Gary A. DePietro

Gary A. DePietro

If you've seen something on the Internet that appears to be DOMESTIC TERRORISM.... This is the number you want to call.
I got this off the net a few minutes ago.
Keep this handy. You never know when you might need it.

This is a repost. You might look at some of the videos a YouTube site called Cordicon has done on this. If these things are true it will be the story of the century. WWG1WGA #MAGA

President Trumps press conference after Georgia Hurricane. Other topics of interest including Ms. Warren's DNA results.

This video turned up on the net. It purports to be video footage of JFK Jr's son at one of the Trump rallies. This adds further fuel to the fire. As some of you know, in another video's comments, I put out a search key you could all try: "JFK+Arlington+Aerial View". If you do this on Google, be sure to click IMAGES when the results appear. What you'll see is an aerial view of the JFK grave site at Arlington Cemetery. Does it remind you of anything? Like a Q? I'm sure as JFK Jr. was growing up, he had many opportunities to fly over his Dad's grave site and would have seen what I just showed you. I mentioned this several days ago in the blog on my YouTube home page. I wonder how many people actually looked. And then again in a comment under a video. This isn't proof of anything. But it is good evidence as this story unfolds.

Sorry for the robotic voice, I didn't make this its a repost. You will hear him mention "Sa tan ic )ews in it. Keep in mind this does NOT mean ALL of them. Years ago, after my back injury, I began studying religions as a kind of hobby. Later I moved on to the NAZI era. What you need to realize is YES, there are Sat an ic )ews. But there are just as many Sat an ic Christians, Muslims and probably any other religious group you care to mention. Their MAIN "religion" is Sat an ism and they use the other religion as "cover" or a kind of mask. For those of you watching my channel, I think we just got to see one in action. Is she a "Christian" or something else? She quotes the Bible like a Christian. But often times these people know the Bible BETTER than Christians. So you have to use DISCERNMENT to figure out what they really are. Often times they say they are "sinners". But are they sinners trying to better themselves or do they keep sinning? You will have to figure that out for yourselves. Do they caste stones at others? Do they lie? Is MONEY their biggest objective? All things to consider. A good video regarding the )ews is the original "1961 Benjamin Freedman Speech". That speech is better than 4 years of high school history class. Search it out and listen.

A quick message about the Internet... having food... and Bitchute.
I once heard someone say... with regard to preparedness...
Better 5 years too soon than 1 day too late.

I have to talk to the people at YouTube! Each time I upload a file, it asks me what language the Video is in. There IS NO OPTION for English English! There should also be one for Scotch English and Irish English! And probably some others as well. American English! Each one has its own unique sound. With the elections coming up. I thought this would be a good PRIMER to post. People like this are out there. Pretending to be things they aren't. And from what I understand, this was HRC's FAVORITE book! She may even have an evil twin! Have you Googled some of her pictures? There are at least 2 different HRC's. Probably more. So give this a listen and see if the tactics sound like anyone you know. ANTIFA comes to mind. I've seen some of their meet ups. They load it up with their thugs to try and convince Patriots. I see the same thing happening in chat rooms. Load up the chat rooms with "plants". But now you know some of the things to look for. I had a different video up, but this one is better. And it's in English English!

Intro: Know what one of the biggest rules is? Blaming OTHERS for what YOU YOURSELF DO.

Hey everyone. This should be a very interesting listen. Guess what? I just found out, about 5 minutes ago, that the Bitchute account my videos AUTOMATICALLY upload to is Monetized! Funny, I didn't set it up that way, If I wanted monetization I'd do it right here. But I do want to thank someone for letting me know that it WAS monetized. When it was setup, when Bitchute first started, as far as I know there WAS NO MONETIZATION. So there should be LOADS of money in there now. And since I lost the password and haven't logged in to it since then, this should be very interesting. I'll have to go through a LEGAL PROCESS to get it. And the statement should show I NEVER withdrew anything from an account I didn't know was there. When and if anyone did donate to the videos that were automatically transferred there, I'll donate it to YOUR favorite charity. Starting thinking! And I want to thank the person who "aired" my video. You gave me and everyone else MORE than any money that's in that Bitchute account! And yes I do keep copies of things that involve me.

