address? I'd like to send her free case of "juice" myself. No time like the present! This version courtesy of "JustinformedTalk". Check out his channel! ps Sorry for the repost. People need to hear this!

I noticed my computer was slowing down. I use an older computer specifically so I can tell if I'm being hacked. So I went looking for the problem. Everything worked great UNTIL I clicked my NOTIFICATIONS BELL. After that I noticed a LOT of disc activity. And computer slowdown. So I did a test. I installed another browser that was NOT set up to receive notifications. NO MORE SLOW DOWNS!. What is Google looking for or doing on my hard drive? I'd like to know. The only thing on my drive are videos I download from social media. And I see no need to CONSTANTLY index them to "help me". Just wanted all of you to see what I noticed.

Ah yes... just when you thought things couldn't get any worse. This little nugget comes to you courtesy of DeceptionBytes YouTube channel. Check her out! We all knew we could "trust" the Bush family, right? They hit 11 on my "Honesty Meter" right up there with the Clinton Crime Family! Now assuming you DO vote with a paper ballot.... WHO is going to count them???

This comes to you with a big red bow from USA Net4Truth's channel! Just in time for Christmas! I don't buy many books since the internet came into being. But I think I'll buy this book! Looks like it may be a classic in the future!

My internet was down all day. Just came back a short time ago. Some Liz and some other "stuff". Please share, copy and repost. I don't monetize and I don't care if YOU DO! If you like these videos start your own social media channel and repost them. The only thing you can't do is claim ownership and stop others from posting them.

The video is self documenting. Please read it and test it yourself. If you have a FAST computer you may not notice it.

I hope I'm wrong about this. Watch the older videos compared to those AFTER he vanished for a time. No mention of leaving... just gone. Then he returns, nothing said until OTHER people ask. Then he vanishes again... and once again NOTHING SAID until others ask... or maybe I should say notice. Well I noticed. Bruce, I hope you are safe and sound. Make a nice live video of you walking outside with other people around you. Computers CAN'T do that! YET!

I grabbed this little snipet from SGTreports latest video. Go see it at this link!

I found this and am reposting it for those who haven't seen it. This combines many of the individual videos I did on this topic and some other historical stuff.

We all hope we never need a lawyer. When I hurt my back in 1991 I tried to handle things myself. That wasn't possible so I had to hire a lawyer. I wish I knew to ask this THEN. And remember, this is NOT all lawyers. It will vary from person to person. And if you know what to ask, and have them put it in your contract, you will have a much better chance than I did. I had things in my contract but I didn't know what you will hear in the video. They say the first year after an injury is your "golden time". When you stand the best chance of recovery. Mine was wasted by the "lawyer" I had. Constant hearing cancellations, and rescheduling. After a time, it formed a pattern. And remember, THEY are getting PAID no matter what happens to YOU. And one other VERY IMPORTANT THING: Most Judges, Lawyer and many POLICE belong to the MASONS. They take an oath of loyalty to OTHER MASONS. We can only wonder where YOU fit in to that equation. What if both lawyers AND the judge are Masons? Something to think about. I hope you NEVER need this information.


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