Gary A. DePietro

Gary A. DePietro

Lots more coming! I'll be working on my own song tonight! Featuring a great old time classic you ALL KNOW! MAGA! WWG1WGA!!!

Yet ANOTHER one... Be sure to check "USA Net4Truth" and "Truth Factory" for more!!!

This isn't a song... but it's relevant.

The Marathon Continues!!! I've been checking all my doorknobs today. But I don't have many. The doors in my house are sliding pocket doors! And I don't have any red scarfs either! Never know who might come to "visit". Put a note on the fridge to be sure and feed my man eating 12 foot tall Venus fly trap. It's hungry! Grew it from an iddy biddy sapling. I have noticed my views have dropped a bit to two digit numbers! I'm SURE I can believe that! This is a short song. But the really nice thing about ALL these songs is they contain TONS of information. And it makes that information EASY to remember. Especially considering the mid terms. Having grown up in the 1960s... I learned much from the proverbial "protest song". Remember "Blowin' In The Wind"? Those things stick in your head. Enjoy! And be sure to check out "USA Net4Truth". He's doing the same thing.

Lordy lordy these songs just keep coming! ps. Alex, about that all expense paid dinner with Millenial Millie... I'd like a limo to pick her up. I'm OK, I'll drive my 1993 Geo. But I DO like to treat the ladies right. And maybe treat her to some candy and fine wine on the way to the dinner. Oh, one other thing. Give her a bonus. I like her reporting better than yours! I think a LOT of guys do.

I can see I'll have to start a Christmas album. Oh, BTW, I found a Susan song. But I'll save that one for tomorrow. Who knows, maybe cooler heads will prevail and Alex Jones will have his channel restored by then. Alex, you owe me buddy. I want a free all expense paid dinner with Millenial Millie. And she doesn't have to worry, I'm tame. Besides, I lost all my teeth years ago. I couldn't bite her if I wanted to! But she IS nice to look at.

I believe this falls under the Rap category. I grew up between the 1950s and 1960s. So I fall somewhere between Doo Wop and the Beatles! This song comes to you via one of my subs.. Lisa Jack!
Thanks Lisa! More on the way. The FREE SPEECH Marathon has just begun!

I never realized how many talented people, in ALL musical venues, were out there. I would have loved and been honored to play with ANY of you! And don't forget, you are free and welcome to monetize any of these songs off my channel. I don't monetize and never will.

Rob Skiba did a great video on Washington DC. I urge everyone to go to his page and watch it. The site is "Rob Skiba" on YouTube. There are MANY fakes. This video is an excerpt, under "fair use", pf David Wilcock's opinion on that same topic with MY commentary based on some of the things I learned from Rob's video. On another note, I'd recommend everyone take a peek at the video April LaJune did yesterday (8/11/18). I believe what she speaks of is the reason we haven't seen HRC and some others in jail. Remember, the Military Tribunals won't start until 2019. You are ALL living in one of the most interesting periods of time you will EVER see. Prepare, be safe, and remember this WILL get better.

Has our RIGHT To
Been restored yet??? Susan, this could get ugly! You don't want me to bring the other 100 users online, do you??? Remember....
Midterms!!! I continue my Marathon and I see other YouTube users are following the lead! GOOD!!! Don't forget to set your comments to sort NEWEST FIRST instead of TOP COMMENTS. See the Advanced Settings Page, third tab over when you upload your videos. This keeps certain troll creatures from upvoting comments THEY want people to see. Already notified by buddies at the WH about that long ago. WE ARE WATCHING YOU.... Susan.

I continue my Alex Jones Marathon with this fine piece of work. With the mid term elections fast approaching I'm SURE these songs will affect the election! Just think, had Alex Jones not been CENSORED... I'd be doing other things. Probably things like... sleeping! But when I get all fired up about our RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH..... I go a little..... crazy. Hey Dave "USA Net4Truth" add this one to YOUR collection!

My Latino subscribers will enjoy this!