I got a little worried tonight. I've been noticing some of the regular channels I post to are missing. I figured I had been unsubscribed so I went and checked it out. In this case the channel was Bruce Figert's White Rabbit Network. I checked comments below the video and didn't notice anyone else questioning his absence. But those comments were sorted [TOP COMMENTS] which is what YouTube defaults to when you upload a video. So I clicked it [TOP COMMENTS] and changed it to [NEWEST FIRST]. As you will see, Bruce is apparently OK and commenting on Twitter. If he set his video comments to [NEWEST FIRST] you'd see this when you looked. I also show you some other things you can look at on YouTube pages. Please be sure to give me a thumbs up if you like these videos. I have an un-monetized channel, so I make no money off what I do. The only feedback I get is the thumbs and the comments. And since someone has taken to thumbs downing my videos, I'd appreciate it if YOU gave me a thumbs up! If the thumbs downs continue, I'll make ANOTHER video about it. And if "she" didn't like the last one, she'll HATE the next one. This is NOT what I'm about. But I will deal with people that bother me. ps Keep in mind there are "comment trolls" out there. They inflate the THUMBS UPS on comments THEY want to appear at the top of the list. This is why ALL Video Creators should set their comments to sort by [NEWEST FIRST]. That way all those people question Bruce's absence would have had THEIR COMMENTS appear at the top of the list. Including the one with his Twitter address. Hope this helps!

This is a short little video of Rand Paul questioning the current head of the FBI. Why can't these people just give a straight answer? You'll see, he beats around the bush when a simple YES or NO would do.

Did you ever see someone, and they remind you of someone or something from your past? I grew up in the late 1950s and early 1960s. See if this nice lady reminds you of anyone! And just in time for midnight! Is there a full moon out tonight! Owoooh!

I think this little video is self explanatory. They say some people will do ANYTHING for MONEY! I'd say "they" are correct! As always I use their own words to tell the story. Enjoy!

Google "The Clinton Body Count"
Swift arrests
Swift prosecution
Military Tribunals
and even Swifter
Like the Jews say....
"Never again".
Make others see what
Gets you.

The nice thing about having a non monetized YouTube page is I can re-post things like this. The original video creator gets the revenue and I get to show it to you. And in this case I feel it is VERY important. Not just for people you met "recently" but for those you have known for decades. Listen to what he says about how common it is. Then, once you know the symptoms.... watch for them. These people really DO have an illness and we need to deal with them that way. Even if it does tend to drive us "crazy".

Here we go again. See the comment I posted then watch it vanish. You can see it under the log in I posted it under but NOT when I log in as a different YouTube user. So much for being a "Truther".

Now why did this video remind me of someone??? Have any of you watched a YouTube channel lately? And off to the side are the streaming comments with a nice easy place for you to make a "donation". Now where is that donation going? Is the person asking you for the donation claiming to be in "hiding" and they can't give you their address? Are they "helping the children"? That always tugs at the heart strings! Do they seem just a little out of character, perhaps drinking and using 4 letter words? Then maybe they aren't what they seem to be. I don't think any of you realize how much money a scammer can make in 1 evening with just 1 video. These people are VERY good actors. And they don't need to fool you that much. Do you ever check up on what they claim to be doing? Do you check up on their "research"? I did! But I am the minority. And remember, more than likely ALL that extra income they get is TAX FREE unreported INCOME. So think about that the next time you click on the donation link. You'll notice I don't have one. I also don't monetize my channel. I supposed if ever someone felt moved enough by what I do they could look up my name and send me something. Yes, that's really me in Florida. But I have yet to find even $1 in my mail box. Most people on YouTube are GOOD people. And they do what they do for GOOD reasons. And many have a place where you can make donations... if you want to. But I advise you to be careful. There are those who would say and do anything.... for a buck.

After 25+ years of what I've been through with my 3 back injury's, I'm no raving beauty. But I look better than these people. Hmmm. Anyone look "familiar"? I think there are a LOT more of them out there than we realize. Pay attention to what they say about how these people act. Stay safe!

I give you a short demonstration, using my own name, how you can easily find if someone has an arrest record or is a pedophile or other nasty things! Keep your children safe! Know who lives around you! Take 5 minutes with a simple Google search and you will KNOW and sleep safely.

Google Search Suggestions:
NAME+Arrest Record
NAME+Sex Offender
NAME+Criminal Record
NAME+Police Record
Like this: Gary A. DePietro+Arrest Record etc.
You get the idea. In the video I use MY NAME but you can replace it with ANY NAME. You should do this type of thing on yourself from time to time to see if anyone has "borrowed" your identity.

Self explanatory. A very wise man once said... with regard to preparedness...
"Better 5 years too soon.....
Than 1 day too late!

