This is consistently rated as one of the most intense games for virtual reality and after playing it I can see why. The only drawback was that the controls are basically just stuck to the controllers instead of incorporating objects in the cockpit of the ship. Otherwise, this game plays like an intense first-person perspective dogfighting simulation. More than once I was forced into a spiral movement by enemy missiles that legitimately disoriented me. Without a sense of up or down on the screen, the faster turns and maneuvers can make the player nauseated. Even so, I would definitely recommend this game to any players that wanted to play an extremely intense virtual reality game.

Throwing back to an original PlayStation classic. Jet Moto 3 was one of the first video games I played on that console. It came bundled with Crash Bandicoot Warped as one of two starter games for the system.

This was my second 3D print. It was to the normal scale even though the CR-10S can print much larger than this. I have another Egypt themed print running at the moment and it will be much larger.

complete Egypt chess set by runsys is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license

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