Think of me as your "Video Digital DJ"! I used to play records and tapes at weddings so I guess this is "job advancement"! I didn't make this fine piece of work, Tom Mabe did. Search him out on YouTube if your spirit dips low. We may be in for a LONG fight! Right up until 11/11/2018. And then the Tribunals start in 2019. Bet some of them people will wish they were Tom's caller!
Is Alex Jones back on YouTube yet! Workin on my CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and RICO ACT package today. And next week comes FREE ENERGY! Make sure you send that nice lady at YouTube a thank you! I'd be doing anything else but this if I had old Alex to laugh at! Don't want to stomp on peoples right to free speech. It makes them do CRAZY things!

This is a short excerpt from one of David Wilcock's lectures. The topic: The Biblical Book Of Enoch. David grew up in the "Star Trek era" as did I. So he uses "alien" and "E.T." when perhaps a different word would be closer to the truth. Since I don't know him personally, I'm not making any judgements on him. He DOES interpret the MEANING quite well and that's why I'm putting it here along with my comments and some pictures. Looking forward to your comments on this one. When the upload stabilizes I'll add in a link to the full lecture. It's well worth your time to listen to.

The FULL video can be found here. This segment came from around the 38 minute mark.

Found another one for you! Ya'll need to make CDs out of these and play them in your neighborhoods! Just think, I could be watching Alex Jones and laughing my ass off but he's not on YouTube anymore. So I'll just have to occupy my mind with other things! Wait till we get to my free energy videos! Might make you go out in the streets and look for people just like Q said! But I'll wait a bit on those. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. This is what happens when you play with American's right to free speech! They get "creative". And I'll be getting more and more creative every day. Be sure to thank Susan! I'd just be having me a normal day instead of battling CENSORSHIP. Should be some "interesting" news coming next week. Might want to stock up on food and supplies for those picnics.

First of all, for those of you wondering what ROTFLMAO means, it's short hand from the early computer days when bits and bytes were expensive! We had to abbreviate things to save memory. It stands for:
Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
With that said.... THAT is exactly what I did when I first played this fine song! And its MY pleasure to bring it to you, my faithful subscribers! Enjoy! Have a great FRIDAY. Messed that up on my last post. Been breathing too many of them damn CHEMTRAILS!

Hope you all are having a fine Saturday morning! I found this and thought you all would enjoy it! How many Hillary songs are there???

I dedicate this video to Susan at YouTube. I could be watching Alex Jones, but since she eliminated him from YouTube I'll have to watch and comment on, and make videos about OTHER things. Lets see now, how about those leaking breast implants, or maybe the Area 51 workers who died from exposure to "strange" chemicals. Or maybe "Free Energy"? I know A LOT about that one. Maybe it's time to share. You have till Friday. Play fair. You don't touch free speech.
PS You might want to SHARE this information with your medical doctor. Or maybe your LAWYER. You can find text copies of it all over the internet. Just search on a sentence in the document. No links provided. Let them spend time searching for it.
Mathew 21:22

I think we have ALL had it with the rise of Marxism in America. They call themselves "Democrats" but are they? Do ANY of them remind you of John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Someone has to draw a line in the sand. And its about damn time!

A re-post from Bill Smith. Try as they like... in todays electronic age you just can't hide these things. At least not for very long. Bye bye HRC. She's tried everything else and it hasn't worked. She should try something revolutionary.... like telling the WHOLE TRUTH. At this point it could only help her. People might actually feel sorry.

A short excerpt from a recent Sarah Westall video interview. Links for the 2 parts will be added below after this upload stabilizes.

Full video here:
Part 1
Part 2

This is a re-post from SG Report. Like so many others, he has had his channel taken down for simply telling the truth.

This is a re-post but well worth looking at. Original link will be added in below after the upload stabilizes.
Channel name Cordicon
Link to video

Many of you know Bob Dean from his work on the UFO topic. This is an interesting story from when he was a young child.


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