If you watched the last video I posted... this may help make more sense out of how I feel. I was only a young kid when this happened. But I relive that day EVERY time I go in a public rest room. I can only imagine how a child is affected by something worse.
This is Betty Washam's YouTube page and the video you need to watch.

As many of you know, I supported Dave over at USA Net4Truth when Honey Bee raised allegations as to his past. I asked her several pointed questions in a comment which she apparently chose to hide. And I am an "Innocent till proven guilty" type of person so I want FACTS before I judge a person. Over the past few days, I commented on Dave's page on a different topic as you will see. The comment you will see here contained names of people on YouTube who were involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse and got out. Excellent resources of information for newcomers to the topic which would save them a lot of time. I've posted these names on other YouTube pages, in the comments, and NEVER had a problem. People appreciate having the information so they can research the subject for themselves. I put some of the top names on Dave's page and never gave it another thought. Until I looked at the page from a secondary YouTube account I use to check things. I wanted to see what YOU see. The comment, along with ALL of the names, was GONE. The comment did NOT contain links so there was no reason YouTube would automatically hide it. I even posted it a SECOND TIME, on the page, using a different YouTube account. That too NEVER APPEARED to other users. This bothered me, and I decided to investigate further. Dave recently posted a video claiming 5G cell phone equipment was NOT dangerous to your health. This not what I've seen and heard. And just like Dave, I too am a HAM radio operator experienced in such things. So I found a report, from Sweden, with doctors in the same position as our National Institute Of Health. It says, without ANY doubt, these things can cause CANCER. I posted the text of the report on Dave's page and that too vanished. I could see it when logged in as myself, but when I used my "TEST" account, the information vanished! Since my own sister died from a cell phone related brain tumor, this was a bit much for me. I don't have an axe to grind on either subject. I thought YOU s..

Self explanatory. A little sound byte from Deception Bytes!

I haven't done one of these in a while. But something I saw on the net touched me. There is a LOT of misleading information out there about cell phones. I own a cell phone... for emergencies. I keep it with me in the house and car to call for help if I need to. But that's it. I don't use it to casually talk to friends and I don't think YOU should either. But watch this short video and listen to the report I read. And realize, these phones operate in the MICROWAVE spectrum. Just like your MICROWAVE OVEN. Would you put your head inside the microwave oven for hours on end? I don't think so. Microwaves are short in length and penetrate EVERYTHING. You can block them with a Faraday Cage but for best results it needs to be made from fine screening or solid foil. I posted a video where you can see this tested. PS If I end up "dead" after this video.... you know why. When people are making billions of dollars off an industry and then they find out it can open them up to massive law suits.... do you think they are going to be open and honest with the public? Thankfully the doctors in Sweden are honest. And I'm not calling for a massive ban on these things... just awareness. Don't use one when you can use a wired device. And PLEASE... limit your exposure. See the article on YouTube where the couple built a Faraday Cage around their bed. The original article I read in this video can be found at the link below. I'm uploading it in the best resolution I have. But in the past I have seen what I upload turn to blurry text you can't read. This is NOT my doing. So here is the link:

Many years ago, I almost became a COP. It was one of those turning points in your life. Just by fate, I ended up going in to business and computers instead. Anyone know what "COP" stands for? Constable On Patrol, Constable of the Peace". I've also heard the term "COP" came from their original badge material which was copper. I have great respect for this man and his coming out to tell you these things. More people should be like him. We don't usually go in to this stuff with bad intentions and if more former members spoke up like he is we could eliminate the problem. For what its worth I am NOT a Mason nor do I belong to any "secret societies". Not now, not ever. Note how he mentions all the things that first got him into it. Charity for one. Often times these groups cover up their REAL work with a charitable one. The Clinton Foundation is one that comes to mind. Doing so much "good" for humanity. I don't think the people of Haiti feel that way.

Jay Parker is one of the people I recommend you listen to IF you really want to understand how the world works. He grew up in an Illuminati Family in Arden Delaware back in the 1960s. Think you had an "interesting" childhood? His story will blow you away. Imagine living in a town comprised of 90% practicing Satanists and 10% "normal" people they use to "practice on". And what he says fits right in with what people like Arizona Wilder, Jon Robberson, Zachary King, Kay Griggs etc etc etc. say. Listen to videos featuring those people and see how similar their stories are. And remember, HRC mentions "Moloch" in the Wikileaks. WARNING: If you are a sensitive person, you may not want to listen to this video. And if you are already disturbed... this will disturb you even more. You've been warned.


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